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Lamb & a crock pot - am I going to screw this up?

29 January 2014 - 03:44 AM

I tried searching the forum here and others but I'm overwhelmed with information right now.


I have:


a 4lb boneless lamb leg

fresh snap peas


baby carrots

plenty of wine, all kinds around the house

fresh garlic


Campbell's Slow Cooker Sauce


rice, various kinds

a full spice rack

a ton of other random stuff like deli style brown mustard


I'd like to throw a bunch of stuff in the crock pot around 9am EST and eat around 6pm EST or later.


Will the potatoes turn to mush in a crock pot that long?

Is the slow cooker sauce too much? or just wrong?


I was thinking of putting the leg and all of the above veggies with that slow cooker sauce in the pot and give it 9 hours.


Bad idea?





Need help finding a new matress

20 December 2013 - 06:54 AM

I currently have a Tempur-Pedic AlluraBed.  It's nice to sleep on but not for moving around a lot.  I noticed last night when the party ended in my bedroom that several people moving around seem clumsy and annoying. 


I think I need a more firm bed.


I like the Tempur-Pedic but I think I want to go back to a regular mattress.


Is there a firm, non-Tempur-Pedic out there?  Preferably one that can handle 4-5 adults on the bed at once? 


King size obviously.



"What Was Your Last Salary?" - Interview question

17 December 2013 - 07:03 AM

I came across an article on LinkedIn today - I wanted to get the FFA's take on this position.


I'm not sure if I can link the article but I'll copy/past what I can.  The point of the article is giving your last company's salary puts you at a disadvantage negotiating a salary.


I don't agree with the author.


Here is the situational setup the writer gives as advice to avoiding the question:


They don't need your past salaries to make that [hiring] call. So why hand your personal information over? Here's a script to illustrate how your conversation might go.




IVO, a programmer: Ivo Sega here.


CAROL, a company recruiter: Hi Ivo! It's Carol from Vector Industries. Thanks again for coming out to meet everyone last week. Josh, our CTO, was really happy to meet you.


IVO: No problem. I was happy to meet him too. You've got some interesting projects going on. It could be a lot of fun to tackle one of them.


CAROL: I'm glad to hear it. Can you come back and meet more of our team next Tuesday at three p.m.?


IVO: I'll have to check. I have some things I have to do on Tuesday afternoon. Can I ask you a related question?


CAROL: Shoot.


IVO: I want to check on the salary range for this position, so that I don't waste your time or Josh's if we aren't in the same ballpark. Are you the right person to have that conversation with, and is this a good time to do it?


CAROL: I can get into that topic. What were you earning at Sonic Systems?


IVO: In this job search I'm focusing on jobs in the ninety-five to a hundred-kay range. If this job is in that ballpark, it makes sense for me to come back for a second interview. Is this position in that salary range?


CAROL: That could stretch the budget a little bit, but it isn't out of the question. What were you earning over at Sonic?


IVO: You know Carol, the key for me is to make sure we're close enough to continue the conversation. It sounds like we are. Do you want to double-check that salary range with Josh before we set something up?


CAROL: I can do that, but I can't help but notice you're avoiding my question. Do you want to share your last salary with me?


IVO: I really don't, because that information isn't relevant to our conversation and frankly I'm not going to ask Josh what he paid the person who had this job before me. You've got confidential information that you can't share, and I'm in the same position. Over the years I've had royalty arrangements and incentive programs and base salaries that all made sense for me and the organizations that paid me at the time. I wouldn't expect any of those arrangements to map to your situation, and that's why I like to check the salary for each new gig against what I need to earn.


CAROL: I know that some of our departments do salary-history checks as a part of their background

check. Would you give us permission to verify your past salaries at Sonic and your other employers, and/or could you bring us a W-2 if we needed it? I'm just checking. I don't know Josh's thoughts on that issue.


IVO: Thanks so much for asking, Carol. I definitely wouldn't be comfortable with that. Like I said, I'm not asking Josh to open the vault and tell me what he pays my prospective co-workers or what he pays the contractors who work for him now. That isn't any of my business, and I feel that my past salary information is confidential too. I'm sure you understand.


CAROL: You're not the first person who's shared that point of view with me, and I do understand. Some of our managers are pretty old-school in that respect. I will pass on the information to Josh and confirm that he wants to do a second interview, and my gut says that he will.


IVO: That sounds fine. I'll wait for your call.

No one is going to overvalue your services, but plenty of people will undervalue them. You have to value them first, and valuing yourself includes knowing when to say "I'm not comfortable with that request."

Would you buy one of these?

12 December 2013 - 06:37 AM

I met the owner, seemed like a good guy.  I'm not sure the product has legs though.


Let's say this is in your price range for whatever you would/could spend on recreation; would you buy one of these?


Your thoughts


Here's the product


Their site: http://tanommotors.com/

The "Quote" function isn't working for me

09 December 2013 - 04:23 AM

Do I have it turned off or something?