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  2. Here are the Dest highlights. Lots to like here
  3. As the famed Montgomery Brewster once campaigned for.......I vote "none of the above". I take the best player available every round. Don't lock yourself into a strategy of taking a specific position for a specific round. You usually end up getting locked in a corner and lose all flexibility. Drafts are all different. Going in with a "I have to take XX round 3" attitude usually ends up bad and gives you blinders when it comes to good value.
  4. The people running Shield already knew season 7 was going to be the last so I think they will end up tying this latest season together pretty well with the next (they were already in the middle of filming the final episode they said when they had their comic con panel last week.) Clark Gregg let it slip they were ending it after 7 in an interview he did for Captain Marvel 4 or 5 months ago so this weekend's announcement was just official confirmation.
  5. probably will not survive my final cuts...16 team IDP league with 50 roster spots + 7 on the PS.
  6. Sounds to me like the NFLPA needs to talk to Tyreek and his lawyer to determine how they approached the league investigators that was different than these other players who were suspended.
  7. Do you not have any other viable choices? Typically I wouldn't keep a TE in a keeper league with that few keepers when you have to lose the round they were picked in. I wouldn't have any issue in keeping Kelce. He is the safest pick of the two.
  8. Unless it changed in the last 2 years (smh kids), what you described is right. Collared shirt, jeans, real shoes.
  9. "Why don't we just give one of you a nice Merino wool? Problem solved!"
  10. Of course, to each their own and every relationship has its own dynamic. But I think there are plenty of guys who put up with sh!t they believe is the price of admission, which isn’t necessary at all. I’m sure the same can be said for women.
  11. Well having some extended family from Puerto Rico and having been there many times all I can say is that Puerto Rico was a mess long before Trump and will be a mess long after.
  12. It’s a sad story totally outside of politics, his older brother Fred Jr. died young from alcoholism. Trump says that’s why he doesn’t drink.
  13. I hit it about 300 (225 out then it takes a right turn and goes another 75 in the wrong direction).
  14. This went down in my league this afternoon, not involved. 10 team PPR superflex Team A sends Robert Woods and 2.8 Team B sends Marlon Mack
  15. 7) Every single politician in Washington, I believe, is more interested in their careers than the American middle class. I don't care if its a dem or a rep. This is an issue on both sides, but even more on the Republican side. When you've got Republicans voting lockstep to repeal net neutrality when almost every American, regardless of party affiliation, wanted to keep it, you've got a serious problem. These guys are all bought and paid for.
  16. This all sounds great but I’m having a hard time understanding wtf your trying to say. I honestly want to know as I have no clue what to do. How about starting with a place to stay? Then, what app should I get and why?
  17. Haven't watched it all, but after skimming through a few episodes, I don't think my game was covered. It was a rainy game at Butler CC and they lost 17-14.
  18. and load your bag with twice the amount of balls you normally lose.
  19. You are too emotionally invested in this topic to remain objective. Nobody wants your wife to commit suicide, but more frequent, shorter prescriptions and more intense monitoring, along with added inconvenience and healthcare costs are likely the price your wife will pay for such high MME. And I’ve pointing out the problems with much of your reasoning already, including an expected lag in policy change and reduction in opioid abuse, problems defining the the extent of harm caused by opioid abuse (it ain’t just OUD) and the anecdotal nature of most of you info + poor data on opioid benefits in chronic non-cancer pain.
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