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When will they announce who is playing on what day next weekend?

29 December 2013 - 05:30 PM

Will it be immediately after tonights game?


Or is it already out there somewhere?

Some somewhat significant stat changes for last week....thanks PIT

12 December 2013 - 11:42 AM

Dolphins at Steelers:
If a pass is completed then all yardage on the play is considered passing yards for the quarterback and receiving yards for the players advancing the ball. It does not matter if a player did not catch the pass on the play, if they received a lateral and advanced the ball its receiving yards without a catch. So here it is:
· 4th Qtr, 0:27 remaining, 7 yards receiving for Emmanuel Sanders, not 12 yards.
· 4th Qtr, 0:03 remaining. 20 yards receiving for Emmanuel Sanders, not 7 yards.
· 4th Qtr, 0:03 remaining. -5 yards receiving for Jerricho Cotchery, not zero.
· 4th Qtr, 0:03 remaining. -9 yards receiving for Le'Von Bell, not zero.
· 4th Qtr, 0:03 remaining. 5 yards receiving for Ben Roethlisberger, not zero.
· 4th Qtr, 0:03 remaining. 56 yards receiving Antonio Brown, not 55 yards.
2nd Qtr, 13:18 remaining. Play changed from a sack by Jason Worilds to an aborted play and thus a rush by Ryan Tannehill

Falcons at Packers:
1st Qtr, 6:05 remaining. Full sack for Jonathan Massaquoi, previously split with Paul Worrilow

Panthers at Saints:
2nd Qtr, 0:28 remaining. Sack split by Charles Johnson and Mario Addison, previously only Mario Addison

Chiefs at Saints:
1st Qtr, 2:39 remaining. Return by Derrick Johnson was for 41 yards, not 40
1st Qtr, 2:31 remaining. Rush by Jamaal Charles was for 4 yards, not 5
1st Qtr, 1:52 remaining. Pass to Dexter McCluster was for -2 yards, not -1
1st Qtr, 1:11 remaining. Pass to Dwayne Bowe was for 22 yards, not 21

Lions at Eagles:
1st Qtr, 10:51 remaining. Fumble by Matt Stafford lost 7 yards, not 4
1st Qtr, 10:04 remaining. Pass by Matt Stafford to Calvin Johnson was for 10 yards, not 7
2nd Qtr, 14:21 remaining. Fumble forced by Brandon Graham, not Connor Barwin

Can you plow the field at halftime in the NFL....?

08 December 2013 - 11:13 AM

can you....should you...be able to plow the field at halftime....or should you play "as is"....


could make a huge difference

NFL Really Needs to do Something......Pick Plays

25 November 2013 - 09:44 AM

It seems like pick plays have become an epidemic in the NFL.....almost every time a team needs a short conversion they run some type of pick play.....most of the time it is really pushing the envelope/gray area of OPI and teams will say the WR is just "pushing up field" when it seems very clear the sole intent is run into a defender of another WR in order to free up a WR....you can almost see them coming every time......


living in CO I have seen every play of every Bronco game....my daughter and I are at the point right now where we can call these out each and every time....it's automatic.....I know other teams run them....NE last night is a great example.....Collinsworth even made mention of it....it was at least nice to see a few called last night as OPI


it's getting so bad, that players are making a mockery of it....Antonio Gates yesterday looked right at a DB defending another player as he was coming across the middle and simply just faked/flinched like he was going to run it to him....causing the defender to alter his route and the WR got open for a big gain.....DB's/LB's etc are having to run around with their head on a swivel cause they know somebody will be coming by to "rub them off" while pretending to actually be running a "pattern"....


it really seems like they are more prevalent these days even though they may have been around for a long time......I just think the NFL on the whole needs to be more consistent in calling them OPI when the intent is clear....



Bowe arrested for speeding and weed......

12 November 2013 - 07:53 AM

no details yet....