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  2. Worked for me all morning
  3. Noooo. We can't lose Kellyanne Conway! She is hilarious. The fact that she is in way over her head and trying to defend the indefensible and watching her struggle and stutter every step of the way is best political entertainment going right now. Besides Trump himself. Save Kellyanne!
  4. I think that's it for a little bit, I'm being summoned by a 4 year old to play knights and dragons.
  5. Welcome back, @Aerial Assault and @ScottNorwood - make it rain with picks! Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  6. Shepard news? Is V Davis a must start?
  7. Upside is too high. He's in for me this week.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving errrybody.
  9. Lewis TE is tough. Probably Rudolph. Olsen just getting back and they play the Jets, but could make the case for Olsen.
  10. Is Papa John's open on Thanksgiving?
  11. Kellyanne Conway must be fired after breaking federal law, say former White House ethics chiefs Maya Oppenheim,The Independent 4 hours ago The ethics chiefs for former presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama have called for White House advisor Kellyanne Conway to be fired for weighing in on the Alabama Senate race. Ms Conway sparked controversy after she attacked Republican Alabama Senate Roy Moore’s opponent on television on Tuesday. She responded to a question about Mr Moore, who is accused of pursuing underage girls while he was in his 30s and working as an assistant district attorney in Alabama, by attacking his rival Doug Jones. Mr Moore has repeatedly denied all accusations and any wrongdoing. He also said that he never dated any women without gaining their mother’s permission. Walter Shaub, who was ethics director under the Obama administration, argued it was likely Ms Conway violated the Hatch Act and filed a complaint against her for doing so on Wednesday. "It seems pretty clear she was appearing in her official capacity when she advocated against a candidate," he said. The federal law prevents White House officials from endorsing or rallying against candidates even in media interviews.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I have to work for 4 hours then drive 5 hours, so I'm going to get this pick in early--best Thanksgiving ever!. Hope you all have a great holiday. 35.xx Swervedriver - Duel (shoegaze/dream pop)
  13. if you like the dog....sprinkle a little on the ML
  14. And Happy Birthday @krista4
  15. Happy Thanksgiving.
  16. I used to buy at least 2/3 albums a week. Having a virtual jukebox on my phone? Worth 10x what I pay imo.
  17. 25.XX Without You - Harry Nilsson (Baroque Pop)
  18. If the Lions win today, five straight would be their second longest Thanksgiving Day win streak. They won six straight 1950-56. Matthew Stafford needs 120 to pass Romo for most passing yards on Thanksgiving. Romo also holds the record for most TDs with 18; Stafford is at 14.
  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you
  20. If you are talking about the "old" old days, no way was it only that for me. Sure, I'd get a bunch used, but I was spending quite a bit more than that/month on music. If you are talking about my adult self with kids a few years ago when I signed up for Spotify, then you are correct, I was probably buying a couple CDs a year tops. From what I understand the business model works because artists don't get jack for this compared to a huge record deal back in the day and the music companies went in on the cheap to get in on these streaming services, so there's that too.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving - here's a french weirdo 24.XX Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene (songs without lyrics)
  22. Maybe current events help to put them in perspective. It was a vast overreaction in light of what is actual, real disrespect for women in government, as opposed to Romney who clumsily was trying to make the point he had taken active steps to get women into management positions, which is probably part of the problem here.
  23. I haven’t owned him in past years but I recall him only sitting out sporadically in years past. Did he have stretches where he missed 4 or 5 games in a row? I drafted him expecting some missed games but not the entire season. SMH
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