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In Topic: 2014 RSP Now Available for Download

04 April 2014 - 08:51 AM

Nope, but you can go here and read takes on players that are free. Maybe some of those QBs are the ones you're seeking.

In Topic: 2014 RSP Now Available for Download

03 April 2014 - 10:43 AM

Hey Plastik,


I generally watch 5-7 games per player, but only chart 2-4. I do the thorough charting first. Then I go back and watch the other games to spot-check anything I haven't seen from charting. I'll try to note this in the game details for those interested.


I'll say this--a vast majority of the time, 1-2 games is more than enough because of the way I watch the games and grade players.


To give you a little more info that might supply more context to the above, I'm careful about how I grow the RSP. I've had offers go about this all in ways different from what I'm doing. The promise of course is to make more money/bigger audience/etc.


I'm not against getting a bigger audience, but I'm not overstepping my resources to achieve it for a quick buck. I'm making incremental improvements to the process over time. The editing improved this year (although it will always be a challenge due to writing nearly 300 pages in 30 days - at my day job, we have 6-7 months to write and edit a 68-page magazine) and I anticipate this process will get easier too.


While I've added more players to the publication compared to the early years, I have found that 1-2 games with a detailed process does the trick and that spot-checking for consistency to those grades with other games is helpful.


When I decide to make a major change to the RSP, I want to do it the way I think it should look. I purposely made the look and feel have an "underground/manifesto" appearance because I knew I wouldn't have the money to devote to a slicker look. Also, I've seen some online publications that look like the equivalent of glamor shots rather than high-end professional photography. I'd rather have the RSP be content heavy and plain Jane than f-ugly with sequins and a feather boa tied around it.


And Bengalbuck, I look and (and sometimes) feel like how you characterized me by March of every season. ;)

In Topic: Matt Waldman: 75% chance Bridgwater falls due to racism

29 March 2014 - 08:32 AM

This is the first time I've come to this thread. It will be the last time. I haven't looked at much of the thread. I've been told that a thread exists, but I knew ahead of time that my statement about Bridgewater and forms of racism that exist in society will elicit criticism and praise -- and it has.


You have your right to your criticism of my take just as I have the right to believe that anyone who doesn't see the potential for racism in this situation is wrong.  If you dislike like my views that racism exists and that Bridgewater's pre-draft process exhibits some unintentional racial elements as I stated on the podcast it's your right to feel that way. 


However, it's useless to debate this subject here with you. You will continue to discuss why you believe my points are wrong and I will continue believe in what I stated based on my own personal experiences, conversations with people in the NFL, and experiences of those around me whom I've discussed this topic with in detail. 

In Topic: 2014 RSP Now Available for Download

17 March 2014 - 02:19 PM

Matt your work has great reviews and seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. I signed up .....now when I'm logged in is there anything on the site that will give me insight into the draft class before April first? I'm anxious


You bet - follow my blog and this is the kind of coverage you get throughout the year. 

In Topic: 2014 RSP Now Available for Download

05 March 2014 - 09:51 PM

Hey Fantasy Chef....


Yes it does. I provide a pre-draft that comes out April 1 and with that purchase, you get my post-draft rankings. The post draft also includes mock draft info, rankings based on NFL Draft selection, and rankings across all positions in a cheat sheet form with tiers. The post draft is free with purchase of the pre-draft. The post-draft is published a week after the NFL Draft. 


Here's how I explain the difference between pre-draft and post draft rankings and why I do two sets: 


The Difference Between Pre-Draft And Post-Draft Rankings


In most cases, I prefer the pre-draft rankings. They may lack the context of the NFL Draft, but they are the most pure assessment of talent I provide. 


A player I rank in my top-12 at a position can go undrafted, earn limited reps at the rear of the depth chart, get cut, and bounce around the league for two years before he lands on a team that recognizes his talent and gives him a real shot. The player I just described is Lions running back Joique Bell.


The Pre-Draft RSP rankings do not account for character or projected round. The NFL Draft is as much an exercise of risk management and investing as it is talent assessment.

The pre-draft rankings are free of those biases. It makes this publication a worthwhile reference in future seasons for players who find new homes, better scheme fits, and gain maturity that teams worried might never come.


As much as I favor the pre-draft process, post-draft rankings provide the clearest picture of the way teams see these players and the immediate opportunities they will earn. The post-draft rankings will account for the largest percentage of prospects and how their careers will play out.


However, the pre-draft rankings provides a safety net when the NFL over or underestimate talent and fit. Not only does this happen more than one may realize, but it also gives the reader to capitalize on these exceptional cases.


Conventionality may prevent colossal failure, but exceptionality is the key to massive success. The rankings and information in each publication is designed to account for both dynamics as they unfold in football.