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Great Pirelli line I forgot about in this repeat.



[on phone with customer]


"Put a cross on my back. Put the thorns right on my forehead, and I'll carry the cross all the way to the top of the hill."


[stands up for effect]









Have to assume this was in relation to his Easter weekend MLB plays. 

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Yesterday, 06:58 PM

73-76 Vikings lost 3 of 4 SB appearances in that timeframe, making the playoffs all 4 years. 

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Yesterday, 06:37 PM

Teasing up Saints to +8, Broncos to -1, Skins to +8.5 off the bat. 


I could pour over this all night, NFL freaking rules. 

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Yesterday, 06:33 PM

lumpy has already submitted 386 teaser combinations based on those lines.


Week 1 @ LVH locked and loaded: http://www.vegasinsi...m/story/1539264