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  2. My first thought was assumption makes.... my neighbors love my dog. My best neighbor for 15 years moved away last year and wanted to take her with him. Two little kids come over just to play with all the time. Really, chill your assumptive erroneous nonsense. No offense.
  3. Fwiw, Sausage is my last big dog. I'm 57 and may not own another dog at all. It's a freedom thing more than anything else, but if I get weak and rescue another, it's going to be a little guy. Maybe midsize like a Heeler but no more giant poops.
  4. Edinburgh also offers this: I have not eaten there, the place had a different pull for me.
  5. Glad u r good. Could have saved a different dog an not caused your neighbors anxiety.
  6. So many breeds of dogs to own. Getting a pit is a statement about yourself and a message to your neighbors that u dont give an eff. Stats dont even matter. Know your audience at the least.
  7. No offense taken. I have never owned a Pit. As an adult I have owned a Cocker Spaniel, an Irish Setter, a Yellow Lab, a Lab/Rottie, a Boxer, and Sausage. And sorry my friend, but I could not have saved a better animal.
  8. So you are into guns and pitbulls. No offense but..... Of all the dogs u could have saved.
  9. Well, the great thing is that we can agree to disagree. And we will start finding out which one of us is right in a few short weeks.
  10. Just sayin'. Watch it closely... dude is good and skill set fits the offense well.
  11. Llanez is a year and a half older than Pulisic was in those game to be fair, but it's very very encouraging to be sure.
  12. Our league does both. I port the draft over from the standard league on ESPN to an MFL best-ball right after the draft (it’s a deep league - 21-man rosters - so that helps). Smaller stakes - $25 pp vs. $150 for the main league; winner take all. Highly recommend it.
  13. I would not do Finland in that case. Just my opinion, but if it's just over a weekend, it should be a city destination, not a place you have to leave the city to appreciate. I can highly recommend Edinburgh for the food scene. Yes, there are many trips in the countryside that is a must in Scotland, but for a weekend (especially fall/winter), hitting: Kitchin * Rhubarb Witchery 21212 * That's a slice of heaven to me. ETA: Menus ETA2: Also have Number One and Restaurant Martin Wishart if you are looking for more Stars. I haven't been to either of those.
  14. I’ve said it before, in this forum even I’m sure: RedZone could make a mint reairing abbreviated versions of their prior season’s programming during the 4 weeks after the SB and the 4 weeks of preseason. Say the “best of” weeks 1-4 highlights in PS week 1, weeks 5-8 in week 2, and so on. I don’t remember the biggest highlights of Week 9 of 2018. Would I have sat down with a neighbor or two and watched an hour or two of it last Sunday instead of meaningless Friday preseason coverage? You know I would.
  15. Yeah I don't like the move either. Completely regardless of the fact the league disbands in two years.
  16. >>Much of America loves its Mad King, whose works are regularly on display. Russians under Ivan the Terrible used to watch dogs being hurled over the Kremlin walls when the tsar’s mood was bad. Americans have grown used to late-night insults tweeted at nuclear powers from the White House bedroom. Royal lunacy is traditionally a secret, but in Twitter-age America it’s a shared national experience. We are all somersaulting down and out the sanity chute. The astonishing thing about Trump is that he wasn’t foisted on us by a council of Bourbons, or by succession law. We elected the man, and are poised to do it again. History will judge us harshly for this, and will look with particular venom at Trump’s political opponents in both parties, who over the years were unable to win popularity contests against a man most people would not leave alone with a decent wristwatch, let alone their children.<<
  17. I'm very happy for you, and even happier for her. Beautiful dog with an extremely heartwarming outcome.
  18. I know you may have wanted more auction $$$ to spend, but I wouldn't exactly say you are "hosed". You have literally THREE of the most valuable assets someone can have in dynasty (at their respective positions), and you have money to fill out the rest of the "playable" roster with lower $$$ players. You should be able to get by with the "Tyler Boyds" of the world and do just fine. I would reckon there is a slew of $5 and $10 bargain players in dynasty, but then again Dynasty isn't really my cup of tea. Remember, you always have next years crop of rookies to help you build, and you will STILL have some "bargain players" that develop into strong fantasy contributors, it happens every year. I'd be combing everyones rosters to see if there are some cheap + high upside guys I could trade for on the cheap. Not sure how the rest of your roster shook out, but I would be interested in the whole thing. You could always trade Kamara for a kings ransom and still get multiple decent players....... TZM
  19. East Coast Bias I initially put 50 minutes, thinking he had 10 minutes on the clock ...I'm not sure. Need help to verify's not a huge thing, but want to get it right.
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