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  2. Into the Wild. Phenominal. Fantastic. 17 out of 10 stars. I can't recommend this one enough. If you haven't seen this, you're a bigger dipstick than me. Not since Big Fish have I been engrossed in a story like this. The story, the performances, the scenery (Oh man! The scenery!), everything was just so so good. Quite possibly the most spellbounding 2+ hours of my movie watching life.
  3. Good I can pick your brain. I own Delon Wright but have him on my IR now and couldn't decide between Lee and Dennis Smith so ended up picking up both. It's worked pretty good so far, but it looked like Lee was going to be the one putting up numbers with Wright out.... now it looks like it's flopped. I don't watch many Piston's games, what's your feelings moving forward on Smith vs Lee in terms of numbers while Delon is still on IR. And what are your thoughts on all 3 of them (Minutes and Stats), once he returns?
  4. I'm frankly surprised you still have enough money to afford the internet to make these posts.
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  6. If I understand it right, Texas immediately went to ‘anyone with health conditions’ after health care workers rather than progressing through the age groups. So while a higher risk 40 year old might be eligible now, there might be a lot of people older than 65 who haven’t gotten their shot yet. But again I could be wrong based on the limited research I did to help my mother in law find her shot.
  7. Unexpected Eel was a game I learned about at church camp. I still go to therapy about it today.
  8. Trades are open year round. Add/drops are open as of last night.
  9. And since when hasn't the foreign media been liberal? They hated Reagan, Bush Sr, W, and of course Trump.
  10. I'm in, but I'm only taking Timberwolves. I see no flaws in this plan.
  11. I head one lady brought a purse in. Don't forget the purse!
  12. It’s time to add Disgraced and Former to his current title.
  13. I’ll let any of you use Unexpected Eel as your band name if you wish.
  14. Unleashed my @belljr yesterday, never before have I hit into a group. Tee time was 2 pm, the course is every 8 minutes so 151 rolls up and the starter (older lady) says we can go but just then 152 rolls up but only 2 of them. They say the other 2 are right behind so she say ok, now the group in front had already played their second into the green (par 4) so the box is ready to go but she she decides to let them go. Welp the 4some is filled with 2 couples, the guys take a minute to get ready and tee off and then the ladies take forever. All 4 of them hit lunch balls because they’ve shanked them
  15. Definitely a big thing for me, too, is fear of stepping on something unexpected.
  16. I think dropping from the 2.04 to the 2.06 really puts this in the other guys favor.........😀 In all seriousness, probably a good price to pay for CEH
  17. This actually makes a lot of sense. But it only matters on the Republican side. Any Democrat governor will get hammered for crippling their state's economy. Add in Cuomo's sexual harassment problem and the nursing home deaths and he has no chance whatsoever. Would love to see the Dems nominate him though!
  18. This actually makes a lot of sense. But it only matters on the Republican side.
  19. AirBnB in Bend, OR in May. Calgary/Bannf tentative for summer. Maui in October. Feels good planning vacations again. I can’t believe everything we’ve wanted to book has been available so far.
  20. New gambling rule. Do not place a live bet on a live total unless you know what the opening line was. Not the closing line. You want the opening line, that's where the rig starts. http://www.scoresandodds.com is my resource for this. Really convenient to take advantage of live. You're looking for value relative to the opening line. Since many of these games come down to the last few baskets, the more points you can get in the "correct" direction the better. Got real hot on some CBB overs to end the night using this method. Had a plethora of games to pick from.
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