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Derek Carr...Lost in the shuffle? Big 4?

01 April 2014 - 07:39 PM

Is Derek Carr being underrated as a prospect? Should we consider it the big 4 at QB? Is he better then many give him credit for?


I mean he did just throw for 50 tds and 5000 yards in 13 games this year as a senior. That has to count for something.  

Sammy Watkins the next Andre Johnson...

02 March 2014 - 07:42 PM

I have the 1.01 pick and I am weighing all my options. But the clear number 1 in my opinion  is Sammy Watkins. I can't help but see the resemblance when I watch Watkins play to that of Andre Johnson. They have that rare strength, speed, and physicality that is different than most. The tale of the tape...


Combine numbers:



6 foot 1, 211 pounds 

40 time: 4.43

Bench Press: 16 reps

Vertical: 34 inches

Broad: 10 foot 6



6 foot 2, 230 pounds

40 time: 4.40

Bench Press: did not do

Vertical: 39 inches

Broad jump: 11 feet



Now, AJ is a complete beast and what he did as a 230 pounder in the 2003 combine was crazy good.  Their styles though look eerily similar from what I see when I watch them play.


Some more numbers:

-AJ's college career he played 34 games in 3 years, his college career stats of 92 catches for 1831 yards with 20 td's is great Watkins even was better.  


-Watkins college career is amazing. In 36 games he had 240 catches for 2291 yards and 27 td's. 


-They both ran track. AJ had a personal best in the 100 meter race of 10.59 seconds and a 200 meter time of 21.51 seconds.


-Watkins has a personal best in the 100 meter race 10.45 seconds and the 200 meter race of 21.11 seconds.


-AJ was drafted at pick 1.03 of the 2003 draft and Watkins name will be called some where in the top 10 as well.


I think Watkins is the safest 1.01 of this years fantasy drafts by a large margin and he is going to be an absolute stud.  I believe Watkins is going to be a ppr monster just like Andre. Watkins just like Andre (especially in his early years) has that ability to run by you, but they are not just run by you type of receivers. Andre through out his career has been a ppr monster and that is what I am seeing in Watkins. Take him at pick 1.01 and don't look back.


Who am I? Wide Receiver addition

14 November 2013 - 09:08 AM

Over the last 5 weeks I have only had 25 targets, but with those 25 targets I have 15 catches for 261 yards and 5 TD's.  In dynasty my value is going to be sky high this off season.

Can you guess without looking?

Andrew Luck..... Love fest inside....

08 November 2013 - 09:13 AM

What we know:

Andrew Luck just turned 24 years of age and is arguably the most important player to his team in the entire NFL.


Having watched every game of Luck's NFL career the kid is still remarkably underrated.  I know that is hard to believe as he is often times seen as a poster boy and compared to the elite guys.  The thing is what he has done with Indy over the last season and a half is borderline ridiculous and this year he is having an MVP season and is already as elite as they come.


Take last game for instance against the Houston Texans on the road. Luck and the Colts offence struggled mightliy the first half.  What do you expect though when you are starting one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL and your starting WR's are DHB (a WR 4 at best), Ty Hilton (2nd year), and Griff Whalen (1st game). Now I know Hilton can make plays and has upside but we are talking about a 2nd year WR that is far from established. The running game was ineffective and this O line would struggle to block a CFL defence.  You add Fleener to the mix and he is a second year TE that has a ton of room for growth and is still a ways away from being a good player in the NFL.


What does Luck do in that Texans game? He puts the team on his back and wills out the win.  The stat line of only completing 18 of 40 passes does not look great percentage wise, but he threw for 271 yards, 3tds and no ints.  This looked like a game where the majority of veteran QB's would pack it in and not only lose the game but lose it on their team and recivers along the way.  Luck though is the ultimate team and natural born leader.  He continues to motivate, encourage and work the side lines instilling confidence in his young team.  He could have folded multiple times in that game and instead he pulls out yet another 4th quarter win.  He has 10 fourth quarter come backs in only 24 NFL starts.  The kid just has no quit in him and has already established himself as one of the most clutch players playing today.


The team at 6 and 2 has knocked off SB favorites Seattle, Denver, and San Fran this year. 


Luck is on pace to throw for 3700 yards with 26 td's to 6 ints.  He also is on pace to add 366 rushing yards and 6 rushing td's.

You could not find me 3 more important players to their team this year than Andrew Luck.  It is amazing what he continues to do each week after only turning 24 years of age two months ago.


The Colts franchise have been blessed yet again.

Anyone else having problems with message board?

28 April 2013 - 08:19 AM

I have been replying in posts and it shows on initial screen. Then when I go back to main page it is not refreshing.

Anyone else?