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Man jailed after girl lied about her age

Yesterday, 04:00 PM

Man traveled from Maryland to have sex with 13-year-old girl in Suffolk



Suffolk, Va. – 20-year-old Devonta Day traveled four hours from Maryland to Suffolk.  He told police he thought he was coming to visit an 18-year-old girl, according to court documents.

In reality, she was 13. Now, Day is charged with having sex with a minor.

The two met through an online chat website 2-3 months ago. The documents say that’s when Day told officers the girl first told him she was 18.

Officers were called to Dixon Drive around 3:30am Sunday morning. It’s a long street in the middle of a neighborhood.

Someone reported seeing a suspicious car parked alongside the road. The caller thought no one was inside of it.

When police got to the neighborhood, they found the car.  According to the documents, Day and the girl were inside the car, both partially naked.

When officers questioned the two, court papers say the girl lied to police and said she was 18-years-old.

Day is being held in jail without bond.


I was born in the wrong decade

13 July 2014 - 05:42 PM

When did this kind mentality start? Why is it so prevalent with people in their early 30s? TIA

Texas Roadhouse -Worse than Applebees?

25 June 2014 - 04:45 PM

I ate there tonite. I am not really impressed but hey, that's what I get for ordering the special - 11 oz. Sirloin.

Judge says there is no constitutional right to cold beer

17 June 2014 - 05:34 PM




INDIANAPOLIS - An attempt to allow grocery stores and convenience stores to sell cold beer in Indiana has fallen flat.

A federal judge in Indianapolis has thrown out a lawsuit which seeks the sale of cold beer by all retail outlets that hold a beer dealer permit.

Chief Judge Richard Young handed down the 34-page order late Monday afternoon. In it, he upholds the current state law.

Currently, only package liquor stores can sell "chilled" beer, other stores must sell it at room temperature.

The Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association filed the lawsuit in May 2013 to challenge the law that bars the sale of cold beer by convenience and grocery stores. The group claimed Indiana's alcohol law violates the equal protection of the U.S. Constitution by favoring one class of retailer of another.

Monday's ruling said allowing convenience and grocery stores to sell cold beer would mean more alcohol sales in Indiana, making it harder for Indiana State Excise Police to enforce state liquor laws.

The ruling also rejected claims by the convenience store group that the law is "arcane," saying the legislature has drawn a line on what it will allow and has made a case for it, so it is not for the judge to act as a super-legislature and overturn it.

"Our members and Hoosiers are disappointed that the court did not rule to end an irrational, discriminatory and outdated law," said IPCA Executive Director Scot Imus. "There is wide-support to modernize Indiana’s alcohol laws, and we will continue to fight for fairness in the marketplace."

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Mother's son banned from school for dressing like a princess

10 May 2014 - 08:32 AM




A five-year-old boy has been banned from an after-school club - because he keeps turning up in princess dresses and high heels.

Romeo Clarke has a collection of 100 dresses and eight pairs of children’s high heels which he likes to wear every day after school.

But the youngster, who has three older sisters, was accused by organisers of the church-run club of “confusing” the other children by his choice of clothes.

His shocked mum Georgina, 36, has lodged a complaint with the playgroup, claiming it is discriminating against her son.

The full-time mum fumed: “I was so cross when I was told he couldn’t wear dresses that I was speechless. All I could ask was 'why?'.

“Wearing the dress is his choice and if wearing it makes him happy it’s fine with me.

“This is not a case of my son being trapped in a girl’s body - he’s a normal tom-boy who, because he has three big sisters, likes wearing dresses. What is wrong with that?”