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In Topic: Prime Rib Christmas Supper

Yesterday, 04:45 PM


I'm sure this has been talked about before, but what are people's lists of side dishes?

Chipotle sweet potatoes that are to die for


sounds interesting , whats the deal with these?

In Topic: Buffalo at Oakland

Yesterday, 04:38 PM

My favorite memory of the Bills is the 51-3 victory over Raiders v.LA in 1991.


This is the worst for the 2000's.

not so fast…

In Topic: Coward fatally ambushes 2 NYPD, commits suicide

Yesterday, 04:33 PM









The knuckledraggers these threads draw out are pretty entertaining.

Remember when the NYPD were national heroes after the attacks on NYC and DC in 2001?
They still are, right?
How did they get to DC? Don't they have their own police dept and firefighters?
DC was attacked on 9/11?



That's when you start wondering.  This guy claims he works in politics and lives in DC and dates political girls. 


That's astounding ignorance.  


I think he's going to say the Pentagon is in Virginia, which it is.  Pretty terrible shtick but not much different than most of the other stuff in here. 



Yeah, I deleted my own acknowledgement of that.  That's bad shtick.  



Was just applying credit where it's due. It was primarily Arlington County, Alexandria, and Fairfax County responders.


good one

In Topic: ****Official Bill De Blasio Controversy Thread****

Yesterday, 03:48 PM

Jeez, fantasycurse42 - you were all over this train wreck since day 1. Kudos man.

FC42 knows a beautiful person from Cambridge MA when he sees one

In Topic: New Serious Biz Dynasty Thread (year 7) Transactions are Open

Yesterday, 03:32 PM

Thanks Sparty


the money end of a league is a P.I.A. job