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In Topic: what's to stop you committing check fraud like this

Today, 10:36 AM

why date it the next day?

In Topic: Miss Butt Brazil Contest Underway (Yay!)

Yesterday, 06:04 PM

Lotta faces for radio in there.




I like 8&10 but this one looks like she could be a handful

In Topic: Ebola

Yesterday, 05:56 PM


Sweet. I've used Uber 3x this week in Brooklyn... Prob a 1/200 chance I was in one of the same cars as this #######.


If we were drafting FBG's who might catch it, I would pick you 1.01.  


I'd pencil genital warts for you with your dirty dick

In Topic: Ebola

Yesterday, 05:51 PM


Fennis is to this ebola thread as Faust is to the shark pool


I don't know who that is, but I don't think you were paying me a compliment. 


more of a tip of the hat to you than a knock

In Topic: Ebola

Yesterday, 05:50 PM

You forgot the RW writeup.

We like ebola as a sleeper disease this year but make sure you handcuff with enterovirus 68.

now entro68 is a danger