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Today, 05:02 AM

The biggest problem I have is there are no real glaring holes on the team now.


Agreed, they've done free agency properly the last couple of years, to fill holes with mid level players.

I think there is more to Earl Wolff, a lot more. UDFA Keeland Johnson isn't a player to look past either.


Hope so, but they can afford to add another guy here if there's somebody appealing available. Nate Allen is only a fallback if Wolff doesn't develop as hoped.

We have 3 OL that are 30+. That might be of concern to the team. We'll see. Someone like Joel Bitonio could be a nice pick if the Mathis rumors are true. He can be a OG short term and RT once Lane Johnson moves to LT post-Peters.


Agree here for sure. Mathis is still playing at a high level, but he's 32. Heremanns is clearly fading and I wouldn't be surprised if they gave him some competition from Babre or somebody else in camp. I think Peters will actually be here now until he clearly falls off performance wise. The OT depth isn't bad between Babre and Kelly.

There is no need to chase WRs in this class. It's a buyers market and Howie seems to think so. Mainstream is running with the idea that we will draft a WR high, but we won't have to count on a rookie to produce to have a high powered offense. As long as we have captain efficiency at QB the ball will move. At pick #22 the best case to land an instant impact player who can be the best WR on the team immediately is maybe Cooks or Jordan Mathews. Then we can all chip in and get Insein a Cooks jersey to replace his DJax one. He won't notice the difference.

I agree on the WRs to a point, there are guys outside that first tier I like, Matthews, Allen Robinson etc. Our WR group as it stands is a little underpowered but has zero depth. There's also still the question of whether Maclin comes back next year. Doesn't have to be 1st round, but I do think they need to draft a WR early, if the value's there of course which in this draft it should be.  My prediction of WR/CB is mostly just where I expect the value to line up with what I see as needs.

Don't really agree with the POV that as long as we have Foles all will be OK. You only have to look at McNabb's career for a good example of that. Big difference between 2001-2003 McNabb throwing to stiffs compared to the 2004 version.  The premise of this offense is to use personnel and alignment to generate situations where we can run the ball against a weak box, but that means having weapons outside to force the D to spread out.   I think we'll have to convince teams we can throw without Jackson early in the year before we'll see many 5 or 6 man fronts.

It's a buyers market for pass rushers too. Maybe with the added help to the secondary we can be more aggressive up front with the play calling. I'll still remain stubborn about using B. Graham if rushing the passer is such a need. Sending Kendricks every once in awhile wouldn't hurt either.

Who are the pass rushers you like? Don't see the buyers market, at least for the 3-4 OLBs we need. There was zero available in FA. The Big 3 will likely be long gone for us, I like Marcus Smith, but who else do you see as a fit?

This is one of my big problems with the 3-4 shift. We have a bunch of guys who suit the 4-3, we (so far) can't find the right guys for the new scheme but we're running it anyway and can't find a pass rush because of it.

In Topic: ** Official 2014 Philadelphia Eagles Thread **

Yesterday, 09:07 PM

Some Thoughts on the Draft and Next Year's Offense


So what will the Eagles do?  It comes down to what they feel they need to improve on over last year.  Defense is the easy answer, but I don't think it's as simple as that.  They need help there certainly but I don't think they have visions of building Gang Green Pt 2.  My feeling is that they want the Eagles to be a team with an elite offense and a (hopefully) above average defense.  What they do with the ball is what defines them, and I don't think they'll go too long at any point without adding talent and competition on that side of the ball.


On defense the biggest challenges I think were:

  1. Lack of pass rush
  2. Weak S play
  3. Weak CB depth
  4. Overall lack of playmakers in the secondary.  Well they have one, but he's only on the field half the time.

I think they've addresed #2 and 3, at least to some point with Jenkins and Carroll.  We still haven't solved the pass rush, the S position is marginally improved but could use more help and the CB depth has been addressed.  So we need pass rushing OLB(s), safety help specifically, and playmaking defensive backs in general.   There's other spots to look at as well, ILB probably isn't as set as many think, DeMeco is getting older and slowing down and Kendricks is still in the habit of waiting for blockers to come to him against the run and is still missing tackles.  This is a big year for his career I think, he needs to take bigger steps forwards, both metaphorically and in his run fits. :rolleyes:


On offense, the challenges are in some ways around personnel, but not so much in overall ability but in making sure we're well placed to beat teams the way they'll defend us next year.  Through the back half of the year, we saw more and more tight man coverage with a single high S.  That seems to be a trend in how teams are defending high tempo spread offenses going back into the college game as well.  That approach has the advantage of being flexible against different formations, it's simple, guys can just line up and play, and it takes away the short, safe throws, bubble screens etc. and allows the D more time to rush against a 5 or 6 man protection.  There was a lot of talk after his release that DeSean's impact was overrated, but I don't think so.  Use the Saints playoff game as an example 70% of plays they lined up with somebody short on him and the lone high S was outside the hashmarks on his side of the field.


Through the preseason there was much talk about how quick the ball was going to be out of the QB's hands, but as the season wore on that became less and less the case, at times Foles held the ball way to long and took coverage sacks.  This shift in coverage against us was a big reason for it.  We had guys last year who could beat man, but only by going deep.  Jackson's game was long speed or taking advantage of huge cushions.  They fed him a lot by being creative with alignment (like putting him in the backfield) to generate matchups as well.  Cooper doesn't have the agility to beat man coverage on short / intermediate routes, but he does well on fade, post, deep cross type routes.  Again, takes a longer time to develop those.


I expect one of their big adjustments this season to be around how to beat man coverage short.  Subbing Maclin for Jackson is part of that.  I am a Maclin critic in some ways but he's a good route runner who can create separation on short routes but still go deep as well.  Bringing in Sproles is part of that strategy as well.  I think he'll play a Wes Welker type role as a slot WR as well as taking on some of that alignment based mismatch role that Jackson performed.  I think Ertz plays a much bigger role this year too, he really came on strong late last year.  If you want an example take a look at the 24yd TD catch against the Cards.  Working against the S in man coverage he ran at him, then weaved to his outside shoulder, S widened by 2 or 3 steps and started to turn his hips then Ertz broke the skinny post inside him and caught the score at the goalline.  Great veteran route running move to make space that wouldn't have been there if he'd just run the route straight up.


I think they can use Cooper a bit better as well.  2 things I hope we see next year, the first is a back shoulder fade.  Plays to both his and Foles' strengths and offers the flexibility of sending Cooper deep, but being able to break it off short if he can't get position or separation.  The other is the slant.  Not usually a spread type route, but I hope Pat Shurmur is in Kelly's ear about this as well.  Quick route that would let Cooper use his size and strong hands to beat single coverage.


So those are some aspects of how the offense might respond, another way to help us beat this kind of defensive strategy is just to make sure our #3,4,5 targets are better than their #3,4,5 coverage players.  That's where the draft comes in.  I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them draft 3 offensive players out of their 6 picks.  The way it looks like shaping up, probably all 3 top tier rushers (Clowney, Mack, Barr) will be gone, both top tier S (Pryor, Clinton-Dix) look like being gone, we don't need a QB or an OT, so what's left?  The top tier of both CB (Garrett, Denard, Roby, Fuller) and WR (Watkins, Evans, Beckham Jr, Cooks, Lee) looks like it will make it down to our first round pick, I wouldn't be surprised to see them take someone from that group.  Particularly since there's no guarantee we're not going into next year with Cooper as the #1 if Maclin doesn't stay.


Can't believe it's still 2 weeks to go until the draft, hurry the :rant: up already.

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21 April 2014 - 04:14 PM

I'm usually in for anything historical but my hopes for this one were lowered when the first thing they did was set up that silly love triangle between Woodhull, his wife and the tavern lady.    Don't know if Jamie Bell is somebody you'd build a series around either.  The guy playing Simcoe is killing it though.


Overall it hasn't really grabbed me so far, I'll give it one more episode before I bail.  Seems I'm in the minority on this one though.

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31 March 2014 - 11:03 PM

Granted, it's not like smart decisions have exactly ruled the show but doesn't it seem pretty ridiculous given the resources with farming and such that the Terminus group would choose cannibalism as their food source? Humans look to be getting more and more scarce. This seems like a pretty dumb way to survive. 




Anyone who's ever grown a vegetable garden knows how much space and work would be involved to produce enough food to feed a couple of dozen people even one meal a day.  Those little planter boxes they had scattered around were cosmetic, nothing more.

In Topic: ** Official 2014 Philadelphia Eagles Thread **

31 March 2014 - 09:51 PM

If there's any real evidence of any actual wrongdoing by DeSean, rather than just knowing the wrong people, then it will likely start to leak from "sources close to the team" after he signs somewhere.  Especially if it's the Skins, as they'll have some major damage control to do.


If Jackson keeps on trucking for another 3-4 years in the league, with no major off field issues then I think the Eagles look worse and worse.  If it was purely financial I still believe they should have replaced him first then released him in another year or two, once they know they have somebody who can step in.  Right now I don't see why a D would put somebody more than 8 yards off the LoS against us.


I think McCoy has already sent Howie & Chip an email that says just this:



#### you guys.



If Jackson signs with the Skins, Bill Davis will send one too.