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Today, 02:46 PM

do you guys just clean out a building, sell everything, rinse, repeat? don't think I have ever had more than 8k in caps. or do you bump up your barter levels?

don't think I come a cross a vendor with more than about 500 caps on them.

Kinda. I grabbed the lucky perk early to find more caps. I searched every desk cabinet and body I could. Selling scrap metal mashes a ton too. Huge coin on sellingthe map locations as well.

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Today, 01:49 PM

Never used the fatman. And I just bought new Vegas with everything included. 20 bucks. Might break it open tonight.

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Today, 12:30 PM

Oh good lord....

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Today, 11:49 AM

My favorite weapon has become the Alien Disintegrator.  And I have like 100 of them from the Zeta missions.


I finished the brotherhood of steel missions last night.  I must admit that the final mission is one hell of an awesome ride.  I can imagine it being damn near impossible on the hardest levels though.  But everything about it was fun.   And I agree with NC - that DLC was perfect and a perfect fit to the overall story.  The other ones were hit or miss and Zeta just turned awful - for me at least.  Like I said, I still use the weapons I got from it so all in all....


And after I finished the BoS final DLC stuff I found myself wandering....... with nothing really to do.  I am pretty sure I have done every quest there is to do.  There are still some sites that I haven't visited yet but most seem to be satillite towers and the like.  I am still going to explore every spot but I did have some time to think that maybe it would not be as fun as just starting over and maybe doing things in some spots differently.  Playing evil doesn't do it for me simply because it doesn't look like that really does anything - so you're evil?  You don't get to be like the lead slaver or anything, right?  You are just someone that everyone knows sucks.  So still not going to blow up Megaton.  But I could certainly do some other things differently and get a different feel to the story and game.


I'm up to 30 grand in caps.  Yeah, at some point they really do become usless, huh?  When I know I am going to buy something or get near someone who sells something good I just load up on the junk I've found all over the place (100 deathclaw hands anyone; 100 cartons of cigarettes, etc...) and just end up getting paid to also take what I want.  My nuka cola machine has like 100 bottles as well at home.  All in all, I'm probably living about as close to a kingly lifestyle in the wasteland as you can. 

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Yesterday, 01:13 PM

Not surprising.