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12 Team IDP Salary Cap League

28 March 2014 - 01:55 PM

I have an opening in this league below;

League site;

http://www14.myfanta...14/home/41946#0 This is a movie themed league with a custom template and graphics and experienced knowledgeable owners.

Bylaws are extensive and are found at the bottom left on the rules tab. After you click on the rules tab you'll see a Proboards link on the bottom left and that'll get you to the bylaws. I was able to break down each category on PB so it's much easier for reference than to scroll a mile down the MFL site bylaws page.

If you're looking for a boring cookie cutter dynasty league this isn't it. Some of the features include;

Franchise tags
Transition tags
Taxi squad
Contract extensions
Toilet Bowl with cash reward

I am looking for someone who lives and breathes dynasty football. If you're an active trader and are active in message board discussions, you'd be perfect. If interested PM me with a little about yourself and your FF experience. The previous owner said he was overwhelmed and stepped down but he is already paid for 2014 so I ask just a 50% ($31) deposit for 2015 since 2014 will be free. Full entry fee is $62/yr with 100% payout.

Thank you

12 Team PPR IDP Contract League *FILLED*

30 January 2014 - 02:16 PM

I have one opening in this league below;


Entry fee is $100 and the open team is French Toast. There are some good players on this roster and contract years for the league are set low enough that the FA auction has plenty of talent each year.

Important notes;

1 franchise tag each year
1 RFA each year
money for free agent auction, blind bidding, and RFA bidding is allocated each year depending on previous year's finish
full customized graphics, complete with team pages. You have to see it--one of a kind site done by DAGraphix
full IDP, weighted tackle and big play scoring
100% payout
League is going into it's 4th year
Key FA's (likely RFA's that will require bidding)

Jimmy Graham
M Forte
P Harvin
R Bush
P Manning

PM me with a brief history of your FF experience. Some experience with IDP is a must.

I am looking for a serious owner who will be active.

Thank You

Looking For a Keeper League

27 January 2014 - 05:22 PM

Hi all,


I've been playing FF for 15 years and I am a very competitive and active GM.  I am currently in three 12 team full IDP dynos of different setups (salary cap contract, non cap contract, and straight up dyno) I'm also in a 16 team defense redraft league.


  I am looking to join a keeper league of at least 12 teams but would prefer 16 that only keeps a couple of players.  I want something that has the benefit of trading picks to win now but not too many keepers that you have to wait two years to compete again.  A league that incorporates either VP's or all-play records for playoff spots would be great as well.  I no longer play in leagues that use strictly W-L records to gauge teams.  It is the worst way to judge a team's quality IMO.


I would like a $100 buy in or something close to it as well.


No IDP!  I have my hands full with the three that I am in.  Offense only with no team defense or kicker would be perfect!


I know I'm being picky and the summer might be a better time to look for a non dyno league but I guess it gives me plenty of time to find the perfect fit.  :cool:

Dynasty Value Check Rice vs. Ridley

06 November 2013 - 03:52 PM

The fact that I am asking this shows how far Rice's value has dropped this year (or at least my opinion of it) but who would you prefer? 

Dynasty Startup

24 March 2013 - 07:57 AM

I'm looking for experienced GM's that are looking for a challenge.

Salary cap
Transition tags
Franchise tags
Taxi squad

Site -- http://www8.myfantas...13/home/77858#0

Bylaws are on proboards and a link is provided on the bottom of the site and on the bottom of site bylaws page. I am still putting the finishing touches on things so if you notice any inconsistencies please don't be afraid to point them out.

League fees are $56 with a one time fee of $8 that covers the template which was $99.

Please take some time to look over the rules and the feel free to PM me for more details. Also, read the league article for some more info. It's on the slider but you'll have to click on it to read it in it's entirety. If you're interested in the league then send me a quick bio of your dynasty experience along with some brief personal info.

Also, I can provide several references from guys who play in my other two leagues. You will not find a more dedicated Commish. Money went out on Christmas eve morning last year 8 hours after the final week 16 game.

Thank you