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Yesterday, 07:50 PM




question, if they kept him and let him play out the contract, what would of been the comp pick for letting him walk away?  Surely better than a 7th?


Possibly better than a 7th...but also that pick wouldn't come til next year.  THis one gives them "something" now.



Comp pick for Pyror?  :lmao:



Was just giving in to his possibility.  Its not probable at all.  But possible.

And in the end...a 7th this year is better than a 6th next.



a 3rd round pick playing out his contract, yeah it was possible to get an extra pick out of that.

In Topic: Lamar Miller, 2014, Infinity and beyond

Yesterday, 03:19 PM

Speaking Tuesday, Dolphins coach Joe Philbin praised Knowshon Moreno's "versatility and multiple skill-set."

Moreno has averaged just 4.1 yards per carry for his career, but is indeed versatile. He has 157 career receptions across 60 games, and is an able pass protector. Moreno's fantasy value figures to plummet without Peyton Manning at the controls, but he'll be a fungible part of Miami's running-back committee.
just 4.1!!!!!

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Yesterday, 02:46 PM


Did I overlook Dont'a Hightower?

With Mayo back and Collins ready for 3 downs, i think Hightower goes back to a 2 down role?


wasn't he 2 downs during parts of the season last yr?  I know he was frustrating to own.

In Topic: Josh Boyce - anything to see

Yesterday, 02:40 PM

I'm going to give him a month or 2 into the season then hes WW food

In Topic: How much is your team charging for PSL's

Yesterday, 12:24 PM



so did people that have PSLs get 1st crack at SB tickets?  Kind of defeats the purpose.


Sort of. For the Eagles, it works like this:


  • I have 2 SBLs (in total, there are about 30,000 SBLs)
  • Eagles make the Superbowl and get 12,000 tickets for season ticket holders and designate 10,000 for SBL holders
  • Eagles have a lottery for 5,000 pairs of tickets and each SBL is a lottery ticket
  • I have a 1:6 chance of winning the right to purchase a pair of tickets


this is generally true, but my SBL has a clause that i get SB tickets if/when they go.  If you signed up for the 10 year lease option (i think there were 5 & 7 year options as well) when they initially moved to the Linc, you got that option as a sort of "bonus".  I got 2 tickets face value to Jacksonville SB.



thats awesome for u, now thats worth the investment