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Yesterday, 10:37 AM

Lou Holtz FTW. 

In Topic: Bruce Jenner changing to?

18 December 2014 - 10:02 AM

Agnes or Gladys. 

In Topic: QB Johnny Manziel: NFL Prospects & Controversy Thread

16 December 2014 - 11:30 AM





Agreed. I am very curious what conversation took place that led to this decision. Ownership/GM pressure? That is the only thing I can think of. I was sure he would not sniff the field the way the team was playing...despite the bump in the road they recently hit. Hoyer had that team behind him.


Manziel does not.


They were losing with Hoyer. He was terrible... awful... and getting worse. It was mentioned on one of the sportstalk shows (morning show out of DC) that his QB rating had dropped below that of Geno Smith. Once they lost to Indy they were cooked. Play-off teams typically starting winning to close the season.


I said it before, does it really matter if they lose 30-0 with Manziel, or 30-10 (assuming a defensive score) with Hoyer?



It definitely does matter.  Especially if Manziel looked this awful in practice.  The players and coaches know if a guy is ready or not.  This move clearly came from the owner's box.  Pettine had stuck with Hoyer this entire time because he knew Manziel wasn't ready. 


The Browns have shown they don't mind cutting their losses on a player if they think he can't get it done.  I even suggested they trade him to the Bucs for a 2nd round pick just a couple pages ago.  There's no way I'd do that now after watching him in this game.  They basically tanked any trade value he might have had by starting him.



Sad commentary on life as a Brown's fan.


Did you really suggest that they trade him? Did you contact the Browns about this? Dude, you blew it... you killed the Browns. :doh:



I'm a Bucs' fan.  I made the post, which was kind of tongue in cheek, after Manziel's most recent indiscretion of being "late."  If Manziel looked like he did on Sunday in practice the Browns knew what they invested in.  I can't imagine he was lighting it up in practice or he would have been the starter several weeks ago.  My point was they could have flipped him to an unsuspecting team who didn't have any NFL tape on him yet and sold it as a "we can't deal with him anymore" while knowing the guy can't get it done.


They're basically stuck with him now.  Hyped fan favorite who can't play. 



CLE knew that from the jump, this is not a surprise. He's not a pocket QB and the recent run option gimmick was figured out and would get him planted. They can slide the pocket, but it's lipstick on a pig and he's still no better. That INT where he heaved it towards the end zone was a dumpster fire. 

In Topic: QB Johnny Manziel: NFL Prospects & Controversy Thread

16 December 2014 - 05:47 AM


Merril Hoge: Whoever drafted Johnny Manziel should be fired

Manziel is bad, but Whatever Hoge says isn't "news". He just caters to Steelers fans who hate the Browns.



Just me, but I'm thinking that the Browns are down on the list of teams that a Steeler fan would hate. 

In Topic: Taliban kill 126 in a Pakistan school. Mostly children

16 December 2014 - 05:11 AM

They gunned them down, children, like slaughter.


How does this not get put down as pure evil? Can anyone really speak of it as anything else?