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In Topic: Dwayne Allen (IND)

Yesterday, 07:52 AM

Targets for the season:

5 1 6 3 5 7 6


No Reggie Wayne security blanket for a couple of weeks possibly might result in a bump in targets.  He's already a red zone favorite.


He has PIT this week, who gave up big games to good TE like Jordan Cameron (2nd meeting), Greg Olsen, and Owen Daniels.

In Topic: The Keenan Allen Hype Train

Yesterday, 04:26 AM

His targets had been steadily increasing, but earlier in the season, the game scripts allowed Chargers to run the ball and not have to throw.  That has changed the last two weeks with closer matchups.  The run game (and pass pro) hasn't been great (o-line issues).  This means lots of quick passes or catching Keenan as he sneaks across the field short.  He also got alot of screens, including the touchdown. 


It seems earlier in the season Eddie Royal was used a ton.  Defenses had to adjust to that.  Royal still looks pretty dang spry, and is a good part of the offense, but my guess is his targets have trailed off some (haven't looked tho).


I also think Keenan had tweaked his groin earlier in the season.  He was getting good separation last night.


Deep passes/shot plays are clearly going to Malcolm Floyd or to Gates deep in the seam.  That helps open up the underneath stuff for Keenan.


What I liked seeing last night were the 3rd down throws going to him, and except for when he slipped and Rivers was picked, he was very reliable.  Also, he doesn't like to go down easily...loved the first catch where rather than going out of bounds, he turns upfield into Talib (I think) and gives him a little pop.


In Fantasy, TDs are very hard to predict, but generally on a good offense, if the targets and touches are there, they should come.  I think last night was a good sign for more consistent production from Keenan.

In Topic: Yahoo waivers didn't run, oops

15 October 2014 - 07:04 AM

This glitch cost me Cleveland's defense. Not sure wtf happen but it showed they had been claimed and then they were a FA at 7:42 this morning. Ridiculous.

the only way that happens is if someone did put in a claim for them (locking them) but got something else ahead of CLE and had the same 'drop' player for their claims.  in that case, then CLE gets tossed back as a FA.

In Topic: Yahoo waivers didn't run, oops

15 October 2014 - 04:37 AM



Anyone know if u cancel waivers if the player unlocks?

Does not unlock.
You can actually use this "glitch" to really mess things up when waivers run late like this. By creating a waiver claim for a player, then canceling it, that player will not switch to a FA early like the rest of the unclaimed players.
How long typically til it switches to FA in this scenario?



Any player that has been requested will be locked starting around midnight Pacific time until the waiver algorithm has completed processing.


You will not be able to try to claim any player with a claim by another team and you cannot cancel any waiver that has been submitted.


When it locks all the players requested, you will see them still with a W (date) next to their names.  Unrequested players can be added after that time as FA.


There is a chance that locked players might not be claimed (and dropped back to FA), if someone tried to claim two players, dropping the same player.

In Topic: What did we learn from Week 6?

14 October 2014 - 10:26 AM

Stockpile RBs.  I'd stash Joseph Randle.  He's playing well, the Cowboys are playing well, coaches and JJ talking him up, Murray has a checkered health history, and that O-line is terrific.

Not sure if Randle will be stealing any carries soon  (snicker snicker).