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  2. So a "Campbell County Campaign Chair" and one minor (even one is still shocking and deplorable but I'm speaking solely to the outrageous headline) = "Campaign Chair" and "Human Trafficking?"
  3. This may be the worst thing I have ever seen
  4. Not much hyperbole in this article.
  5. Also, I'm going to set this as my wife's phone ringtone. She hated it and has no idea how to change her ringtone back.
  6. Plus trading him on a franchise tag salary makes him less desirable as the counterparty has to either pay him the franchise tag salary for a QB or at least work that figure into his long term contract. If a team acquires him now they can either let him play at his small contract and franchise him or sign him long term if it works out or has the leverage of the cheap one year salary if they want to sign him long term right away.
  7. Achilles tendinitis is marginally better, but still a problem. Had a follow-up with the orthopedic today, which was a waste of time/money. Just keep stretching and icing. Only thing surgery will fix is the calcification, which is a byproduct of my body trying to heal the tendinitis. So there's not much upside in going on the shelf for 6 (!!!) months. He said I could get a high energy ultrasound to deal with the inflammation, but its really expensive and not covered by insurance. I'm just about fed up.
  8. I'm not really sure why I watched that 3 times this morning but I feel like it belongs in here.
  9. He needed 44?-ish more votes (guess we don't really know) to get it thru and the FC is just 32.
  10. Because the constituents who need that protection and who also voted for Trump don't understand the healthcare debate.
  11. Yeah, sorry. Thinking too fast and was thinking it was second overall.
  12. Week 3 Weigh In Starting Weight: 198.5 Current Weight: 195 Last Week: 194.5Week Lost: .5 lbs gainTotal Lost: 3.5 lbs Total % Lost: 1.8% Bad weekend with hosting a party Saturday night. One guy brought wings that we amazing and I devoured. Had a lot of rum and cokes. Need to get back into the lunch walking routine so I am hoping for some better weather this week.
  13. im not getting in the argument bromigo i am just spreading some swc thoughts that i think thats all take that to the bank brochacho
  14. There are 3 QBs selected in the first round and all of the picks are results of trades - up or down.
  15. i say with complete sincerity that i think you are inspiring and i find strength in yours and how you have fought so please keep it up
  16. Total WRs drafted in 1st round u3.5 -250 Williams, Ross, Davis Williams is the only lock for the 1st round, Ross and Davis have a pretty good shot as well but I can't get to 4(assuming it's Curtis Samuel). The draft is too deep at other positions. Hate paying -250 for a draft proposal but I like this one quite a bit. I read some stuff early on about New England grabbing Samuel but that's about it.
  17. Everything I read about the new healthcare proposal indicates to me that it gets rid of the pre-existing conditions protection while pretending not to. What it says is that individual states can drop out of community ratings, which would allow insurance companies to charge more to people with pre-existing conditions- that's how Trump is getting the Freedom Caucus people on board. But why would the more moderate Republican congressmen agree with this?
  18. Great! Maybe you can take up herding cats as well! lol I coached a bit of my son's soccer game the other day when the high school kid who was supposed to do it was late, and I about lost my mind. Haha
  19. I really need to start factoring in manual labor into my plan. I knew I'd be doing a lot of it this weekend, but didn't front load my week mileage-wise so I could justify bailing. Oops. Welp, I said I'd have one down week this month and this was apparently it. Time to make up for it this week!
  20. San Francisco trades their 2017 second and 2018 second for Jimmy Garropolo Browns trade up to take DeShaun Watson, not Trubisky Four RBs go in Round 1 (and one is not Dalvin Cook)
  21. I wouldn't have been so worried about this election if it came out that he wouldn't actually do #### for 100 days. I mean congress at this point is only budget crap thru like September. He can't hardly shape that, nor does it seem he has any interest in it either. The biggest shock for me was that he was mostly defeated by extreme right wingers. And when I say defeated, I fully expect him to get literally nothing done but roll back some environmental regulations aimed at placating low-information voters. And play golf, lots of golf.
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