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Raiders Sign Brock Lesnar!

31 March 2014 - 10:06 PM

Darren Connolly IV‏@DConnollyNFL56 mins

Former WWE, UFC and Minnesota Vikings star Brock Lesnar will be joining the #Raiders 2 yrs $4 MM enjoy the show


Looks like we have our answer to the loss of Lamarr Houston!



A New Idea to Prevent / Punish Deadbeats

21 November 2013 - 05:36 PM

We have a couple notorious deadbeat owners in my one long-time league.  Not deadbeat in terms of entry fee payment, but in terms of team management.  Year after year, these two either compete early or pack it in for the season by about the end of the first quarter.  From that point on, they become easy wins for the rest of the league, often impacting the playoff race.


This year one of these guys is 0-11 and hasn't bothered to adjust his lineup all through the bye weeks.  Several victories were missed simply because he didn't start bench players.  Effing sux.


So here's my idea.  Instead of charging a fixed entry fee, why not make it variable, based on # of losses?  Let's say the entry fee is 50 units with ten owners for a total of 500 units.  If we instead made it 10 units per loss (there are 70 total losses in a season), that would give us 700 units, which means a 200 unit cushion in case someone decides not to pay due to heavy losses.  It directly detracts owners from going home in week 4.  And it rewards something crazy on the opposite side, like 14-0 or 13-1 before the playoffs even begin.


Everyone in this league can afford to pay the extra units if they happen to suck.  We haven't changed the entry fee in something like 8 years and we are all older and more accomplished now, so this wouldn't cause someone to drop out because of affordability.


I think it's "genuis."  And I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments before I propose this to my league.

Tony G Owners - Are You Dropping Him?

11 November 2013 - 11:04 AM

Turf toe is a summamamabch injury to even the youngest of studs, let alone a grizzled vet like Tony.  I don't want to do it, but with just six games left and roster spots at a minimum, I'm seriously considering punting this week.  Tony is a rock on my roster, but this injury combined with the dismal Falcons offense has me thinking he'll be unstartable the next 3 weeks at least.  And given that this is his sunset stretch, I think he'll likely try to play on it too soon and it won't heal properly in time for him to even be serviceable weeks 14-16.  I HATE situations like this.


What's the consensus thinking from other Tony G owner FBGs???

Khiry Robinson

25 September 2013 - 06:20 PM

Very impressed by this kid during preseason and with the mop up carries he had last week. My eyes tell me he's much better than Ingram, but he also runs harder than Pierre too IMO. And I've seen him catch the ball well.

I don't see him over taking Pierre, but I think Ingram's now in the dust and Pierre has never been super durable. If/when he goes down this year I think Khiry could blow up in a split with Sproles. Thoughts?

Is Anyone Planning to Upside Down Draft this Year?

19 August 2013 - 03:58 PM

What if you could do the following?  Would it at all interest you?...


1. Calvin

2. Dez

3. Brady (or Manning)

4. Gronk (or D Wilson)

5. Lacy

6. Bell

7. Bernard

8. D. Richardson


Haven't really heard any peeps this year about upside down strategy.  A part of me is considering it still, despite the focus on going RB/RB in fantasy circles this year.


This is for a 10-team league with start 2 RB and no Flex.  In this type of league, I project there's a much higher chance of Lacy/Bell falling to me in late rd 5/ early rd 6 if I avoid RBs altogether prior to then.  Obviously this dynamic wouldn't work at all for leagues where you can start 3 RBs or in those with >10 teams.