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You can have my Kashmir when you take it from my cold dead hand.

In Topic: TV Shows that SHOULD come back....

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I thought Bradley Whitfield and MAtthew Perry were pretty funny together on Studio 60 but they turned into a political show and killed it and the rest of the case wasn't great.  

In Topic: TV Shows that SHOULD come back....

Today, 10:45 AM

Quantum Leap

Abso-freakin-lutely.  I'm watching NCIS New Orleans just in case they happen to figure out a way for him to leap forward.

In Topic: Illegal Immigrant sues firefighters who saved his life

Today, 10:11 AM

Lawyerguys, help me out here. The article says court papers were filed. Does there have to be any real chance that this lawsuit is successful in order for that step to take place, or is that pretty much a step anyone can accomplish regardless of merit?

We aren't supposed to file complaints that we know are frivolous so the attorney in filing the complaint is standing by the claim that it is viable.