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In Topic: Ravishing Rick Rude Award

Yesterday, 12:49 PM

I always thought the Rude Awakening was one of the most devastating finishing moves in wrestling


It's still real to me dammit!

In Topic: Hooked on a Feeling - What's the definitive version?

Yesterday, 12:47 PM

Hoff: https://www.youtube....h?v=5NGbv8IxCYY

In Topic: Lies About Hitler

Yesterday, 09:10 AM

Was a founding member of the Cali Swag District, but was kicked out of the group soon after. 

In Topic: Lies About Hitler

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

Completed the cinnamon challenge. 

In Topic: Well, that was odd...

Yesterday, 02:45 AM

Ten.  Ten.  Ten.  Ten.  Ten.  Fifty bucks. 


Not even the late, great Billy Mays could pull that schtick. With all the pointing, thumbs up, smiling, the coal black beard that shames Chuck Norris and "but wait, there's more", he never saw that one coming.