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  3. Tri-key box, hell no...with the info I’m gathering from orb-lifer I see some $1 super-fecta boxes in my future.. See ya at the window...💰💰💰 Stop by the FanDuel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands otb, the pints are on me.🍺🍺🍺
  4. In order to work with them on our immigration policy. It can't just be one country deciding unless the measures for entering are so drastic as to be unthinkable.
  5. I don't even like Mack but I'd likely put him at the end of Tier 5 ahead of everyone you have in Teir 6.
  6. Why should we care about Mexico or who their president is for that matter?
  7. How many? And what are the qualifications on this statement? Are you saying that Round 2 WRs frequently outperform the guy who was drafted at WR1, or that they frequently outperform some of the guys drafted in the 1st round? And frankly, what's the true difference between a WR drafted somewhere in the 2nd round and one of the WRs drafted later in the 1st round? Or anywhere in the 1st round?
  8. Most of the reaction from players and media that Ive seen is hating on the Astros, not the commish? The biggest complaint Ive seen or heard is that he isnt punishing the players, which he cant, so its not really a legitimate complaint. The "piece of metal" comment seems pretty innocuous to me. Hardly worth the outrage its receiving. I could be reading this all wrong, but I dont really see a reason to be mad at the commish here?
  10. We really debating whether or not the guy who randomly decided to hold a press conference to clear Trump of any wrongdoing in the Mueller case is helping out his buddy again? Come on people. Let's at least try to be honest.
  11. Because I think that, in both Britain and the United States, deep down in our psyches we reject the whole idea of socialism. It goes way beyond any specific political issue, and I’m also not talking about certain conservatives who always like to bring up dictatorships. It has more to do with that, in our core, we believe in individualism and self-reliance. Whether these ideas actually exist, whether they’ve always been fantasy, doesn’t matter; we believe in them as an ideal. And I just think that in the end somebody who calls himself a socialist is never going to get elected President, not even against a corrupt authoritarian jerk like Donald Trump. In the end he’s going to get blown out of the water because he is not how we see ourselves. And that, IMO, is what happened to Jeremy Corbyn and that’s why I have compared Bernie to him, and to George McGovern as well. Take it with a grain of salt, but that’s what I think.
  12. For years I have been talking about making a road trip up in that area. VT, NH and ME are the last 3 states I need to knock off of my Eastern US list. Originally, my plan was to drive up to Montreal and then work our way back down. But I think I'm going to cut the Montreal portion for sake of time. We had thought we'd drive down from Montreal and take US 2 through Lake Champlain to Burlington. Then head over to Mt. Washington and then on to someplace like Bar Harbor. We'd probably stop at Ben and Jerry's as part of the trip. But besides that, nothing really planned at this point. Was hoping maybe people here had some ideas. We'd be going with our 16 year old daughter, so this wouldn't be a bar hopping trip or anything like that. Looking for things more like nature, kitschy shopping places, and fun/weird roadside attractions. This would probably be a long weekend trip, but could be longer if needed. Maybe like a 4 day trip. We have friends in RI who have a summer beach house, so we'd most likely end our trip with a stop there. I would also say that the big cities aren't really a huge stopping point for us. I mean, if there's something worth it, sure, but more looking for out of the way places. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I had hoped this trip would be for this summer, but it could end up pushed back to next summer if things don't work out.
  13. I don’t think there’s any point in comparing how two different judges and level of prosecutors sentence two different crimes. We will always be able to find cases where very light sentences are given and very harsh sentences are given. Judges and prosecutors are allowed to work within the sentencing framework that the legislators provide. Everything can’t be totally fair and if the convicted criminal doesn’t like the outcome, there is an appeal process. Also like maybe they shouldn’t have committed the crimes in the first place?
  14. Just to be clear, sorry yes, "wave of destruction", agreed, but yeah that is far lesser magnitude than what was going on here. I don't think we're at an impasse - I'm distinguishing one incident with multiple events vs multiple incidents with multiple events of far greater magnitude that happened after the arrest. Judge Jackson could end up agreeing to a lesser sentence. But note - she already has Stone's opposition asking for and arguing why all the enhancements should be ignored. And it's totally normal that the prosecution would defend itself, the people and the court for all the trouble it was put through. The weird thing is the AG descending from on high to adopt the defendant's position that these attacks on the office and the system should simply be waived, ignored. In fact the revised Barr memo is even weaker than Stone's because at least Stone acknowledged what the Probation Office had recommended as a thing that had happened. Barr's revision just asks the judge to do whatever she feels is appropriate without specifying why or how.
  15. don't know any more than 2 songs out their catalog, and "Love is a Stranger" ain't one of 'em ... again, not an act i sought out to listen to, but an act who crafted a ubiquitous touchstone of what i consider the genre to most represent.
  16. I've given up on the moderation around here. One day I'm told not to generalize about a group of people and yet I can't go an hour around here without seeing someone generalizing Trump supporters. Often questing integrity, morals, and decency.
  17. I love the argument that if we examine the entire history of jurisprudence and find the most anomalous miscarriage of justice ever we can now use that to justify what Barr is doing, after all, this is precedence and no one can claim otherwise.
  18. Machado and Bryant should out produce Robles this year, but if Robles leads off that is a much better fit on your team since your only SB asset is 28 years old and dipped to 11 last year. The problem is if he doesn't lead off. I'd try to figure out who will likely be available early in the draft and if you can reasonably fix your SB problem via that method. Hopefully that exercise yields your answer, but if not I'd understand keeping Robles over Machado cause you don't want to be chasing SB's in the draft.
  19. In the last week, he went after a journalist for having the audacity to obtain and publish his letter to the Astros and then had this “piece of metal” disaster. So he has the players hating on him and the media pissed and eager to report on any more drama. He’s not close to being out of the woods yet.
  20. Seattle now has a plethora of injury-prone TEs that they would be willing to sell to some sucker. Sounds like a perfect fit.
  21. "Blue Wave" rising in large cities more than conservative rural areas.  A reversal from 2016.
  22. People change. Times change. I voted for W in 2000 and will probably have to vote for Bernie this year. Go figure.
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