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  2. LOL - I forgot about the stickers that went on top with the names ...damn.
  3. Just be glad you're moving on now. I've got a drainage problem and the solution was to have a section of the driveway taken up, a drain laid across the entire driveway at the seam (and then run into a downspout and then a re-pour. It appeared that the existing concrete was slightly leaning away from the direction I wanted so I made sure I asked a number of times when I was getting quotes (again for only the few that actually showed up) that what I wanted was possible. Sure, not a problem. WRONG. I now have a drain that only empties 1/4 of the total water in the well which makes for a great breeding ground for mosquitos and leaves a nice ring in my driveway after any decent rain. His solution was to dig a hole on the other side and have it leech out there. Yeah that worked for exactly 2 rains until it all settled. Now I get to tear up my front yard (again), sink a collection barrel and run a french drain and pray that resolves it.
  4. I mean, he's not lying: the message isn't hidden.
  5. Except the team drafted Washington 2nd round, and the initial word is that they intend to get him involved, I remember reading in a recent FBG daily e-mail
  6. agreed. It has seemingly moved at a snail's pace, but that's what happens with moves and countermoves. Mueller has shown himself to be a worthwhile opponent. But all games must have a winner and the victory parade is the only real date set in stone.
  7. Hi Hilts. I really like this meme you posted. It's funny because he has said and done all of those.
  8. I was going off this. He is both I guess. Not that it matters; seems like he's going to play everywhere but Funchess' position, which makes sense since they offer two completely different skill sets (X vs Z).
  9. TR was the man.
  10. Melania's most honest statement as FLOTUS was on the back of her jacket today
  11. If you've ever considered getting the Steam Link, now is probably the time. Essentially its roughly $10-$11 for the device and shipping. Steam doing its Summer sale, not seeing that much to catch the eye though.
  12. nice - crossfire with a western set up. I loved chutes away ...didn't have it but a friend did.
  13. A guide to Trumpspeak.
  14. No idea. I haven't kept up with the soccer world as much as I'd like recently so I just assumed he was a rising star I missed. Googled him and I'm confused why they even took him to Russia.
  15. @krista4 and others...
  16. I agree. Really silly.
  17. Biggest Nigeria-Iceland game ever in the storied history between these long-time rivals.
  18. I agree with this stance and have been bothered that it took this long to get there.
  19. sorry - regret buying a vacation home and attempting to defer some of the costs with renting it out. It became a giant hassle for them and not worth it. They all have sold and rent someplace themselves when they vacation. Not saying it can't work, it just didn't work for the people I know.
  20. Perhaps there are even more bad guys for Trump to trap and needs until the next presidential election. Maybe 11/3/20 will be the big reveal.
  21. Oh boy this is gonna be great schtick
  22. She has a chief of staff, a communications director, communications coordinator, and at least two white house special assistants. There is no way she wears that in front of press without fully knowing what is going happen.
  23. sounds like a great plan. You should scheme where to ditch your bags while you do the river cruise. Hauling those over town is going to suck. There are plenty of hotels near the river and near the Red Line with bell desk is your best option so that you don't schlep back to Union Station. Tons of restaurant choices around the area betw train and river cruise. Places that my kids of similar age have enjoyed near there: 3 Greens Market; Lou Malnati's (Chicago style pizza), Eataly, BIlly Goat, or just whatever you find on Riverwalk. Close by River Cruise departure is FTW (huge arcade) and Dylan's Candy Bar; both excellent stops for kids those ages. After river cruise, take red line (train) up to Wrigley. Unique experience and the most convenient. Uber is back-up plan. Museums will be tough. They are not close by Wrigley and most people are worn out by a single game esp if it's remotely warm.
  24. Different era and all players generally play a little longer, so add a year or 2. Green has had no substantial injuries to date either, unless you count the torn hamstring, which I don't call that major. I had that same impression I believe when he left the Pats. It was either that or coaches didn't use him in the same way, and production dropped off a cliff. Whatever the case, I feel like AJ has 2-3 more WR1 type years in front of him, and possibly more.
  25. I really don't care, do you?
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