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In Topic: Santonio Holmes/Miles Austin - where do they land?

Today, 08:41 AM

As an Austin owner in a 19 player, PPR, dynasty, start 3 WR league I am chalking up Austin as one of my guaranteed cuts come draft time.  This is doubtful to change, but I would change my mind if Austin signed with a good situation and showed flashes in preseason, I just don't see that happening.

I am in same situation with Austin in a 22 player dynasty league.  His hammy issues seem to be on-going and bothersome enough that it keeps him off the field and/or ineffective. I don't understand it--hammys SHOULD be manageable. But for this guy, they don't seem to be.  I doubt that changes and that is probably why no team was interested.


For Holmes, I owned him but jettisoned him last off season--thankfully.  I don't think he has ever recovered fully from the Lis Franc. He is a guy who relied on his speed and I don't think it is there anymore.


That being said, in deep leagues, they are both still worth a late flyer, and could be WR3s IF they land on the right team.  But I really doubt it.

In Topic: Pat Tillman HOF?

Today, 08:30 AM


In Topic: Montee Ball

Yesterday, 05:28 PM


.  There are posters here who gain an attitude toward certain players and can't seem to get past those preconceived negative biases toward Ball. 

No preconception about something that has happened.  It's not like Ball never fumbled and people are suggesting he will fumble in the future.  He has fumbled already.  You might have had another accident though.  Maybe you have many accidents?


Please show me a RB who has never fumbled? Because by your standard, anyone who has ever fumbled has a fumbling problem.


Quite the opposite, the guy touched the ball 800 times in college and never fumbled. Red Herring anyone?


I really have zero respect for anyone who even suggests that there is a fumbling issue here.


Now, if you want to say that he had an issue with pass blocking early in the season, that's legitimate. It's documented and is probably the main reason he lost the job to Moreno.  But we have every reason to believe that he fixed the problem by mid-season, which is why the coaching staff went to him more as the second back behind Moreno and it is hard to believe they would let Moreno walk if they thought this were still a problem.


If you want to say that he isn't a dynamic runner like ADP or Charles or McCoy, that's fine. No argument. He isn't elite, HOF type runner. But neither are many RBs who have been successful in fantasy and the NFL for a number of years.  By that standard, there are only two or three RBs worth owning and everyone else is at risk of losing their job to an undrafted FA with no experience.


As far as receiving goes, Ball has had some success but he isn't Ray Rice or McCoy, not by a long shot. 


But he does everything well enough and some things are outstanding, including short yardage and goal line running.


And, he has very little competition.  It is laughable to me that people think an undrafted FA who had one good preseason game is somehow competition for a second round pick, who played well in extensive action as a rookie and whom the coaching staff has praised and the GM preferred to a proven veteran that the team allowed to walk.

In Topic: Do NFL Cheerleaders deserve minimum wage?

20 April 2014 - 02:40 PM




Pay em.

I agree. They are definitely a big part of the NFL day experience.  They deserve a decent salary. 


They are?



No their not, when people cough up 100s of dollars the cheerleaders are the last thing their thinking of.


They're are plenty of bad teams where the cheerleaders are far more interesting than what goes on the field.


The people who say that "they provide no service" are ignoring the real fact that teams trot them out there for a reason.  If they didn't provide positive images (sex sells...) the teams wouldn't have them at all.  

In Topic: Montee Ball trade?

20 April 2014 - 11:23 AM




Wheaton is 182 pounds and a third round pick who caught six passes last year.  Am I really hearing that someone thinks he is worth a starting RB on one of the most potent offenses?  Wheaton is a toss in player.  



Personally, I think Ball is worth the 1.5.  You won't get a RB at that spot who is proven or a sure thing in the NFL and who knows if he will be in a position even to start?  


The original deal was fair.  

Montee Ball is proven?  He is in a good situation and he flashed some potential, but I wouldn't call him NFL proven. Granted he is a bit more proven than Wheaton because he is learning to pass block, but with slightly more than 100 NFL carries and 110 ff points in my ff league last year, I wouldn't call Ball NFL proven yet.


Disclaimer, I am a Wisconsin Badger fan, and I watched Ball play many times, and I wish I could say that Ball is NFL proven.  He started, but he wasn't the primary RB at Wisconsin, they used two other RBs along with Ball. James White didn't play that badly at RB the last few years at Wisconsin along with Melvin Gordon. Ball is a 215 pound power RB who lacks elite speed, he is a young unproven RB in a great ff situation. Wisconsin RBs (except for Gordon) are generally considered more a product of the system, and I am not saying Ball can't be a good back, I just don't consider him NFL proven yet.


The NFL draft hasn't occurred yet, and who knows if Denver picks up another RB, in the era of RBBC.


I realize that you are saying you won't get a proven starter NFL RB with the 1.05, but some of this year's draft rookies RBs offer the same or more without having the great ff opportunity.  Ball just isn't that athletically gifted, he is kind of an average back. It wouldn't surprise me if he had a very short useful life in the NFL.


There are many ff people that like Wheaton's potential.


He is more proven than any rookie who will be drafted. He passed the eye ball test last year and did well enough for Denver to let a relatively young and effective veteran RB walk for peanuts.  They have declared him the starter.  He could get hurt, but other than that, he is the starting RB in Denver with very little competition.


That's my point he is declared a starter, is actually different than being a quality starting RB in the NFL.


Time will tell, after the draft and preseason, we shall see if Ball is consistently the starter for a few seasons.  I'm not sure he will be, but time will tell.


That strategy is a good one for WRs, but will never work for RBs.  If you wait until he "is consistently the starter for a few season," by the time you get him he will be on the downside of his career because RBs have such short careers.  Plus, you will have to pay much more for a declining player.  Take MJD.  What if you went after him last season based on this philosophy?  You would now have a player who isn't worth that much in dynasty and will be in a timeshare most likely on a bad team.