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  2. I would love to provide a deep analysis here but I'm pretty sure I'm going to land on "coin toss" Gut leans Mooney by a hair and I already think that's a mistake.
  3. Note to self: anthem draft. Rock anthem Queer anthem Sports anthem Rap anthem BritBox anthem Folk Anthem Protest anthem etc etc etc... You'll understand sober NV
  4. Prepare to revolt. Highest any if us ranked it was #54 For the 5 songs mentioned, no to all of them. We will see one of them in less than 15 picks. The others not for awhile. One of them ranks in the 60s
  5. The problem is any decent analysis of 'which type of teams win the Super Bowl', and 'how do super bowl team pay their QB' - the evidence overwhelming points to 'Have Tom Brady'. If you want any decent analysis you have to expand really to playoff teams, or perhaps at least team that made the conference championship. Although the real takeaway here, imo - don't pay top 5 money to just 'ok' QB's. If you can get a top 15 QB on a top 15 salary? Great. But the contracts Goff and Wentz got when they were just average was the mistake. Every other position has a better salary scale..you get get average starters for average money. At QB - you gotta be wiling to walk away.
  6. I agree! I currently have Amon in. I think his usage is a trend.
  7. Off to a good start. Flew on Southwest direct from Providence to Orlando. Flight was on time/ no issues. Checked into the Caribbean Beach Club for a week. My wife and mother in law did all the planning for everything. Fingers crossed the kids get some sleep! (Ages almost 3.5 and 5.5)
  8. I am very down on Arizona this week. QB has a sore shoulder, Rodney Hudson to IR, coach in Covid protocol, cross country roadie vs a tough opponent. TY is a great talent with a history of roasting the Texans but he appeared to be fading last season, which may be an aberration but is coming off IR with a new QB. Can't have much faith in him. I kinda like Amon here, particularly in PPR. No competition for touches, Hock has to split time blocking and receiving. I say roll the dice with Amon.
  9. We are on a fantasy football message board which main activity is to speculate on performances, so the idea we must sit and wait seems like an odd principle to assert. Anyways, this event has already happened and was captured on film. Nothing that goes on in court is going to change what happened. The evidence presented in the charging documents describe self-defense. The video shows self-defense. Experts say it is self-defense. The prosecution has entered no evidence yet that changes anything. Even the silver bullet which allegedly shows Rittenhouse did something to start it, is legally meaningless under the law once Rittenhouse retreats. There is nothing possible the prosecution has which overcomes the evidence we already have. From what I have seen from these pretrial hearings, the prosecution is incompetent and have yet to make a solid argument. I just want to hear a single possibility what we witnessed on film and testimony we have heard from the key witnesses can somehow turn form a clear-cut case of self-defense to murder. I have heard nothing but irrelevant facts, lies, and hatred to attempt to justify the case against him.
  10. Anyone know if it’s the same calf as last year?
  11. Thanks. Sounds like pretty much everyone's bank account would have your aggregate inflows reported based on what she said. Not many people have bank accounts that either don't have a $600 balance or $600 in inflows. However, the data would be in aggregate and not at the transaction level. Sounds like they'd just use the data in a database to select likely targets for audit. I don't really think this would target the people we see as wealthy but might hit more the middle class to upper middle class people who run cash type businesses who are careless about reporting income, deposit amounts, etc. There really won't be many folks running hundreds of thousands through accounts and not reporting any of it. It's more likely to find the guy making $70K a year but reporting $20K. I say that not to defend the activity or say it shouldn't be audited, but that's who it's going to find IMO.
  12. I wouldn't go that far but he's definitely not going to be very reliable this whole season.
  13. Geno is stepping into some massive shoes. Perhaps a hot take, but I think Russell Wilson is the best player in the NFL, and has been for 4-5 years. He's been dragging 4-5 win caliber teams kicking and screaming to the playoffs since Marshawn and the legion of boom fell off. I think if he were in a system where he were truly allowed to let loose, he'd be at Drew Brees level statistically. In many ways Carroll has limited Wilson as much or more than Reeves did Elway. I do think Geno can keep Metcalf as a top fantasy WR, he may even help him, as he may be more likely to lock on to him than Wilson. I think lockett likely will be tougher, as much of his appeal is his rapport with Wilson. I highly doubt Geno will be a disaster, not that he won't be a massive downgrade. I doubt Geno himself has any fantasy value outside of 2 qb leagues. But he isn't going to completely sink the offense. I also don't see Seattle becoming more conservative with Geno. The way their defense is playing, they won't have a choice. They might be even more pass heavy, as Wilson's efficiency is unmatchable, so more volume is possible if not likely.
  14. For those keeping track it looks like Michael Burry took the loss and closed out his short position on TSLA. I bought 50 shares when it dipped into the $500's and I've been selling along the way and have about half of those left. I'm tempted to sell more since my last sell was $70 ago but this chart looks like it still has some major legs to some stupid numbers as we approach ATH's. My best guess is we reject hard off the ATH one time then slide back up to it and burst through to something much higher, but of course that has little to do with fundamentals. Not something I'm interested in owning long-term but I'm not sure this swing trade is done yet. If I do sell I'll probably move it into UPST which I started buying on the last pullback but only got less than 1/4 of my desired position before it blew up again. I'd like to buy that on a dip but that's how I felt about SHOP when it was in a similar price range and I kept just saying "next dip, next dip" which never really came and then $1000 bucks later I was sitting there kicking myself. Not sure if UPST has that kind of legs but man that chart is crazy. Would also funnel a little more into ASAN which I used to have a ton of but sold most when it ran $27 to mid $40's. As usual when I take a good gain it ends up being a 5-10 bagger without me, and when I forego the good gain to hold for the 5-10 bagger it pulls back into the red. It's really a good metaphor for how incredible the market has been the last 18 months that I could have gotten that decision wrong in almost every case yet my account is still up by absurd amounts. I had 2000 DKNG shares at $19, 10 SQ $30 calls, 10 ROKU $130 calls, and a lot more similar things that I piked out on for "measly" for 10-20% gains.
  15. To cut to the chase: “Let’s Go Brandon” is code for “Eff Joe Biden.” There’s a right-wing meme about it. Delta is sitting on the fence IMHO. If they were REALLY anti-vaccination as a company, they wouldn’t be charging unvaccinated employees an extra $200/month for health insurance.
  16. with McCaffrey out and short n RB's, i was offered A Robinson and A Collins for Diontae Johnson-pull the trigger?
  17. I don’t think so. He looks way older than that. Maybe 18-ish? If that dude is 10 USA soccer is in GREAT shape.
  18. I work on Sundays and we have been busy AF lately, so I have missed out on most of the injury stuff this season.
  19. Got an odd feeling ODB is going to break out with Chubby not playing … its now or never for him
  20. I am not sure if I am "one of you smart people" but if I am, I am hardly following this and am waiting until the trial commences and we hear presented evidence until I am going to make up my mind. Perhaps we all should do that?
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