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  2. Mixon played well. Like in week 1 his play was better than his numbers because he is getting contacted or in some cases completely blown up in the backfield on probably 20 or 25% of his carries. In the passing game Mixon looks really smooth and comfortable. I didn't see him line up out wide but his play in the screen game was outstanding. No matter how bad the o-line plays Mixon should be able to gain yards here. Note that Mixon's first touch was credited as a 20 yard run but really it was a swing pass type play so his "effective" stat line was more like 60 yards receiving, 40 yards rushing. Mixon's running between the tackles continues to show promise but it's still a work in progress. He sometimes shows an ultra patient running style in the LeVeon Bell mode where he completely pauses behind the line of scrimmage surveying the defense. There were some carries where he made something out of nothing with this style, jump cutting and finding late developing holes but there were definitely others where putting his nose down and grinding would have led to larger gains. However when it was late 4th quarter and time to preserve a lead the CIN coaching staff trusted Mixon with every carry and he looked great grinding out tough yards and also showing one pretty awesome cutback. Then just when it seemed Mixon was doing his best work he slipped on a critical 3rd and 1 play which caused the Bengals to have to settle for a FG. What I see when I watch Mixon is a player on the verge of breaking out. He has the speed to bust big plays, elusiveness in a short area or the open field, power to carry tacklers on his back and finish runs, and elite ability as a receiver. I think he can be scary good and I'd be very surprised if his coaches didn't feel the same way. His snap count and touches continue to trend up and there's no reason why this performance should derail that momentum
  3. Just had a great conversation with an attractive woman. Then she brought up Trump. I asked her not to discuss politics with me and just continue a friendly conversation. She insisted so I told her I'm a true patriot,a rebel I don't vote because we live in a fake democracy. She said to leave her alone because I don't do my " civic duty". I replied " if I don't like any politician I have a right not to vote for anyone and that is my version of voting". She went on and on and I told her she sounds like a fascist. What kind of dating site is out there for people like me?
  4. I regard this as very wise, and, if Trump could achieve this, it would overwhelm everything else he's done and I would be forced to reluctantly regard him as a very good President, possibly a great one. Unfortunately it doesn't look like he's headed in that direction but maybe he'll change.
  5. I thought the 4th and 8 was perfectly fine and I know I'm in the minority. They had been moving no problem to that point but only had 7 points to show for it. He took a bet that his QB could get him 8 yards to keep a drive alive to possibly get points vs punting and gaining 20-30 yards of field position when they still have to stop the Giants from driving down. He trusted his QB and he trusted his defense. QB didn't come through but ultimately the defense did (thanks in part to the catch rules and McAdoo's play calling). I'll take a gamble like that vs "playing it safe" any day from that spot of the field. Now if it was on our 43, definitely punt.
  6. Yeah, and how did that work out?
  7. I thought he was. His rebuttal to what I wrote, skipping over the ludicrous characterization of my attitude towards conservatives, was very thoughtful and contained excellent points, very few of which I disagree with. His only flaw was in misunderstanding what I wrote about Nixon going to China: when I used that as an example, I wasn't writing about the conservative reaction, I was writing about the liberal reaction, which was generally positive at the time. My point was that there is no liberal equivalent in modern history to the level of criticism that Obama received over Iran, which helps, IMO, to confirm the theory that that criticism was more rooted in hatred of Obama than it was over the facts of the deal. Junior McSpiffy, welcome to the sub forum and I hope you'll stick around; you appear to have a lot to offer.
  8. Perhaps the dual roles of professional football player and social activist are overwhelming some . . .
  9. The issue is that she watches videos of "testimonies" from people that claim to know the plans of the elite and expects me to just run off to another country with her. Did you read back a few pages?
  10. Scouting Saquon Barkley vs. Iowa: He's better than Zeke Elliott
  11. redraft league-Kwon Alexander was dropped last week, I had picked up Levonte David but now he's gone. Do I try and pick up Kwon or Jatavius Brown for week 4 and rest of season?
  12. Ok, I'll make note that you are Nostradamus and not to argue with you on the basis of logic and reason. Or, in fantasy football terms, opportunity, pedigree, talent, extrapolation of 16 games in 2016 and target share in the current offense.
  13. That seems like a really long-winded way of saying there aren't any studies and it's just your subjective perspective. Thats fine of course. Just be honest about it next time.
  14. I've read in here multiple times that kneeling for the flag is not the proper time/place to stage a protest. How should be protest? BLM get labeled as terrorists for staging peaceful protests. White supremacists host "free speech rallies" which are fine, but the same group upset with the flag kneeling was upset that people were trying to suppress speech by protesting these rallies. Trump defends people marching down the street with Nazi and Confederate flags saying they have a right to protest Confederate monuments being torn down, but strongly condemns the players kneeling during the anthem? Last I checked the Nazi and Confederate flags are the exact opposite of what our flag stands for. Most protests in this country involve a little pain. That's the whole point. If CK decided to kneel for the national anthem in his living room nobody would know or care.
  15. Yeah right. At least be good at it.
  16. I believe Collins will get more & more touches. He's their most dynamic RB & that offense is in desperate need of some juice.
  17. Oh... I just discovered there's a politics screaming corner of the Shark Pool. Do I engage.... do I engage.... Sure. What we have here is classic No True Scotsmanship here. He won't define what is or isn't conservative, but he sure knows it when he sees it. If he likes it, it's not conservative; if he doesn't like it, then it's conservative. Simple, no? As to specifics, the ridiculous comparison that stood out to me was about there not being comparable accords to the one Obama struck with Iran, but then trotted out "Nixon to China" to try and show that when conservatives try a major foreign policy move, they don't meet with objections. The problem with that was the polar ideology. Nixon was about as hawkish on China as could be imagined at the time. There was no way anything pro-China was going to go uncriticized by him or by the right in that day. Buncha commie censoreds. But when he was president, Nixon made the move. It couldn't have been Johnson, it couldn't have been Kennedy. If either of them had tried it, those on the right would have dug in their heels and it would have been a fiasco. It had to be Nixon to break the stalemate because he was on the hard-liners side of the line. A better comparison for Nixon-to-China would have been Clinton being the one to propose welfare reform. Why? Because Clinton was on the left and the lefts were the pro-welfare advocates. If it had come from Papa Bush or Reagan, there would have been pitchforks and torches on Capitol Hill because those on the left would not have budged on that against those seen as wanting to peel it away. But when Clinton made the move, the left couldn't really dig in their heels. It was one of their own who was putting it out there, so they kind of had to go along. So back to Iran. It was not a hawk who made the move to negotiate with Iran. Therefore, the hawks are naturally going to dig in their talons. And in that regard, it is standard partisanship. It's nothing different than what has gone on in this country for decades and centuries and what will continue for long after this little corner of the internet fades away. Oh, and... from a conservative who just can't seem to think right because, you know, I'm a conservative... the correct answer to North Korea is "broker a formal peace treaty." If you take "We're at war with the US" out of their hand, what does NK have left? They'll fold. Heck, they may in short order become an ally if they feel that China's thumb is weighing just a bit to heavy on them.
  18. Before I wrote that post I easily found three different studies about how black athletes are talked about in modern society, which confirmed my POV. The inference that conservatives seem to exclude black athletes from their admiration of rich people is merely my own observation, but made pretty conclusively since I don't hear the terms "entitled" or "privileged" used by conservatives to describe any other wealthy group in our society. The studies are broader in nature, and have to do with how black athletes and coaches are presented in general. I thought about linking to them but why bother? Either you won't read them or you'll cherry pick them. I don't expect you to change your mind about racism; you've ignored tons of evidence already.
  19. 97-year-old WWII vet goes viral after 'taking a knee' to support NFL players NFL players have the support of a member of the Greatest Generation. John Middlemas, a 97-year-old World War II veteran from Missouri, went viral on Sunday after his grandson Brennan Gilmore tweeted a picture of his grandfather kneeling on the ground. “Those kids have every right to protest,” Gilmore quoted his grandfather as saying.
  20. Obsessed with Montae Nicholson right now.
  21. Party's too hard at the Skins bar. Talk tomorrow. That was really fun. Up and never looked back. This team will be all about defense. And it's good.
  22. Voted for independence against Iraq Government wishes. Iran just told it’s citizens to leave Northern Iraq within 48 hours. Not good
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  24. I agree with him on many points and even when I disagree with him I enjoy listening to his positions.
  25. Not a bad guideline for any topic really.
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