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Today, 03:27 AM

Things my wife won't do anymore now that she's a zombie.

In Topic: FBG 2014 "How did I do" Thread

18 July 2014 - 08:50 AM

Thought I would post one to start conversation today.....  Pretty happy with this one




QB - R. Griffin, R. Tanehill



RB - AP, Gio, A. Ellington, J. Hill, R. Helu, I. Crowell


WR - M. Crabtree, M. Wallace, J. Maclin, H. Nicks, J. Hunter, A. Dobson, O. Beckham



TE - Whitten, Ertz, Ausberry



K - Novak



Def - CAR







I recognized your team. I was in the same draft. I think this was a more interesting draft than usual. The 7 spot, right after you, took 4 WR's with his 1st 4 picks. The 2 spot, just before me, took 3 TE's in the 1st 5 rounds.

What would you have done if Ellington wasn't there in the 3rd? I was going back and forth between him, Lynch & Andre Johnson. I ended up with Johnson. I'm OK with that, but I could easily see changing it if I could go back in time.

I'm a little lukewarm on your WR's, but I'm not a big Crabtree fan anyway. Welker, Keenan Allen & Roddy White going in 3 of the 4 picks just before you in the 4th surprised me. I thought one of them would have dropped to you. All together a very strong team and a favorite.

Too bad you took Hill in the 10th. If he came to me I would have gladly put off my QB pick another round.

Anyway. GL See you in week 2.

In Topic: FBG 2014 "How did I do" Thread

15 July 2014 - 08:58 AM

Had the #1 week in the 1st week of drafting. My team as follows:


QB: Peyton (3)

RB: McCoy (1); Woodhead (6); McFadden (7); Jon Stewart (11)

WR: Cobb (2); Roddy White (4); Percy Harvin (5); Amendola (9); Streater (12); Britt (17); Miles Austin (18)

TE: Martellus Bennett (8); Ebron (10); Sefarian-Jenkins (13); Finley (16); Quarles (20)

DEF: NE (14); Chi (15)

PK: Blair Walsh (19)


Thoughts? I know, RB depth is the issue .... and hoping one out of Ebron/Sefarian/Finley pans out as a solid starter at TE to add depth/bye week fill etc :)

Peyton. Not much to say, but I probably would draft a BU this early. Injuries happen.

Hopefully Woodhead has a start like he did last year. McFadden has been kinda brittle, but might be OK with MJD shouldering most of the load. Yes, this is the 1st area I'd look to shore up via WW. Taking Peyton and 3 WR's before your 2nd RB made things a little tough for you.

If Harvin and/or Amendola stay healthy, your WR's will be a strength and fill your flex spots.

I like Bennett. The others look like pick and pray and you never know, but I would prefer a more solid BU (maybe Ebron is that guy) and then 1 or 2 more speculative picks.


JMO - Maybe taking a RB in the 5th and a WR in the 6th would have given you a better result.

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In Topic: FBG 2014 "How did I do" Thread

13 July 2014 - 09:45 AM


OK, rip it up. 8th spot.


Cam Newton, Eli Manning

Cam’s bye is week 12. Eli plays Dallas that week, otherwise, not a fan.


Eddie Lacy, Joique Bell, Jeremy Hill, Stevan Ridley, Andre Brown, Lache Seastrunk


Antonio Brown, Kendall Wright, Dwayne Bowe, James Jones, Andrew Hawkins, Donnie Avery

Lacy in 1st, Brown in 2nd. As it turned out, I could have gone with Dez and then Murray. I think I would have liked that more, but I’m OK with this.


Jordan Cameron, Jordan Reed, Marcedes Lewis

Cameron in the 3rd which is where he’s gone in just about every draft I’ve seen.


Shayne Graham, Steven Hauschka, BAL Team Defense

In early drafts I usually take 2 K’s. Graham gets dropped after Hauschka’s week 4 bye

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10 July 2014 - 05:30 AM