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  2. Thus why it is called a SLOW draft and why we are doing this a month and a half before the season starts. I can find participants and set up the leagues. I can't make people draft in a timely manner. There is no good way to deal with people not picking quickly. In the past using a draft timer, skipping people's picks and then having them give me a pick when they had an opportunity dramatically altered the chances for that team. There were times when they emailed who they wanted but I wasn't available and the player they wanted got picked AFTER they emailed me. Then what? Give them that player? Don't give that player? Making changes to guys already drafted would change what other owners could pick from. How about have the system generated a player for them? When we tried that, owners could end up with a player that was hurt and out for the season. Then I tried making picks for people, but those owners would get peeved if I picked someone they didn't want and would drop out. I have enough issues getting people to fill out the leagues, and realistically, who wants to take over a team that someone else already picked half the players? I try to stay on top of things and reach out to people to pick, but I can't babysit everyone all the time.
  3. "Scaramucci, Scaramucci, will you do the fandango?" is classic!
  4. Just because they didn't do anything in the past doesn't mean they should try to improve there system and do something now. Using past events for comparison isn't helpful at this point. They are trying to fix a disciplinary system that was obviously broken in the past. It's still not great but it's better than it was.
  5. Public (and then the Mayor) asked for Harteau to resign. Now the public is asking for the Mayor's resignation, but she not complying. Why not? Seems hypocritical.
  6. I turn twitter alerts on for Adam Schefter. I do this during the free agency, draft, and the regular season. It's usually a breaking news, and he rarely tweets bs. On a side note here is a little PSA for the fantasy football community that is trying to grow their social media base. I must have unfollowed a few dozen fantasy football feeds in 2016. I found them all from here, and by searching for fantasy accounts that performed well on fantasypros. For many of them, I was one of their long time followers. Unfortunately, many of them can't help but add their 2cents about politics. I didn't follow fantasy football accounts to get their political views. I unfollowed, and from reading various comments I wasn't always the only one.
  7. Timely analogy. It's been over a month since this accident. Why hasn't someone been asked to resign?
  8. You can't make this up - Arsenal trying to sub in Giroud at halftime. But, apparently Arsenal forgot to include him on the team sheet. So, the Chinese officials were refusing to let him into the game... Eventually the sub was allowed, but not before people were called, Arsene getting flustered...good times!
  9. I disagree. I don't believe anyone could stand up to that kind of open ended scrutiny.
  10. hmmm...this is a little close to home. I know a teacher at Veteran's Park, but its not her... met up with our friend a few weeks ago - turns out this was our friend's teacher's aid. Said it was very surreal to find out - claims the aid was super nice and very religious...
  11. HFS!!!
  12. Move Over, Thomas
  13. This has a happy ending - Kentucky Officials Have Ended the $18 Million Tax Rebate Deal With Ark Encounter The Creationists running Ark Encounter just screwed themselves out of $18 million over the next decade because they didn’t want to pay a local safety fee worth about $700,000 a year. We already knew Creationists were ignorant about science. Turns out they don’t know how to do math, either.
  14. A full day has gone by and couldn't even make it through round one. What's worse is that it wouldn't even have been a full round in a 12 team draft.
  15. A 10-team 2 QB $103 Bronze REDRAFT league (BRONZE 137) has also been just started. Same settings (BEST BALL format -- Still has in season management with free agency/waivers/trades). LIVE draft will be Saturday night Sept 2 at 8pm EST. It will be a normal serpentine draft.
  16. She got 180 days. Not super cute.
  17. Follow up question - Are you or are you not under the tutelage of @Homer J Simpson?
  18. Added 1-2 owners in each league this morning. Keep em coming.
  19. In 2nd place but need some help at SS with Correa going down. Picked up Jose Reyes, but.....yuck. Got offered Chris Taylor and George Springer for Josh Donaldson and JD Martinez. Have Gurriel who I feel fine putting in at 3B instead of Donaldson. So...Taylor for real? I love JD and I like him going to ARI, but Springer is clearly an upgrade there, IMO. Thoughts?
  20. I think he has already caught flack from it. They said he was back tracking with the mention of a "virtual wall". I think this is all hilarious, as I said before this shouldn't be a that complex of an issue. People are, and have been securing boarders for centuries. Unfortunately, "The wall" has become more than a wall. It was made the cornerstone of his campaign. Some people will probably be upset when a 20ft high concrete wall isn't poured before 2020, but to me it was what the whole "build the wall" rhetoric represented. To me it said, "this problem is rediculous for us to be wasting so much money over, we are just going to solve the problem". It didn't even take a wall.
  21. Well, consider that 3 million of them voted for Hillary Clinton, all in California, according to President Trump. But when serious journalists attempted to investigate this accusation, they found no evidence- the 3 million had disappeared! Based on this he's right.
  22. Bruce Dickinson sings Bohemian Rhapsody with a Spanish operatic soprano. Is this metal?
  23. Sagacious, always Reboot for Ska-turday
  24. IFTTT is a fabulous rec. Feedly is another news resource I've personally found useful.
  25. Arsenal look a mess
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