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In Topic: Houston at Pittsburgh

Today, 05:52 PM

One beard beats the other. .. greatest call in the history of everything.

In Topic: The Lawyer Thread Where We Stop Ruining Other Threads

Today, 01:15 PM

Yeah. Hate my job today. Uncle Jack Daniels and i will be talking tonight.

In Topic: School bans girls from wearing yoga pants: Too distracting?

Today, 07:03 AM

Everything that is awful and bad about our world...... this thread is the opposite of that.  The OP and those who have participated deserve infinity likes, 2 digit member status.

In Topic: Recently viewed movie thread - Rental Edition

Yesterday, 05:42 AM

The Wolverine.

So yeah that happened.

In Topic: ***Official 2014/15 NHL Regular Season Thread***

17 October 2014 - 05:10 PM

Is varamolov on Colorado out for the year? And I know I butchered his name.