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In Topic: Why do the public seem to prefer Republicans when they're afraid?

Yesterday, 12:13 PM

OK, you guys win. I give up. 


In Topic: Shooting in Ottawa

Yesterday, 07:58 AM


Right back to work. Amazing.


Well done. 

In Topic: Shooting in Ottawa

Yesterday, 07:57 AM


I was hoping that it was just some crazy with a personal grudge but it isn't. The shooter had converted to Islam. He wanted to go join ISIS but had his passport revoked.

This was an act of terrorism. It appears to be in retaliation for Canada's parliament voting to join us in our air assault against ISIS. Leaders from ISIS have already praised this guy and called for more. Once again radical Islam manages to distinguish itself from all other religions.


Ditto...My biggest fear is terrorists starting to just randomly shoot up places.  It's much more live-able when it's just a random crazy guy. 


What I don't get is this influx of people wanting to join ISIS's ranks...I mean, I feel like every day there is a story of some US Citizen who was caught trying to join ISIS.



Maximum amount of fear with a single killer. The shooter dies, but "normal" loses more ground.  

In Topic: Person of Interest

Yesterday, 07:23 AM

Me likey Shaw. L O T S. 

In Topic: Lies About Hitler

Yesterday, 07:17 AM

Wondered to himself that there too many progressives on his FinalSolutionGuys message board.