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  2. Shula-holic

    Venezuela Thread

    I'm not saying you're wrong, I don't know. But what would we have Trump do here if we could choose? I think what he's done so far I would agree with. I'm not a fan of sending troops to Colombia or anything like that.
  3. grateful zed

    name a band and their greatest song

    paul simon - graceland elton john - your song
  4. JaxBill

    Sober February

    I did my annual physical yesterday. Actually my first physical since 2016 but whatever. They weighed me with shoes on and pockets still containing wallet, keys, and phone. So most of my weight loss was gained right back. BP and pulse good. Physical went fine but won't know more until blood test results.
  5. Widbil83

    Assault at Berkeley

    But he will understand the “emotional rage” aspect of the triggered man.
  6. Prudence seems like one of those names that you don't hear much anymore. Sort of like Beatrice and Bertha.
  7. jonessed

    Assault at Berkeley

    I think even Tim could agree that this guy needs to go to jail.
  8. Ramsay Hunt Experience

    ⚽ Soccer Match-day Thread

    Good God, the degree of difficulty on that first volley.
  9. He got rid of Comey because he didn't like that the Russia investigation was going on and Comey wouldn't stop it. Obstruction of justice. Pretty straightforward crime guilty of impeachment. Glad you're on board!
  10. Politician Spock

    Evangelizing grocery store clerk: Cool or No?

    Sounds like a reason for sun worship.
  11. Ah the good ole “everyone’s done it defense”. Love this one as it’s a cornerstone of @ren hoek’s playbook. What I’m surprised about is the post lacked the “yeah but that’s nothing compared to Hillary” defense that usually follows.
  12. Jedi Knight

    name a band and their greatest song

    Billy Thorpe- Children of the Sun Band of Horses- The Funeral Rush- Witch Hunt Van Halen- Hot for Teacher Boston- Long Time The Who- Behind Blue Eyes Journey- Faithfully INXS- Devil Inside Marillion- Kayleigh U2- Where the Streets Have No Name Whitesnake- Still of the Night White Lion- When the Children Cry Prince- Darlin' Nicky
  13. Can you guys believe I used to hate that song? Ah, to be that young and stupid again. (This was nine months ago.)
  14. And continued to do pro Russia work and lie about it all...but yeah no “muh Russia” right?
  15. "Hey even though the FBI warned us about possible Russian intrusion, let's go hire the guy who's been doing pro-Russia work in the Ukraine for the last decade. Just don't look into his background too much."
  16. Gandalf

    Le'Veon Bell

    Bell just posted a ‘so where do I go?’ video to twitter. Haha he’s flying his flag. Teams analyst/nfl players mention that he includes in the video... ravens, Browns, Jets, colts.
  17. Hm, is it? Trump constantly lying about Russian contacts would be a basis for the investigation and 25th Amendment options. Also just a reminder that who was communicating between Russia and Trump is also important- at least 4 people acting as conduits - Gates, Manafort, Veselnitskaya and Cohen - have been indicted, 3 are convicts.
  18. higgins

    name a band and their greatest song

    Gomez - See the World
  19. And for Trump hiring him and what all of Manaforts work revolves around (is then country and always comes after the ridiculous “muh”
  20. Stellar job on the vetting process. Stellar vetting by the Trump campaign. Only the best people.
  21. If trump guilty of impeachable offense then he’s out. Past presidents have lied.
  22. bananafish

    Trump EPA: Now radiation is good for you!

    This is so head-shakingly awful I can't find the words. It's going to take decades for our country to recover from Trump, if it ever does. The stuff these people are doing should put them in prison and instead they are being rewarded for it. It's sick.
  23. Ketamine Dreams

    How often do you hear people use the N word?

    Some NSFW language:
  24. So... Obama's at fault for Manafort being a POS? You are very consistent, sir. Kudos.
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