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Dog Tore ACL

28 December 2013 - 01:43 PM

Year and a half old lab. Seems there's a few treatment options here, best seems to be putting in a pin according to the initial stuff the vet told us. I haven't even started researching this, anybody been through this before? Blah, I had suspicions we might be looking at a ligament but was holding out hope for a sprain.

Bad parenting?

16 September 2013 - 07:36 AM

So my wife doesn't seem to agree with my methods and I'm just wondering how bad this ranks on the parent scale.


We take the kids to a preseason contest each year.   They're fine enough during tailgating, but once they get to the game they're usually pretty bored and want to leave after a quarter or two.   Preseason is great for this.   Last year my older daughter (8 at the time) said she had a great time and would be up for a regular season game.    I go with the Panthers game - it was October 28th so I figure it wouldn't be too cold yet.   We end up getting a pretty cold and SUPER windy day so my daughter is freezing the whole day, crying, blah blah.   I end up having to leave after the 3rd quarter, missing the awesome comeback.


This year both preseason games were Thursday nights and we didn't feel like doing that so I try to schedule a regular season game for them.   In return for them being good the whole game, I offer to pay them the value of their ticket ($80) - but they do have to put half of it in their bank accounts.    So the older daughter is running around telling everyone she's getting $80 to go to a Bears game and my wife is all embarrassed.    They've been talking about this for weeks now.


It rained yesterday and they were bored by halftime.   But they managed to endure the entire game without any trouble.   Personally I call this a win - I've taught them the value of enduring some short term boredom for long term gain, there's a little lesson about savings in the whole thing.   A little unconventional?   Sure.   But all in all a win.


My wife is entirely wrong, right?

My nose hurts.

01 March 2013 - 05:37 PM

Had to have some dental work done on my front tooth. Sucks to eat right now, i might just pull an Otis and drink a bunch of beer tonight so i can get all of my nutrients. If you can avoid getting jabbed up your nose with novacane I would highly recommend it.

How long would you eat nothing but dog food?

28 February 2013 - 07:30 PM

You can choose any brand you like and you're allowed to eat any of their delicious flavors. Even if they issue a recall, you still have to eat nothing but that brand.I personally have a sweet spot for Beggin Strips. It's actually pretty hard to distinguish between this and real bacon - and they also have hickory smoked, cheese flavor, quite a bit of variety here. I'm guessing I could go 3 years.

Makers of Trouble

24 February 2013 - 03:17 PM

Bravo! My kids tend to go between being best friends and fighting like all kids do, but nothing brings out a pile of tears and the worst sportsmanship imaginable like this game. Even Sorry doesn't come close. After crying the entire game because of her poor luck (lack of 6's, and getting sent home without fail whenever a rare one would come) my older daughter managed to smash everyone just as they're on the doorstep of winning and came back. I think WW3 is going to break out in this house - everyone's crying. Even the winner because she got her favorite toy taken away for being an over the top poor sport. Awesome game, I highly recommend to everyone.