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In Topic: Fargo TV series on FX (starts 4/15)

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

well what do you know the premier was 90 minutes .Good deal yah

In Topic: PDSL3 Draft Thread

Yesterday, 06:35 PM

******makeup pick******



12.06 Jermaine Kearse WR Sea

In Topic: PDSL3 Draft Thread

Yesterday, 12:14 PM

11.11 Lamar Miller RB Mia

if my next pick comes up before 9east skip me , I'm at a wake tonight

In Topic: Gay marriage

Yesterday, 09:07 AM







Nevada GOP dropped opposition to gay marriage from heir part platform


Wow. That surprises me.
They also voted to remove opposition to abortion. That surprises me even more. In fact, it shocks me.
You and me both. My guess is it doesn't last. Republicans don't have supporters without opposition to abortion. 
edit: well, they probably do. Like 18 of them. 

It'd possible that someone realized that a platform opposing Supreme Court precedent that isn't going anywhere is stupid.



Really?  Isn't part of the platform the nomination process of the judges -- judges who in the past took a state and local right and somehow found penumbras emanating out of a two hundred year-old document and codified it federally?


Stare decisis is one thing, but there have been overturned precedents.  





The writing is on the wall with gay marriage.  It's not going away.  Keeping it as a platform is keeping a losing issue on your platform.  Same with abortion.  Abortion and gay marriage are extremely unlikely to ever be illegal again in our lifetimes.


I don't understand wasting $$ trying to fight gay marriage. Its over , the fight is over


Abortion has been a nonissue for decades , the boogyman on the campaign trail for both sides .Only late trimester shenanigans should be looked at.

In Topic: ***Official 2013/2014 NHL Regular Season Thread***

Yesterday, 09:01 AM

The Bruins and Red Wings are meeting in the playoffs for the first time since 1957, when Boston won their semifinal series in five games. :popcorn: 

I wish the B's didn't open up against such a sissified team.