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Health Insurance and its tax penalty/enroll by?

27 February 2014 - 08:39 AM

I don't have health insurance.  Haven't for over a year and a half due to my current employer not offering it (and basically paying me a higher salary instead).  Chose not to for the dual reason of a calculated risk (I haven't been to the doctor in years) and laziness. 


I recognize now the Affordable Health Care Act requires it or there will be a tax penalty.  However, I cannot find clear info anywhere.  I've heard dates like 3/1/14, 3/31/14, and 4/1/14.  But I cannot even figure out what the tax penalty would be for no insurance.  


I've found some plans for like 200/month.  That kinda blows, but it's doable. Any accountants or insurance agents here know anything about this? My questions are basically when should I enroll by and what's the tax hit for not.  My combined household income is about 120k. 

Extended family funerals: do you attend from long distance no matter w

20 February 2014 - 10:00 AM

In a position right now where I'm debating whether to attend my grandmother's funeral this Monday in Minnesota (I'm in AZ).  She passed away a week ago from cancer at a very old age.  She was suffering and her death was long-expected, so while it is very sad to see her go I and I think the rest of my family view it as a positive.  I had the opportunity to speak to her the night prior to her passing and have talked to other family members throughout the days leading up to her death.  So, personally, I don't need further closure.  She is my dad's mother and that side of the family while drama-free, is very introverted and just not that close.  While my grandma and I got along very well and I visited her a few times a year, we didn't have any real strong emotional bond or anything like that. I do have a cousin who lives out of the country who is not attending.  My dad has indicated he'd like me there, but he's not pushing it or anything. 


So, here's my dilemma: work is presently pretty crazy.  I have to travel several hours tonight to attend an all-day mediation Friday and travel back on Saturday.  I have a can't-miss work thing next Wednesday that I need to be back and prepped for.  Accordingly, the only flight options for Sunday-Tuesday are pretty terrible and a red eye would be inevitable and work would pile up.  Additionally, prices are insanely high (flight + hotel will cost me about 1k) and due to a recent trip in December and some dental work my wife and I don't have the money liquidated and would have to put it on credit or pull from emergency savings. I was currently trying to budget for a trip in the fall where I could stay a week and see more family without the rush. Lastly, the weather could mess everything up.   


At this point I'm leaning towards not attending (and maybe sending flowers, calling in, etc.).  Financially it would hurt my wife and me and flying essentially two days in a row with a red eye flight is awful.  My wife is on board with whatever I decide but shares my same financial worries.  So, given everything I'd rather not go.  That said though I'm feeling pretty ####ty about not attending. This is my first death in the family as an adult. Is this something that is an automatic attend?





How old is too old to "crash on a couch"

23 January 2014 - 03:10 PM

Have to travel for work tomorrow.  To save money, I offered to crash at my friends' house who lives in the city I'm traveling to.  I tell my wife and we have the following exchange:


Her: Okay.  Well I'll pack you the air mattress.

Me: It's cool, I'm just planning on crashing on their couch.  It's big and comfortable.

Her: :confused: What are you, 18?  You're not going to crash on their couch.  Either take the air mattress or book your own hotel.

Me: What's wrong with just crashing on their couch.

Her: You're 30 years old.  You're not in college anymore.  It also wrecks the couch, but that's besides the point.

Me: ...

Her: Don't believe me? Go ask your football nerd board.  They'll tell you I'm right.



So, tell me.  

Frank Gore Monday night 12/23 Thread

23 December 2013 - 07:48 AM

Didn't see any other threads on him. I need only a few points out of him but I read he's been limited in practice and could be limited tonight. Anyone have any further information?

Cuban food: what's good?

15 December 2013 - 04:40 AM

I love food but am ashamed to admit I've never had Cuban food. I'm in Orlando/Disney for a several days. Where should I go and what should I get? I like pretty much everything and handle spicy food like a champ.