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  2. Im scared that kizer will wind up in kansas city so this trade doesnt help if it goes down.
  3. The NYT never did. The unnamed source claimed that the FBI said they were not accurate.
  4. I thought manziel was a disasterous pick when selected. I drew a lot of criticism for that. I thought it was a disasterous move to not pick wentz and drew critcism for that. I thought it was terrible to not pick khalil mack and drew criticism for that. I know ill draw more for saying to take kizer instead of garrett and that trading 12 & 33 is terrible to get jg but hey one of these times i will be wrong.
  5. There's more context to the whole issue than just those facts though.
  6. Wat? Where in that article you linked does the NYT backtrack the initial article with the allegations?
  7. That's the only way I play. I ignore nobles unless I'm close. My goal is to get premium cards.
  8. Giants drop 10 places from pick 130 down to pick 140 because of walkie talkie use Team fined 150k, McAdoo fined 50k
  9. MacMullen is great, though this particular format doesn't suit her (or anyone else ever born). I rarely watch anymore but, when I do, Spain seems to stand out to me.
  10. They need to replace Spicer with Ben Stein. Make these press conferences less energetic.
  11. Trust me, I have no idea what your point is. I feel the same.
  12. So bottom line: Sources say Trump officials met with Russia during election. Sources say the FBI believes that is "not accurate". Sources say that Priebus asked the FBI to go public with that info. That's it.
  13. Brazzers subscription canceled. Thanks, Shuke!
  14. Not what I think about when I'm thinking of the pigeons... but not complaining.
  15. In the same way they said the original article was accurate. Sources.
  16. People are different. You seem like you struggle to put weight on- that doesn't confuse me, but it annoys the crap out of me. My brother was like that. Skinny, lanky dude, Hummingbird metabolism, and never cared about eating. Had to force himself to eat, like it was punishment, or a job. Dick. See, but here's something that used to annoy him, and will probably annoy you, too: I can put on lean gains, no problem, if I'm disciplined. I used to lift (not really serious lifting, bro) when I was in High School and in my early 20s in the Army. For me, it was easy to keep going up in weights and to get swole . My body is just that way. Or used to be, I guess. Stress makes me want to eat. It's a comfort thing, like medication. Dopamine releases, feels good for a minute. Doesn't feel good long term, but that's typical addict stuff. Plus, cortisol messes with your leptin and grehlin levels, so you never feel full, and predisposes you to putting on belly weight. Now the point of that, for me, is to take the knowledge of that objective understanding and turn it into useable, real-world behavioral change. But, that's the hard part.
  17. 32.13: Dan Vogelbach, 1B @Doctor Detroit
  18. these guys dont want to read that doesnt coincide with their narrative
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