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In Topic: Why No Love Part II: Greg Jennings...?

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

Old. slow, and never that great to begin with--Rodgers made Jennings IMO.

In Topic: Baylor WR Josh Gordon

Yesterday, 06:41 PM





I still won.

Yes, you did win. At being the biggest punchline of the SP offseason. Way to go!
:lol: :bowtie:
oh, ye of short sight...




look around you.


entertainment. laughter. conversation. comradery.  


it is what it is.


Lipstick. Meet a pig. :)

In Topic: John Brown or Allen Hurns

Yesterday, 06:35 PM

Because Breaston went for a 1,000 yards a few years back and Roberts was good for about 50 catches and 600 yards a year which isn't bad for a #3. I agree though that the value lies in the unproven but promising Hurns. The Jaguar wide receivers are a mixed bag right now and he has the clearest shot at getting signifcant playing time.  If Bortles starts, he could be even more of a factor.

I prefer Hurns.  You are probably drafting one of these guys not as a starter but as a deep back up, flyer.  Upside is more important and I think Hurns has more upside.  I really don't care about draft position anymore.  I care about opportunity, performance, and role.  Hurns knows all three positions because he is playing with one of his college OCs.  Right now he is third WR because Robinson hasn't played all preseason, Ace Sanders hasn't either and is suspended for the first four games, Cecil Short has been injured, and Lee has played but not played as well.

In Topic: Shonn Greene, any value?

Yesterday, 06:31 PM

If you want to gauge his value, I just completed a trade of Greene for Allen Hurns (preseason phenom) in dynasty ppr.  He isn't worth a ton, but he is still the starter and he will get goal line looks.  Sankey hasn't looked like a world beater and Greene is on the field so that makes him worth something.  How much will vary by league type and scoring.

In Topic: Baylor WR Josh Gordon

Yesterday, 01:18 PM


Looks like Gordon is strongly considering suing the NFL


Do it, JMoney!!!!!


Do it for your fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


No offense, but do his fans really want him to sue?  I think what he could "do" for his fans is to obey the rules, be a good role model, and stay on the field for his team.