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In Topic: 2014 RSP Now Available for Download

14 April 2014 - 07:37 AM


Matt, does the RSP help at all for redraft leagues?


That being said, how many rookies played a big role in redraft last year?  Enough to be worth $20?  That's up to you.

In redraft, I took his top ranked rookies (based on the post-draft RSP), a couple in mid-rounds (Lacy, Gio) and a couple very late (Corderelle, Keenan Allen).  It helped me quite a bit.

In Topic: 2014 RSP Now Available for Download

02 April 2014 - 11:41 AM

bengal is correct... in that it's about 1000 pages of 'data' (where you can go see Matt's work/game notes on each player), but mostly you'll reference the Ranking Tables and read and re-read the 1/2- 3/4 page writeups on each player. 


If you are a scout in training, you might find yourself wrapped up in the prefaces/glossaries, and game notes.


The RSP is grouped by position (QB, RB, WR, TE)...each:


1. Starts with a preface for each section explaining the terms and parameters that he uses (you don't have to read this if you don't want) and giving some historical information about Rookie RB performances, etc.  You can skim that background stuff to get a bit of perspective.


2. Next in each section are some over/underrated lists for that position.


3. Then are about 1/2- 3/4 page writeup on each prospect in the order he ranks them.  So, normally about 20-25 pages about WRs for instance, with details of strengths, weaknesses, best fit, etc.


4.  Final part of each section are the rankings tables, which list the prospect's size and combine times, and has comments about why they are in their rankings.  There's a separate table to show 'NFL comparisons' and another for ceiling for each player.  So, if you are looking for straight up rankings, just go there.


5. After he gets thru QB, RB, WR, TE, you will find the 1000 or so pages of his 'work' at the back of the document.  All the game notes.  Over the years, I've read a few of those when I wanted to understand what he was seeing that was special (or limited) about a specific prospect based on his game notes. 


For me, I jump immediately to the rankings tables to see how he lines up prospects I've ranked myself (or just read about).  Then I dig into the 1/2 page writeups on prospects I am interested in.  I rarely re-read all the prefaces and term glossary stuff, since I am pretty comfortable with the terms he uses ('vision', 'elusiveness'...etc.)


So what you have is a big PDF, where you might print out 40 or so pages of player writeups and tables to highlight and review from now til August drafts.  Then keep the PDF to use for reference in years to come. I look at the old ones a few times a year when a player 'breaks out' to learn more about them at the time of their draft.


By the way, that's just the PRE-Draft RSP.   A couple of weeks after the draft, Matt sends a new document, the Post-RSP which does a reshuffling of the rankings, taking into account where they were drafted, team fit, and depth charts.  That's especially helpful for re-draft Fantasy Football, but might help you break some ties in dynasty by bumping guys up/down depending on fit.  Those rankings are a vertical ranking, across positions (pre-draft RSP is ranked within position only).

In Topic: Dynasty: Mike Evans, WR Texas A&M

01 April 2014 - 11:05 AM

I have reluctantly moved Evans into my top 2 Dynasty PPR picks (esp since I traded to get the 2.02).  I watched some A&M games, and Evans always seemed to be streaking down the sideline and Johnny would drop it in the bucket.  So, I wrote him off as a one-trick pony: big guy, deep routes. 


Slowly all the draft pundits and stats/observations began to push Evans up (in NFL and Fantasy drafts), due to his size, speed combination.  I have a hard time arguing, but I'm personally not sold on him as this amazing WR1 prospect.  He is not that smooth or sudden, the doesn't seem super flexible (like able to get low and dig a ball out), but he's fast enough to run by people and big enough to give a huge catch radius.  And he catches pretty well.


So, by default, he slides into that #2 Dynasty Rookie draft spot, since RBs are all over the map and there's alot more good WRs after him.  On the off chance that he does really develop as a route runner, I don't want to have wasted that 1.02 pick.


He does remind me alot of VJax: a guy I'd take in non-PPR and look for game where he gets behind the DEF and makes your day with 1-2 long balls.


After watching the combine drills, I thought he moved pretty well 'for a big guy'.  He seemed to have really soft hands and catches fairly effortlessly.  I have seen some highlights where he double catches balls into his body, but I've seen him snatch the ball out of the air also.  He ran alot of different types of routes for Johnny's pro-day, so I guess I am feeling more comfortable with him as a 'solid' WR1 type.  I can see him being a top 15 guy if he stays healthy and ends up in at least a decent situation.

In Topic: Dynasty Pick Calculator

01 April 2014 - 10:53 AM


In Topic: A little dynasty TE discussion...

01 April 2014 - 08:53 AM

#1 Graham
#2 Juluis
#3 Gronk (injury concerns, I think I might even pass at 3)
#4 Cameron
#5 Davis (would take Cameron over Davis due to age only)
#6 Olsen #7 Rudolph #8 Witten #9 Bennett #10 Ertz
#11 Eifert (going to be blocked by Gresham for 1 more yr but worth the hold; would t)
#12 Green #13 Flenner #14 Reed


Gets pretty murky here

#15 Cook #16 D Allen #17 Walker (late bloom last yr) #18 Pitta ( a guy we just keep waiting for) #19 Miller (usually finishes top 15) #20 Kelco #21 G Graham #22 Griffin #23 Gates #24 Daniels #25 Clay (was lasy yr a fluke, i think so) #26 Wright

Feels pretty murky to me after Graham and Gronk, to tell you the truth.  I think Julius Thomas will stay high as long as Peyton is there. 


I like Ertz's situation with Chip and looks to be a possible breakout in 2014.  I'm a bit sad for J.Casey, but whatevs.


V.Davis will lose looks with Crabtree back, but is a safe-ish top 10 option.  Olsen could be also, esp with the dirth of WR in CAR.


Martellus Bennett, Charles Clay (MIA), and Rudolph are guys who could sneak into the top 10.  I'd consider them as my TE2 behind a higher upside guy.   Clay was sneaky-consistent in 2013.


Eifert/Gresham, Pettigrew/Fauria, Fleener/D.Allen...feel like most of these have top 10 potential, but their situations are muddy.  If injury occurs to their counterpart, think they can be top 10.    In those pairs, I'd prefer Eifert, Pettigrew, D.Allen and actually think D.Allen could make a push for top 10 TE even with Fleener present, since it appears Fleener didn't grab that job in 2013.  I think Allen will be on the field alot (and like his talent).


Jordans: Cameron and Reed need to do more than 1/2 a season or a few un-injury prone games to make me feel comfortable.  Take that with a grain of salt, since they are both on my Dynasty team and I'm a bit jaded since mid-2013.


Witten, Pitta...they feel like Gonzo/Gates.  They are good until they aren't good.  But they could drop off anytime.  I'd take either as my TE1, then grab a super high upside guy.


Everyone else is a guess...but I like the upside of guys like Escobar, Tyler Thompson, L. Green.


I'm watching the NYG and HOU TE situation since there's been value there in the past.  SEA TE might be a winner (Luke Wilsson?) if they don't get a big-bodied WR to replace Sidney Rice.


Ebron is really the only TE I am watching from the draft so far, but haven't really done any homework on that yet.