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First swing mock draft - just to talk team needs and incoming talent

17 November 2014 - 11:51 AM

Like every year, I'm just learning who is who in terms of the potential incoming talent. To be honest, I don't watch much college football. 


It's also a good time for homers to start talking about what they hope their teams do in the offseason.


So chime in, experts...who doesn't belong? Where should teams go from here? 



1. Oakland Raiders 
Leonard Williams DT Southern California
Amari Cooper WR Alabama 
2. Jacksonville Jaguars 
Randy Gregory DE Nebraska
Brandon Scherff OT Iowa 
3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Marcus Mariota QB Oregon 
Shane Ray DE Missouri
4. New York Jets 
Jameis Winston QB Florida State
Amari Cooper WR Alabama 
5. Tennessee Titans 
Shane Ray DE Missouri
Trae Waynes CB Michigan State
6. Washington Redskins 
Amari Cooper WR Alabama 
Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
7. New York Giants 
Dante Fowler Jr. DE Florida  
Brandon Scherff OT Iowa 
8. Carolina Panthers 
Brandon Scherff OT Iowa 
Trae Waynes CB Michigan State
9. St. Louis Rams 
Trae Waynes CB Michigan State
Kevin White WR West Virginia 
10. New Orleans Saints 
Andrus Peat OT Stanford 
Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
11. Minnesota Vikings 
La'el Collins OT LSU 
Kevin White WR West Virginia 
12. Chicago Bears 
Landon Collins SS Alabama
Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State
13. Atlanta Falcons 
Vic Beasley OLB Clemson
P.J. Williams CB Florida State
14. Houston Texans 
P.J. Williams CB Florida State
Kevin White WR West Virginia 
15. Cleveland (from Buffalo Bills) 
Kevin White WR West Virginia 
Danny Shelton DT Washington
16. Seattle Seahawks 
Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin
Jaelen Strong WR Arizona State 
17. San Francisco 49ers 
Danny Shelton DT Washington
Jaelen Strong WR Arizona State 
18. San Diego Chargers 
Shilique Calhoun DE Michigan State
Marcus Peters CB Washington 
19. Pittsburgh Steelers 
Marcus Peters CB Washington 
Eddie Goldman DT Florida State 
20. Miami Dolphins 
Shaq Thompson OLB Washington 
Benardrick McKinney ILB/OLB Mississippi State 
21. Indianapolis Colts 
Benardrick McKinney*, ILB/OLB, Mississippi State 
Todd Gurley RB Georgia
22. Cleveland Browns 
Eddie Goldman DT Florida State 
Shawn Oakman DE Baylor   
23. Baltimore Ravens 
Shawn Oakman DE Baylor   
Spencer Drango OT Baylor 
24. Cincinnati Bengals 
Ifo Ekpre-Olomu CB Oregon
Alvin Dupree DE Kentucky
25. Philadelphia Eagles 
Gerod Holliman FS Louisville 
Denzel Perryman ILB Miami (Fla.)
26. Kansas City Chiefs 
Jaelen Strong WR Arizona State 
Spencer Drango OT Baylor  
27. Green Bay Packers 
Denzel Perryman ILB Miami (Fla.)
Devin Funchess WR 5 Michigan
28. Detroit Lions 
Todd Gurley RB Georgia
Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M 
29. Denver Broncos 
Spencer Drango OT Baylor  
Devin Funchess WR 5 Michigan
30. Dallas Cowboys 
Connor Cook QB Michigan St
Alvin Dupree DE Kentucky
31. New England Patriots 
DeVante Parker WR Louisville 
A.J. Cann OG South Carolina
32. Arizona Cardinals 
Cedric Ogbuehi OT Texas A&M 
Alvin Dupree DE Kentucky

***2014-5th Annual Battle for Shining Path's Cup-Let's Draft

04 August 2014 - 05:38 AM

Previous Threads and League Winners
2013 - Bananafish
2012 - Keerock

2011 - Couch Burners
2010 - Mos Eisley Wraiths - wraith5

No Kickers
Top 4 records and next two highest scoring teams are in the playoffs.


Roster Size: 18


Total Starters: 7


Total On Bench: 11


Roster Setup

Quarterback (QB) 1 

Running Back (RB) 1 

Running Back/Wide Receiver (RB/WR) 1 

Wide Receiver (WR) 1

Wide Receiver/Tight End (WR/TE) 1 

Tight End (TE) 1 

Team Defense/Special Teams (D/ST) 1 

11 Bench




All TDs = 6

Passing = 1/25

Rushing/Receiving = 1/10 

Interceptions/Fumbles Lost = -1 

2pt Conversion = 2 

1 Point Per Reception 



Team Defense / Special Teams 

Every 25 kickoff return yards = 1 

Every 25 punt return yards = 1 

Each Sack = 2 

Interception/Fumble/Kickoff/Punt/ Blocked Punt or FG Return TD = 6 

Each Interception = 2 

Each Fumble Recovered = 2 

Each Safety = 4

0 points allowed (PA0) 10 

1-6 points allowed (PA1) 7 

7-13 points allowed (PA7) 4 

14-17 points allowed (PA14) 1 

22-27 points allowed (PA22) -1 

28-34 points allowed (PA28) -2 




Andy D

Cold Dead Hands



Captain Quinoa

What to do when your teenager seems to start "drifting"

19 June 2014 - 05:43 AM

I know I've got it made compared to a lot of situations, but I'm starting to see some warning signs with my kid's behavior and I'm wondering if people have encountered a like situation.


My daughter is 17. Generally she's pretty responsible. Gets mostly A's and B's (carrying a 3.5). Works at a karate school and has her 3rd degree belt. She's kind of a sanguine personality - which is part of the problem, I think. She's not the most focused of people.


I'm not terribly excited about the friends she has. We found that she was texting at 3 AM-ish for several days during the school year. You could see that she was exhausted. This led to me taking her phone away. Her reaction to that was using one of the internet text methods, but she wasn't smart enough to close the window that told one of her friends "I'm going to have to find a new way to text at night because my dad is monitoring my texts on my phone". Which led to a REAL blowup (trust is a big thing with me and I hate being lied to). I told her that I didn't want to have to look through her text messages but she wasn't leaving me with much choice.


The latest thing is an exchange she had with a friend where he said "So and so said we need to 'pop your weed cherry'" to which she simply replied "Okay". :eek:


We had a meeting with a college planner that she showed almost no interest in as she sat there. We're trying to find out if she even wants to go to college and the reaction is mostly "Meh".


Anyway, it's not any one major thing that concerns me, just a few reddish flags. 


Am I overreacting? Should I just let it play out or should I be more strict? She has a lot of spare time on her hands and I'm thinking of making her get another part time job. Is it better to step in and give direction rather than let your 17 year old choose it?

Scratch Ireland off the "places to visit" list

13 June 2014 - 06:22 AM




Minn. tourist detained in Dublin, strip searched, refused medical care
by Shelby Capacio - emailPosted: Jun 12, 2014 11:02 PM CDTUpdated: Jun 13, 2014 3:00 AM CDT

She intended to spend 90 days in Ireland and explore a romance that crosses national borders, but family members say immigration officials in Dublin did the unthinkable: They imprisoned her. 

The Minnesota woman's mother has been in close contact with Fox 9 News, and she explained that the stunning, days-long ordeal began when her daughter made an off-the-cuff remark about how she would like to talk with chefs in Ireland about future work opportunities during her visit. At that point, Irish authorities apparently refused her entry on the grounds that she would burden the state by poaching an Irish job despite the fact that she had a return ticket as well as a home and a job waiting for her in Minneapolis. 



The woman's parents allege that even though their daughter produced documentation to show she planned a temporary stay in the country, immigration officials refused to look at them. Worse still, the family says they also took other items she needed.

After arriving in Dublin at 5:30 a.m. IST on Wednesday, officials restricted her ability to communicate with loved ones or the man who was set to meet her at the airport. While she was isolated, family members say she had little information or food despite recently concluding a 20-hour trip. Instead, loved ones say she was forced to sit in a noisy airport hallway while hungry and was not allowed to get her luggage in order to retrieve medicine for a growing migraine headache. 

The woman had checked her medicine at the direction of airport officials, and repeatedly asked to see a doctor upon arrival -- but family members say she was refused medical care for hours until someone walked by, gave her a pill and refused to identify it.



Eventually, the woman was able to convince someone to call an ambulance for her because she had thrown up several times and was now dizzy, constantly nauseous and feared she was becoming dehydrated. Once the immigration supervisor found out, however, the call was CANCELED and paramedics were turned away while officials hurled verbal abuse at the woman, the woman's mother relayed.

In an e-mail sent to Fox 9 News, family members claim the immigration supervisor told the tourist she was a "lying criminal," accused her of "making stuff up" and threatened to charge her with a crime. Authorities then tried to put her on a flight back home, but family members say the flight attendants would not allow her to board because it was visibly apparent that she was too ill to make the trip.

Yet, even though she was barred from a flight due to her condition, family members say immigrations still would not allow her to see a doctor. Instead, they sent her to prison.



Family members tell Fox 9 News that after the woman was turned away by the flight crew, immigration officials took away her phone, iPad and other personal belongings before transporting her to a jail cell she would share with a sex worker who was also vomiting overnight. 

The woman's mother said the officials at the facility initially told her that a private room had been designated for her daughter -- but once the two got back in contact, her daughter said that simply wasn't the case. Her parents were shocked again when the tourist told them she had been strip searched "a couple of times."

Additionally, family members say immigration officials instructed the woman to remove her prescription medications from their bottles before heading to the lock-up -- but once she arrived, officials took the medicines away because they weren't in their proper containers.

All the while, family members say they were scrambling to determine what had happened to the woman and ultimately had to turn to Google to find out who to call.

"I hope that if you must ever Google 'prison' with your child in mind that you don't hit the websites that popped up for me," her mother wrote.

Initially, the woman's father and mother were able to speak with her -- but they said the same was not true the following day. 


"She sounded flat and sad and exhausted and, well, awful," the tourist's mother said. "Broke my heart, but I wanted to hear her voice. I called this morning, but they wouldn't let me talk to her."


In fact, the woman told her family that she was yelled at after her father called from Minnesota, and was told she could only speak for 6 minutes a day.



Although the family tried to reach out to the American Embassy for help, they had difficulty reaching someone by phone and were told via e-mail that American representatives could do little on their behalf.

"Unfortunately the U.S. Embassy cannot intervene in immigration matters, decided by the Irish authorities, just as the Irish Embassy in Washington, D.C., cannot influence U.S. immigration decisions made by border control officers at U.S. ports of entry," the reply from the embassy read in part.

Embassy representatives did contact the detention facility where the woman was being held to advocate that they provide her with medical care, but family members say they were also unsuccessful in swaying Irish authorities.

The woman's mother confirmed that a nurse did "look at her" and offered pain medications that neither worked nor suited her needs, eventually telling the woman to try a "cup of good Irish tea." The tourist told her family that each cell contained a small kettle, tea bags and milk.



After spending a night in a cell, family members say the woman was further abused by immigration officials when she returned to the airport and the very same supervisor who shouted at her before said, "If you aren't feeling better today, it's back to jail for you."

The tourist told her parents that before returning to the airport, she had asked to have her personal belongings returned to her -- including her carry-on bag and medications. Family members say prison officials told her the items had been sent to the airport, but when she asked for them after arriving, she was berated by the supervisor who allegedly demanded, "Did you even ask for them?"

The woman's mother explained that her daughter's baggage claim information had also been taken, and she was later told her luggage had gone missing and she would need to receive a form from the pilot. Family members say she never received one, and that meant she was put on a plane to Toronto without her driver's license and without any money. After she boarded, a staff member from the detention facility provided the flight crew with her possessions, leaving her family in the dark for an additional 7 hours. 



Any immigration conflict is a permanent part of any traveler's record, and the family hopes to file complaints and ultimately reverse the decision that they say horrified U.S. customs agents in Toronto who asked for the details. 

Family members have already retained a solicitor in Dublin who has already contacted the Irish authorities involved in the ordeal, and the woman's parents are clearly upset that a woman who has never been charged with a crime would face such punitive treatment.

"If you don't want to admit her to your country, fine. You get to make your rules, but you don't have the right to take away her personal property, her luggage and carry-on, her medication, her phone, her access to medical care, her ability to call an ambulance for herself, and control her ability to communicate with the outside world -- all without bothering to inform anyone in her family of what you did or where she is," her mother wrote on Facebook.

Fox 9 News can confirm that the woman returned to Minneapolis on Thursday night and is now in the company of her family.  



The Twilight Zone project - Ranking episodes (per season)

04 June 2014 - 06:52 AM

I'm surprised by the number of episodes I haven't seen. I thought I'd watched a lot more of them with my dad when I was younger.
As I'm going through these, it's easy to see why the ones that are considered "classic" are that indeed. 
There's a lot more clunkers than I thought there were. And of course, time has made a lot of the "twists" pretty transparent and hackneyed by now. But at the time they were fresh and new.
"Definitely" - it's an episode that I think everyone should see. Whether it's a good plot twist or interesting social commentary or just a nice story.
"Yes" - it's not quite a classic but is still very good and enjoyable.
"Meh" - A lot of TZ episodes are derivative of each other/the same story. Still okay, but only worth one viewing.
"Yuck" - Either it was too "out there" or overacted...or for some other reason I really disliked it. Skippable entirely, IMO
Season 1
One For The Angels - An earnest and bittersweet story of a sidewalk salesman that saves his best pitch for last, saving a little girl in the process.
Time Enough At Last - A true classic where a man finally gets his wish to be alone with his books...only to be prevented in accessing them.
Judgment Night - A good "time loop" story where a German U-Boat commander gets his just rewards - for all eternity.
The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street - We have met the enemy and they are us. Great commentary on Cold War hysteria.
A Stop At Willoughby - A man gets his wish to go back to a simpler time.
The After Hours - This one scared the crap out of me as a kid. A lady returns to a department store and finds out where she truly belongs. "Marrrssshhaaa..."
Eye Of The Beholder - What is beauty? Apparently in some worlds it's looking like a pig. 
Where Is Everybody? - The first episode. What would you do if you thought you were suddenly all alone. You'd lose it pretty quickly, that's what.
Mr. Denton On Doomsday - "How dry I am..."
The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine - A has-been actress returns to her glory days by "disappearing" into her old films.
Walking Distance - Similar to "A Stop At Willoughby" but with a slightly different angle. 
The Lonely - Serling examines our reluctance to accept technology, then our dependence on it, then our feelings upon losing it.
And When The Sky Was Opened - Three astronauts return from a mission. Or was it two? Or one? None?
The Last Flight - Another interesting time loop story where a WWI pilot, a coward, has a chance at redemption.
Elegy - Another story where astronauts end up in a strange place...this time becoming permanent residents, thanks to a machine just doing its job.
Execution - A surprisingly intense episode where a very bad man from the past is brought forward and a bad man from the present is sent back...but justice cannot be denied.
A Nice Place To Visit - Is getting everything you want all the time a vision of Heaven or Hell?
The Hitch-Hiker - Traveling across country, a girl survives a blown tire only to be stalked by a man looking for a lift? Or is he looking to give her one?
Mirror Image - Dopplegangers take over the lives of a pair of people waiting for a bus. I liked it the more I thought about it. Clever writing.
Nightmare As A Child - A woman has a conversation with a girl who appears seemingly from nowhere but knows things about the woman's past. I liked the kid's performance.
Escape Clause - Guy becomes immortal, gets bored, kills wife, doesn't want to be immortal anymore. There are many better "unintended consequences" stories.
What You Need - Sidewalk salesman gets out of a situation with a bad man by giving him "what he needs" from his case. Didn't like the performances much.
The Four Of Us Are Dying - Guy develops the ability to look like other people. Runs into the wrong guy. Not much of a payoff for the story.
Third From The Sun - With nuclear war imminent, guys escape with their families to another planet - one very familiar to us. Transparent plot twist even for 1959, I would think.
I Shot An Arrow Into The Air - Three astronauts crash on a desert planet. You really have to stretch belief to think they wouldn't be detected.
The Purple Testament - A Lieutenant can forsee which of his men are going to get killed. It's just kind of a silly episode.
A World Of Difference - A man living his life comes to find that it's just an act and he's an actor. Kind of a mess of a story.
Long Live Walter Jameson - An immortal man is finally done in by one he's wronged in the past. Just...dull.
People Are Alike All Over - ANOTHER astronaut crashes, is saved/captured by human-like aliens, and is made to be an exhibit.
The Big Tall Wish - A washed-up boxer is given one more chance at succes by a kid who really believes in him. A maudlin episode. 
The Chaser - A guy uses a love potion to make a woman fall for him. Just another "unintended consequences" episode.
A Passage For Trumpet - A young Jack Klugman plays a down-on-his-luck trumpet player that's saved by another player named...Gabriel. Isn't that clever?
Mr. Bevis - Goofy guy is made into a success by his guardian angel, but success isn't all it's cracked up to be. Be happy with what you have. 
A World Of His Own - An author can create reality by speaking into his dictation machine. Drops one wife for another. Kinda sappy and creepy (not spooky) all at once.
Perchance To Dream - A guys dream ends up killing him. Just a noisy, macabre mess.
The Fever - A boorish, goody-two-shoes ends up addicted to gambling. Another noisy, macabre mess.
The Mighty Casey - A robot pitcher doesn't have to be dopey.