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In Topic: What did we learn in week 4?

Yesterday, 11:08 AM

I think some offenses are just shaping up.  Many teams don't have identities yet.  It's time to hold on to the talent you have and scrape up talent other teams drop, then check back in after week 6.

In Topic: The 1-3 Support Group Thread

Yesterday, 10:50 AM

Let the games begin...my team has been crushed, but I'm ready for a win streak to start anytime.

In Topic: Fantasy Football is exhausting.

Yesterday, 07:25 AM


I'm running about 5+ teams this year along with Fan Duel and this whole thing is exhausting.  The only team that I'm enjoying running right now is my Dynasty team which has a chance to win the Championship.  I'm thinking of cutting back on Redraft Leagues next year, picking up an extra Dynasty, and playing more Fan Duel.



The worst part is having to wait until game time to see whether someone is going to be active or not.  My favorite part is playing the waiver wire and making trades.  But everything moves so quick and managing multiple teams is stressful.




Anyone else planning on playing less leagues next year?  I'm having fun, the season is as surprising as ever but I like the longterm rewards of dynasty and the ability to make a new team each week on Fan Duel.




5+ teams??? I think you know why you're so exhausted. drop that down to no more than 2 teams, and stop gambling/playing FanDuel..




I do one Dyansty, one 2-person keeper.  That's enough to wonder who I have going, who I am playing against, and not always rooting against/for the same thing.   I am not a gambler and dislike the impersonal nature of FanDuel.   If I could find a super-deep Dynasty league to join, I might quit my keeper.

In Topic: Larry Donnell - NY Giants Tight End

26 September 2014 - 05:52 AM

It seems like using the TE is the first step in getting the new offense to work.  Maybe weeks 1-3 was estabilshing the run.  Now they are getting some short passing worked in to their big TE targets with some shots taken downfield.  The next step would be to get the WR worked in (including ODB when healthy) to open the thing up.  


It was interesting that they were passing vs. running in the redzone, but that might have been a function of the WAS d-line?  I'd have to watch the full game to really be sure.  But, it does seem to portend to a GB type of system that throws for short yardage TDs and devalues the running back short yardage.


I mean, who knows.  Maybe it was just WAS defense laying an egg, but it seems like it's a system developing week to week.

In Topic: Baylor WR Josh Gordon

12 September 2014 - 01:38 PM

Aren't your end of the bench guys so that by say, week 10 some backup becomes an instant starter and possible upside as you finish the season and head into the playoffs?