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  2. This is getting downright Trumpian.
  3. Good Luck, RW! I wasn't feeling cash games today. Just did the $2 SE and $1SE: Peacock/Vasquez/HRam/Cano/Seager/Bogaerts/Cruz/Young/C.Gonz Hendricks/Pina/Thames/Kipnis/Bryant/Lindor/Zimmer/Schwarber/Brantley Still staring at the 2nd one and might tweak that as more LUs come out. It was more designed to be a non-Coors LU with later start games to hopefully get some lower owned guys. Cleveland seemed way underpriced compared to most of the other teams with higher totals.
  4. Actually, the theory is that it is not Trump himself, it is his staff that is doing the blocking to keep him from seeing Tweets that might get under his orange skin.
  5. I can't bring myself to ignore any of them. Even Gen. grand wizard Higgs Ramsfan.
  6. This has nothing to do with the DNC's data. Nothing. And a whole lot more than the arguably fairly limited public issue documentation was released. They released private information right down to Podesta's recipes. Not at issue. DNC personnel's and DNC data was hacked. Address that.
  7. The regional weekend games are always fun. I always enjoy this tournament, usually right until fsu gets dropkicked out.
  8. Are you conflating the DNC hack and Hillarys server?
  9. He should have been before. Oh by the way, Trump is systematically blocking left leaning people from following him now.
  10. Travellers was a fun watch. Santa Clarita... couldn't do it. Yea.. Like i said.. You either Hate it or love it, there is no in-between. I will say the first episode had me questioning whether I would continue or not. But gave the 2nd episode a shot and I was hooked.
  11. Never been more proud than when i got to fold the flag at my town's Memorial Day observance. Pissed off my entire family and almost killed my baby sister with the number of times i practiced my fold. Reverence is the most powerful feeling i've ever experienced, and i been with 8 women at once. The honored dead we memorialized in those ceremonies when i was a kid were literally those who saved the world and they gave me a sense of the need to contribute i never lost. Today is a day we should at least honor our heroes by asking ourselves if we can give more and take less.
  12. How on earth do you get this from that post? Either I love putin or russia is the enemy? No middleground there? Come on.
  13. President Trump @POTUS·1h The violent attacks in Portland on Friday are unacceptable. The victims were standing up to hate and intolerance. Our prayers are w/ them. Arieh Kovler‏ @ariehkovler 2h2 hours ago The official White House account run by staff tweets this, but the @realDonaldTrump Twitter account, run by Trump himself, remains silent.
  14. Some exotic dancers can make 6 figures easily. My little girl is enrolled in a pole dancing camp.
  15. I've only done whole house once. Will try to remember to look at what I did when I get back to office.... Pretty certain it was RO.
  16. Hey, has it been 30 days yet?
  17. Don't delete 30k emails under subpoena and you probably won't have this problem. I wanted those emails too. Not because I give a #### about Hillary's personal life but because of the enormous power she wielded as secretary of state. We should take an interest in what overwhelmingly powerful people do on our behalf. I think you're playing dumb if you don't see a difference between the secretary of state and private citizens.
  18. I blame the teachers for kids failing to grasp simple math concepts.
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