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  2. An important aspect of trading conditional picks is that the underlying "currency" (the pick) is a concrete and enduring thing. Either "pick A" or "pick B" is changing hands at a specific time and it's enforceable by the commissioner or league. You literally can't "renege" on a valid trade. Influence over someone's behaviour will never be valid trade currency in any league I play in.
  3. Glad you're feeling better. Be interested to know whar kind of medications were prescribed.
  4. They meant look worse, right? The ship has sailed on him looking bad.
  5. Referral&utm_medium=iOS&utm_source=User 3-20&utm_content=Link Thanksgiving day only contest. 12-man. $5. Winner take all.
  6. This is the program I'm using to get that first pull up done. Right now I'm on step 2. I am rowing a ton which should help with my back strength but i think i need to work on my shoulders too so will be doing some dumbell exercises and keep doing the bent over rows.
  7. Good luck starting Hill. Gus has done very well against the Steelers the past two seasons. Even against a stout D, Gus is a must start
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  9. Fully support fading CIN the rest of the way but I'm not sure I can take the risk myself with solid picks already lined up the next three weeks. And unfortunately I've used PIT, HOU, and BAL for weeks 15-17.
  10. I Dallas. Knocked out 70% of my pool and with double picks and other upsets we're down to 35 entries. Glad I stuck with my gut and trusted Taysom and the Saints to get it done. Feel like I have a real shot at being in the money (top 5) here. It gets a bit dicey in W15 with SF (@DAL) but things could change by then. Feeling solid about both MIA and GB, coming off of losses against not so great teams. Used: BAL, BUF, IND/CLE (DP), LAR, DAL, DET, LAC/PHI (DP), TB, HOU, LV, NO/PIT (DP) Current: MIA (@NYJ) & GB (v.CHI) Week 13: KC (v.DEN) & MIN (v.JAX) Week 14: SEA (v.NYJ) & ARI (@NYG) Week 15: TEN (v.DET) & SF (@DAL) Week 16: CHI (@JAX) & DEN (@LAC) OR CIN (@HOU) OR CAR (@WAS) Week 17: NE (v.NYJ) & NYG (v.DAL)
  11. I'm interested in this league if spot is still available
  12. That's true. On the other hand, he is the highest paid RB in the league. And the team doesn't get a return on investment unless the player plays. The RB career shelf life is short enough as it is. If he's healthy, I would expect they play him. If not, he should sit another week for sure.
  13. Ditto. For anyone who owns Davis cuff, this is best case scenario. CMC fully healthy and back week 14. And hopefully we have the bye to watch and make sure he's good.
  14. Mocking certainly won’t help the situation. Nor will name-calling. TBH though, the real challenge is disagreeing respectfully, when the opposition’s stance includes conspiracy theories which are unsubstantiated and divisive, at the minimum.
  15. It is becoming very difficult to justify hanging onto Fulgham. I will likely wait another week before I cut Fulgham loose from my dynasty team, but after two consecutive duds, there is no way Fulgham is seeing my lineup this week despite a good matchup. There are some decent options available on the waiver wire (N. Agholor, T. Patrick, D. Byrd), so Fulgham is going to have to really show something to justify his fantasy roster spot. If he can get back on track, he does have decent matchups Weeks 15 and 16, but are you willing to trust Fulgham (or, more importantly, Wentz and Peterson) with your fantasy championship on the line? I think I am holding him for now just so I don't end up facing him later only to see him knock me out of the playoffs!
  16. Great what the heck Flex dart throw for this week. Back in his rookie year (2018) he had two 11-catch games with Watson; the second was a playoff game. Given the situation with their WR corps and Watson’s propensity to lock on to one guy, it would not surprise me if he has a monster day that has everyone wondering “where did that come from?”
  17. He was facing an atrocious defense that had forced a total of two (2!) punts in their last four games. Lions put up 185 and had 6 punts, a fumble and a kneel down to start the game. He was off all day; only one completion over 16 yards and it was called back for illegal formation. On a historical basis it was one of his worst games ever (they’d never been shutout before in a game he played) in a ++ matchup. Injuries aside, I would dump him for any mouth breather on your wire. This team couldn’t run the ball when there were six in the box all day. This team has no heart and doesn’t want to play for the HC. Gonna be ugly Thursday, and absent naming an interim, for ROS.
  18. Before we say congrats to the Three Musketeers, let's say goodbye to @cstruk and @stuckinthemuck. Getting 9 pts from your last upright QB in week 11 is not how you want to end your season. Sorry Cstruk. As for Stuck in the muck, getting past week 11 with all his Giants was gonna be hard enough, but he missed the cut by only a few points. CONGRATS to the Three Musketeers!!!!!!!!!!!! @gobrowns33 - Team # 100246 Big Ben is surely gonna be your Most VALUABLE Player for the next three weeks. Let's hope he hones in on Eric Ebron. Best of luck, Brownie! @4th&inches - Team # 103205 Akers scored his 1st NFL TD tonite. Fingers crossed and hope it's a sign of things to come. RB corps scares me, but looking good otherwise. @Raging weasel - Team # 103462 25-player roster whose highest dollar player is Jonathan Taylor ($21). Fun fact - every contest winner has had at least 2 players over $21.
  19. Justice Hill seems like a no-brainer $1 pickup this week. I could see the Bus having a 12-35 game facing all the 7 and 8 man fronts, with Hill getting all the fun parts of the playbook snaps.
  20. No way. Where do you see two wins on their remaining schedule? Absent naming an interim. They don’t want to play for this guy. Panthers came in having lost 5 straight, fresh off giving up 46 points. They had forced two punts (2!) total in the previous four games, opponents were averaging 493.5 yards per game. Lions put up 185 yards (about 1/3rd in garbage time) and their first 8 possessions were 6 punts, a fumble and a merciful kneel down at the end of the first half. On the year they were giving up 4.8 yards per rush attempt; Peterson gained a game high 4 on his first carry and that was the highlight. If you want to feel really sick rewatch the game. Carolina consistently has 6 in the box, Lions had 7 men blocking - stuffed all day. How many Monday’s have we gotten up in the last three years when the Lions weren’t in last or tied for last? Pretty sure you could count it on one hand. If Patricia wins out in 2020 and leads them to 16-0 next year, he’d still be a half game short of Jim “9-7 ain’t good enough” Caldwell. On the plus side, Watson is my fantasy QB. Always great to start the week with 35 points going into the weekend.
  21. I was lucky to have a roll of TP in the car the only time I had it.
  22. Thanks. I always want "my" side to better. I'm way less concerned about "their" side as I feel I have even less say in that. There's also the reality much of the responsibility for being cool falls on the winner. Losing sucks. It's the winner who is called to extend grace in my opinion. In 2020, that's my side. My conservative friends often use me as their sounding board. I've been happy that my liberal friends use me too for this. One liberal friend asked me the other day, "Ok, so you're my rational Christian friend..." I wouldn't say my friends "mock" me for voting Democratic. But they give me a friendly hard time. I get plenty of the "Cuomo told families not to travel for Thanksgiving but then invited his elderly mother to travel for Thanksgiving" shots and such. But it's more friendly. It's not really my style as a friend to jab that much but I'll send them The Andy Stanley (popular Christian pastor) talks politics articles. Overall, it's excellent. I learn a lot from them and I think they learn from me. The big underlying factor and foundation is we love each other first. The politics are second. But that's also based on a 20 year friendship with these guys. That doesn't scale. So it's a thing. Bottom line, I do think we'll all do much better in healing and moving forward if we can lay off the mocking and trolling. I think we do a pretty good job with that here. But social media at scale is a different thing.
  23. Quite possibly, yes. SOmeone will want to trade up for Howell so they could get a lot of picks in return for that top pick.
  24. Don't really see the point in having him back next year. He would likely be able to come back midway through next years season. Why throw him in there when the Bengals are 2-6? I could see them throwing him in for the last few games, but I don't think they're going to rush this at all.
  25. Oof, that's a rough prediction. back to back 8 yard games aren't gonna get you even close. Nice call.
  26. I personally was impressed with Arnette last night. I can't remember the last time I saw a Raider CB run step for step with Hill and actually defend the pass and not get penalized. And he likes to tackle. Dare I say Mayock finally got us a great CB tandem in Mullen and Arnette? It's a little early to tell, but I'm calling it now.
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