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Amazon Student, Prime for Students

22 February 2014 - 04:15 PM

If you have an .edu email address you are eligible for Amazon Student (essentially Prime with a few goodies) for six months for free. After the 6 months you can upgrade to Amazon prime for $39/year for 4 years.

Amazon Student

The Monopolies get monopolier -- TWC buysout Comcast

12 February 2014 - 08:27 PM


My condolences to anyone who had to use either before the buyout, I can't even imagine now.



Comcast will announce a deal to acquire Time Warner Cable in an all-stock deal worth more than $45 billion that will unite the biggest and second largest cable television operators in the country, according to people briefed on the matter.

The surprise merger — expected to be announced on Thursday — is likely to bring to an end a protracted takeover battle that a smaller cable rival, Charter Communications, has been waging for Time Warner Cable, and will be the second major deal for Comcast in recent years to radically reshape the American media landscape.

Any Web Developers/Designers here? Need some advice.

05 January 2014 - 03:40 PM

Up until July I was going to school for a computer science degree, focusing on programming. I was forced to take a break from school for health reasons and have now been out of school for almost 6 months, the soonest I'll be able to get back into non-elective classes will be Fall of 2014 so I have plenty of time to help prepare myself.

I'm sweating returning with a focus on programming, since I've been out of school I've been dreading diving back into complex programming concepts as my background in math is imo not great, I've also been wanting to do something more creative and hoping web dev will scratch that itch.


I've got two years of programming experience (C#, Java) as well as a semester of basic web design (HTML4, CSS).

So I have a few questions if anyones inclined to answer:

1) Do you enjoy Web Development? Do you find it fulfilling in a creative way?

2) Were you self taught or class taught?
3) Are there any books you would recommend someone who wanted to make a switch to Web Dev/Design?

4) HTML5, start learning it sooner or later?

Seriously, whats the ******* point?

28 December 2013 - 01:24 AM

I'm finding it real hard to handle pretty much everything in my life all of a sudden. I've had in my past conflicts, obstacles and barriers I've had to overcome and until now I have, but its not even about failure or success anymore -- I just don't feel anything but disappointment, in life, in others and especially in myself.


When I retreat into myself all I think about is this person I'm not, reaffirming what I already know, I'm not special -- what I'm going through is nothing special, people have gone through much worse before and will long after I'm gone, but I'm so tired.

I knew from since I could comprehend the concept of death, that what we have is all we will ever have and how we use our time here is all we will leave behind, be exceptional to each other, a simple credo. My best friend, biggest role model and person I admired the most died suddenly tonight and I'm filled with nothing but regrets. I can't even grieve for them, because I feel so ### ####ed selfish -- I'm more upset that I won't get to spend more of my life with them than the tragedy that they died suddenly. Its not dissimilar to how I felt when I was diagnosed with cancer a couple months ago, I was so upset with life, I've done nothing but work or go to school my entire life and then suddenly my mortality came into question without warning and I couldn't help but simultaneously play the victim and the critic, so upset with myself for being upset about having cancer.

I wanted to be more than who I turned out to be to them, I wanted to show them my potential as the secretly arrogant ##### that I am and my underachieving outpaced me in glorious fashion, I know what I'm capable of and I honestly have no interest in proving it to myself which has been my biggest handicap in life and now that I have no one to prove it to but myself I just don't see the ####### point. Six months ago the only thing I was more afraid of than death was being in debt, and now add to that living without purpose. 

I'm just so tired of regret, disappointment, bitterness and indignation. I really don't feel like 25 is old enough for a ####### midlife crisis.

Dems pushing to limit filibusters

21 November 2013 - 08:18 AM

Harry Reid is proposing to heavily restrict filibustering.

It will require a series of votes with the final vote requiring only a simple majority to pass.