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In Topic: Pick a horror movie for Halloween

Today, 09:28 AM

Manos, The Hands of Fate. 

In Topic: ***OFFICIAL 'The Walking Dead' TV Series Thread***

Today, 06:11 AM

Does anyone think that maybe Bob was infected?


Depending on how closely the writers follow the comics, this will be an issue for the Termites.

In Topic: Wilmington, NC Area--What can you tell me about the place?

Yesterday, 12:39 PM

Crime rate is higher than it should be. No sports other than HS and UNCW. Golf is so-so. Landscape is as flat as a pool table. Travel from ILM is expensive, might need to book from RDU or Myrtle Beach. Small downtown, not corporate at all.    

In Topic: ***OFFICIAL 'The Walking Dead' TV Series Thread***

Yesterday, 11:40 AM


I was joking about being in a "dead pool" but during water color talk this morning 3 of us thought it'd be cool to give it a go, so I figure who better to help come up with rules for this than FF guys. We came up with rough guidelines that look like this:


Hold a draft and divy up the "main group", probably 3 or 4 characters each (no bad guys).

$1 per episode skins game, if one of our picks dies, we get the current pot and the pot starts over. 


Our skins game ends at the season break (8 episodes), what do we do if nobody has died up to that point? (We want the pool to conclude at season break rather than carry over to when the season picks back up).


We'd also like another pot seperate from the dead pool skins game that offers a weekly "result". Thought of tallying zombie kills for each of our three squads, but that seems like way more effort than it's worth. Human kills would be easier to tally, but those don't happen often enough for this. Maybe we could tally just kills highlighted on Talking Dead's "kills of the week" segment?


Any ideas?






In Topic: Hot Tubbing w/Another Couple

Yesterday, 11:13 AM



Quality non-update here. 


Not Friday yet, hang on. 


Yeah, but he started LAST Friday. We have no patience for multiweek stories.



You're working on a new deal now .