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Today, 05:58 AM

60 hours?  In BigLaw, we called that "part-time".  ;)

And I know you're only half kidding.

I really take no issue with the occasional long week. When I'm in a big felony trial from 6 am to midnight it's nothing but battle. If a co-worker is out and I gotta pick up court coverage and catch up on my motion writing at night, cool. I don't even mind the Saturday morning or subday evening sessions a couple times of month.

But Christ all the time? Even if it is 8-8 Monday through Friday basically all you're doing after work is eating dinner and going to bed. Can't be healthy.

In Topic: The Lawyer Thread Where We Stop Ruining Other Threads

Yesterday, 04:00 PM

As I sit here at 5 PM on Good Friday with the prospect of the week's end in sight, I have to give you BigLaw guys either a compliment or a dig (take whichever way you want).  I don't know how you guys handle the hours.  Generally, I work about 45-50.  The past 8 weeks, with the partners out on maternity/paternity, I haven't worked a week under 60 hours.  In that time I haven't seen the gym, have gained about ten pounds despite some decent dieting, lost ten yards on my drive, have acne, lost a step, and am turning the wife away before bed because all I want to do is sleep. Granted, the recent fat bonus check I got was nice, but my wife spent that in about thirty minutes on new furniture (which we needed - but new irons woulda been so much more rewarding). 


So… congrats?

In Topic: The Lawyer Thread Where We Stop Ruining Other Threads

Yesterday, 03:36 PM


Do you ever have a client that is so unreasonable that you are tempted to work with the opposition counsel or give them info that will expedite getting rid if your client?


Well, two things:


1. I'm always tempted to work with opposing counsel, because it's good practice; and


2. It isn't the movies.  Everybody gets almost everything anyway.  No surprises in court (except for one story I may tell some day.)


So, I'm not sure I understand what you mean.


My thoughts exactly.  I'm not a "hide the ball" kind of guy (even in criminal cases) so "working with opposition counsel" is something I do in every case anyway.  Regarding giving them something, I can't imagine what you'd be hiding from them that you wouldn't ordinarily give them that wouldn't be cover by attorney client privilege or your duty of confidentiality.  

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Yesterday, 01:08 PM

That's assault. 

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17 April 2014 - 02:08 PM

Was Harrison the guy that died from giving too long of an inaugural address? He was pretty lousy.