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In Topic: ESPN 30 for 30

Today, 12:35 AM

A. Dantley sure seems like a picnic.

In Topic: "Parenthood": New NBC Show

Today, 12:30 AM

So they got down in the hospital bed?  Clunky storyline.  The soldier's mom is from Brotherhood.


Overall thought the season was a disappointment.  Not much inspiration.  Lot of water treading.  Romano was good but they didn't really stretch anyone else out much.  

In Topic: ESPN 30 for 30

Yesterday, 10:24 PM

Didn't know Isiah's brother died of AIDS.  Making his fallout with Magic even more unusual.  Isiah such a strange dude. 


The ankle game was pretty special though.  The shot of the foot in the locker room.   :shock:

In Topic: Obama: Worst President Ever?

Yesterday, 08:21 PM



Obama will be remembered as our first black President and for Obamacare (good or bad)

Not much else.


He really could have been so much more.


Gotta say I agree with this, he's not been effective and a bit of a let down. Don't know if it's his fault as much as it is politics today.


No where near any list as worst ever though.


A lot has to do with current politics but he came in with a divisive attitude. I gave him a good 2 years to sway me, hoping he could make a difference. There's just so much you can take hearing how the Republicans had the keys to the car and drove it into the ditch so now it's our turn. How is that constructive? Everyone was responsible for the collapse, from the Dems to Republicans and the rich pulling scams and the less off buying more than they could afford. There was no need to point fingers. We needed a uniter and got a divider. He was unqualified for the position and it showed.


He's not the worst ever. He's an average, middle of the road President who had an opportunity for greatness and failed.


Dividing would have been going after the giant fraud Wall Street pulled off.  Was justified but would have extended the recession and further exposed the world to all the shenanigans going on here.  Instead he pointed some fingers in the right direction.  Boo hoo.  Could not have been a tamer response.

In Topic: This Minnesota State story just got weirder.

Yesterday, 11:33 AM

Either these players are still suspicious of the guy or are just horrible people.