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  2. The issue is that Cousins has 46 completions through 3 games. Forty-six!! Dak Prescott just had 37 in week 3. There’s simply not enough passing volume to sustain a single reliable WR, let alone two. He’s got some skills, but trusting him or Thielen is going to be hard to do until this offense changes.
  3. Just noticed Gostkowski is the #1 scoring kicker in our league. The only game I've seen of his was game 1 where he horribly missed 3 kicks and hadn't thought about him since then. Suddenly, he has made 8-8 FGs including 4-4 over 50. Anyone else watch games 2 or 3? Has he figured things out, do his kicks look good?
  4. I'm curious, do you guys think the NFL thinks about/cares about about Fantasy implications? I know everyone's first thought may be no, but fantasy creates far more "new fans"... more tv viewership which turns into more ad revenue... also means more people buying jerseys of players they "own". I'm not saying it's a huge deal, but I think people playing fantasy does contribute to NFL revenue, and I wonder if they consider it when deciding what to do with the games this week. @Joe Bryant what are your thoughts on this? 🤔
  5. Used O : IND, BAL, ARI Used D : BUF, SF, IND Week 4 O : GB D : DEN
  6. Laaammmmmme. Kidding. It's not like you're doing it every week and always just using every Dolphins matchup over and over.
  7. Not really. Foles is atrocious half the games he plays in. Even with Philly. Then he out of nowhere has these magical games where he is simply amazing. He's not consistant enough to be anyone's franchise QB, but he's definitely exciting and can elevate his play in an instant. Will be curious how he does with Chicago, but I assume they still keep an eye out for their franchise guy soon enough.
  8. "Great Prospect. Off the charts Physical Ability. Future All-Star Tight End. Dynasty Stash" - @Football Jones
  9. In other other words - no opinion here is wrong. This is a place to talk music with no "OMG Why the F is that on this list:!???!?!"
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  11. The question is whether a Supreme Court Justice can be impartial. And I’m asking you when you can decide #1 without deciding whether a particular person can be put to death as a Supreme Court Justice. Because it is relevant to recusal if you’d be deciding whether or not someone can be put to death. That’s my point from the beginning of this conversation in bringing up the “case or controversy” requirement.
  12. Day 2 Of This Project - TOP 10 POWER BALLADS 10. Def Leppard - Love Bites (If I didnt cave to modern day playlists, this would be 1) (also...what has 9 arms and sucks?) 9. Motley Crue - Without You (come on dude ok this one was my indulgence pick) 8. Heart - Alone (come on) 7. Ozzy Osbourne w Lita Ford - If I Close My Eyes Forever (if this not in your top 10 I dont want to know you) 6. Saigon Kick - Love Is On The Way (This was the singer from Tesla and I forget where the guitarist came from but this deserves a power ballad nod) 5. Cinderella - Don't Know What You Got Til It's Gone 4. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters - This is a stretch to call a Power Ballad but I would have it one if it was even debatable 3. Steve Perry - Oh Sherrie (Could also be yacht rock) 2. Guns N Roses - Patience (I dont feel bad about this one, could easily be 1) 1. Extreme - Wholehearted (this is going to be EXTREME-ly controversial but I think it encapsulates a power ballad) I missed a ton and I misordered even these 10 - this is where I want discussion - your own 10 that I missed. I will keep the original post open and edited with all lists. Love to all. Im a pianist and singer so I def favor the piano ballads.
  13. You will never be contentious here. This is for all opinions to talk about music (my favorite thing in the world)
  14. Blake Snell was interviewed on MLB Network. I had no idea he sounded just like Jesse Pinkman. He dropped a few "yo's" and "know what I'm saying".
  15. Technically he's a 2nd year QB. I really think (and Broncos fans last year were the ones who brought this up) that he should have been on the active roster last year, but they were just hiding him on the practice squad so no one else would sign him. Not saying he's a stud or anything, but it was shocking they kept giving Allen and these other QB's a shot when he had looked great in preseason last year. It's been a long road and a lot of sub-par QB's he's had to get through but I hope he has a great week and can get the start for another week over Bortles. Drew the starter, Brett the developing backup, Bortles the veteran 3rd QB. Driskell can gtfo haha.
  16. Seems that Trump also had trouble naming a law enforcement group that supports him. Turns out that Trump lied and the “Portland” sheriff doesn’t actually support him.
  17. Agreed. A top RB isn't going to be high on their needs list next draft.
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