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  2. All sounds good to me. I attest to having the $350 in my account.
  3. The Bad Sleep Well is good but if someone told me they thought High and Low was the best movie ever made, I wouldn't blink.
  4. Despite representing the majority. Doesn't sound very American.
  5. One that popped into mind was - songs with mistaken/misheard lyrics? Either common ones or if you have a story about somebody constantly singing the wrong lyrics or something.
  6. Awesome - I was going to do a bonus pick from this album. A different song, but not one of the 1.5 hits.
  7. I had considered suggesting the second one. Wait, did I suggest the second one? Is the first one just a way to get more Hall and Oates up in here? (Kidding, I like the idea.)
  8. River, didn’t know you were a lawyer. Now that I know this, I’ll ask you a couple of questions. - assuming you’re a defense lawyer, would you take KW’s case? If so, what defense would you use?
  9. Makes sense. I feel like Dominique could have done a lot more on defense. He's physically pretty much the ideal NBA wing. Long, strong and explosive. He made perfect sense for my team, needed points since Bill Russell and Zeke weren't high PPG guys. I didn't have that classic pure scorer like a Jordan or Kobe.
  10. After Ikiru I bumped High and Low and The Bad Sleep Well way up the queue.
  11. Two at-large bids for Dayton available. Any opinions yay or nay for: Blue Eyed Soul Rock/Pop songs with string sections/orchestral parts
  12. Hypothetical: the share price lingers around $4 on Monday morning. I, for one, would be selling 80% of my shares. Would many on this board sell? I assume so. I’d probably sell at $3. Makes me think this thing is going sub $3 right out of the gate.
  13. Was weighing Nique and Paul George at 4.05. Went Paul George to get better defense and 'dirty work' at the expense of highlight-reel offense. Not that George doesn't contribute to the offense very effectively in his own ways.
  14. Ah, #### it - I will bonus up the Freestylin' tonight. I don't think I will step on toes with this one, but sorry if I did. It's been on the list for awhile. Dedicated to @Ilov80s, @Yo Mama, @Raging weasel or anybody else that might be partaking tonight... BONUS FREE STYLIN' TONE-LOC : CHEEBA CHEEBA Link
  15. Stand your ground did not play a role in the Zimmerman case. It was a pure case of self-defense. It does not make a difference here either. Both cases rely on the same standard and that is if a resonable person would believe they were in danger of severe harm or death.
  16. 4.14 Dave Cowens C 70s Gotsta have a major Celtic. Proud its this one. My Uncle Jimmy took me to Celtics games every Sunday afternoon they were home from 1962-70. Spring of '69, we were at a game and Bill Russell went down ugly. Sprained ankle but looked worse. I've never felt so much dread in one room. Going into the playoffs without #6 (our coach as well, mind you) was that inconceivable. He made it to the playoffs and won us another title, then promptly walked away. The dread was real now - that was it. We suffered thru an awful year (i've told my Hank Finkel story already) o
  17. 230.8 or 12 - King Crimson - Thela Hun Ginjeet (I ❤️ Prog) I like this Crimson lineup the best
  18. Lol....you have to be kidding. There were dozens of youtube videos day one chronicalizing minute by minute account of the shootings and making the case for self-defense. Lin Wood did not architect anything. I never even heard the guy speak nor have any idea who he really is. Seems like a liberal obsession.
  19. Awesome! Forgot about this song. I listened to what I assume you are referring to as his 1 1/2 hits tonight and crossed him off the list. This song is great.
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