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  2. I see 6 to 7 wins behind dalton for a whole season but The last 4 of vikes, Seattle, NYG and vikes looks like Fields time
  3. Stop watching cable new boys and you will be a happier person. I gave it up a year ago. Been watching my local news and a little WGN America. The anger and hate factor is dialed down compared to CNN, FOX and MSNBC.
  4. Absolutely. It's pure propaganda at this point. Anyone who watches it and believe what they say deserves everything they get.
  5. Yep and we're only 4 months in. Jeez what a disaster this is gonna be
  6. Lesser of two evils, right? A president who doesn’t answer questions compared to a president who would answer questions but lie while doing so. Neither is preferred to be honest.
  7. Biggest monthly rise in the core CPI in 40 years. Hey I got an idea - let’s print more money!
  8. Another one that popped into me brain... THIS IS THE END 366.xx: FAITH NO MORE - EPIC Link
  9. I am excited to root for this team once again. Not because I think they are Super Bowl bound…but because the organization seems like they have intent and purpose in what they are doing.
  10. With the schedule Steelers have. I hope a college QB prospect emerges for them to draft because it's going to be a looooong year.
  11. Burning Israeli flags and Pro-Palestinian graffiti showing up around Jewish buildings in Europe
  12. Maybe but he and Perrne are not comparable as college backs. Carter had such a more impressive college career.
  13. He is an interesting choice. Highest drafted QB on the roster lol.
  14. Rundgren and Preston officially moved from Hall of Very Good to R&R Hall of Fame.
  15. Prior to the draft I traded away DH for the 1.04 and 1.08. I won it all last year and I'm still a strong contender this year. My roster age is pretty high and while I don't think he's going to fall off a cliff he has to regress from last year and his value is as high now as it ever will be again. I think the value is pretty good, but I'm still not 100% this was the best move for my team. (1QB, 2RB/2WR/2FL/1TE PPR my remaining RB's are: Chubb, Ekeler, Montgomery, and a few RB5's) That said, I turned around and traded the 1.04 and my 2022 1st (presumably late) for AJ Brown, so in comb
  16. What’s the gist of all this betting line back and forth?
  17. I think he said Thursday (tomorrow) they are eligible here. Based on when all the other prioriry groups came online, you will have to wait until the day of to sign up.
  18. Reasonable offer but rosters would dictate which side I like better. It would also be helpful to know who will likely be there at 1.03. Is this the kind of league that takes Chase and Pitts at 1 & 2? Also what area will the 2022 first likely fall (early, middle, late)?
  19. You lost all credibility here by making a statement with no information..
  20. Its meaningless to the Rodgers situation. The Packers needed more arms in training camp either way. They let backup QB Tim Boyle sign with Detroit as a free agent. Rodgers and Love were the only 2 QBs on the roster. No way only 2 QBs take all the throws in camp. If anything, the fact they let Boyle walk and only sign Bortles shows they have confidence in Love and/or bringing Rodgers back.
  21. Thanks. Won't go into details since this is the wrong forum, but I'm having a tough time assigning value. Just dominant, looks like high floor for at least upcoming year, but dangerously close to RB cliff.
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