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  2. Well, I refused to take his cnbc opinion piece as gospel over what I've read on BBC and Reuters for starters. Then I pushed back pointing out following the logic he established that his desire for another investigation would suffer from the exact same problems and the reasons he didn't trust the first one would be valid for this one as well. Then I suggested that he might not want to use the MSM he is constantly bagging on as flawed and biased as his source either. So, yeah....cesspool
  3. I think the orange dot means you are gonna fook him over.
  4. Well for this week specifically, he's playing an average Jacksonville pass defense who just traded away J Ramsey.
  5. Did the surveyor stake out the property line both front and back corners so you know exactly the line at this point? Thinking for future foliage this guy will try and remove.
  6. Unique in that, because of the nature of their profession, their behavior is so visible. Really, I agree with you. Players pouting their way out of their commitments are insufferable.
  7. How I keep it straight: Indica - makes me want to stay Indoors and sink Into the couch Sativa - makes me Social It's not always perfect, but usually keeps me on the right path.
  8. The quid pro quo discussion is a red herring. Sondland’s statement and testimony is proof that the President was running a shadow diplomacy operation using his private attorney outside of normal executive branch channels, with no legal authority to do so. That is impeachable on its own.
  9. Ohio State -6000 Houston -2000 UCF -10000 Texas -2000 Georgia -3500 Wisconsin -12000 Alabama -15000 Oklahoma -10000 Minnesota -7000 FIU -3000
  10. I am a chiefs fan living in CO...all the talk is that there is a "blueprint" out there....and yeah you really can't argue that....NE ran it down KC throats last year, IND and HOU some success this year as well....other teams ran well against them as well even tho KC won....I don't think HOU even punted and had like 7 drives of 10+ play drives....the inability to stop the run and that result in long clock draining drives forces KC to capitalize on every possession.....cannot turn it over or punt....especially if the other team has a guy like Watson who can convert short third or fourth downs with his legs, etc....the Chiefs are only ahead of MIA and WAS as far as time of possession........while some of that can be credited to their quick strike ability, its more a reflection of their defense....I expect Fangio to go for it on some 4th downs tonight, but hopefully Flacco isn't as efficient at sustaining drives on 3rd or 4th down as Watson or Brissett were...if KC can get DEN to punt just like 3 times, I think KC can pull this one out....a couple holding penalties on Bolles/Broncos would help....
  11. I mean, the baby came out wearing Tech gear. I don't think it's safe to assume this is a universe where they are dressing the kid.
  12. You really need to see the video and watch how he talks down to her and raised his voice. It wasn't all just about the text.
  13. Our game threads get a lot of chatter so this thread is sometimes neglected. I’m not confident on Sternberger contributing this year but it would be a great help. If Tonyan is still out, what about giving Lazard some snaps at TE? Dean Lowry flexed nuts against the Lions, seems like that was a worthy extension already.
  14. There's never a huge concern until we're a year into a recession. That's how it works.
  15. Just so folks understand, how my family and I do the army game (wife, 3 kids, my parents and sometimes my brother) I thought I would let folks know. I personally usually rent a hotel room at bear mountain lodge the night before and then drive in first thing in the morning so I can get there early and tailgate before the game. I am heading from Brooklyn and it is a long drive if you want to be there early and bear mountain is like 20 minutes away and neat spot by itself. My parents and brother who are closer and don't live in the City will meet us early morning at bear mountain and we then carpool into the stadium. I highly recommend you buy parking in advance/get there early as security at the entrance is intense and can take sometime. There is much more security then at any other football game/college campus. I would not recommend public transit to West Point. The Ferry ride sounds cool but would think that system (with 3 hour travel time) would not allow much tailgating, etc. Given travel times I don't think you can do anything other than commit to full day to the journey.
  16. I saw Wilco last night, and it was a great show. Their sound was crystal clear, and Tweedy's voice sounded just like it did 25 years ago.
  17. Update: His survey came out today and is completed. The tree is 90% on our side confirmed by his survey. He was out there this morning too. He said he thought the tree was on his side when he looked at initial plans when he started to plan the project. No mention of hearing otherwise from our arborist. He did mention he knew they were out there and that he knows them from getting them out there for a bid. He did take responsibility for it coming down and says he will "make it right". He also said "so it looks like this tree is 75% yours and 25% mine". I guess he thinks I don't know how this works at this point. He is getting someone out today on his own to assess the value of the tree. He then said once we get the appraisals, I can let him know what we'd like. I didn't answer. Toward the end of the conversation, I explained to him, seeing as he's in the construction business and likely knows more people in landscaping and things of that nature, for him to let ME know what he's willing to do and then we'd see if it was reasonable. There is zero chance I'm starting any kind of offer to him. So now we wait. I should hear from him next week. I've got all the information I need now. Hopefully he plans on making it right with something acceptable and we can be done.
  18. LA should do whatever they can to offload Quick to a team that needs another goalie like yesterday.
  19. This is a big part why they look so bad right now, no? GGG is so detail oriented that guys look robotic and overthinking instead of free flowing/creative.
  20. Accepting or requesting things of value without paying for them for help in an election from a foreign national is a crime. Or offering to change foreign policy for that help. Interestingly, if he'd paid foreign nationals to help influence opinion, that probably wouldn't be a crime. Because it's not having a foreign national donate to a campaign.
  21. Last Resort - There's a ####ty BWW and Hooters like 10 minutes from Historic Williamsburg, I dont know of actual good local places....
  22. You guys are right, lots of bottom feeders. I'm not sure, though, that Wall Street types, criminal defense attorneys or #### heart surgeons have their posters plastered all over fan's walls. The cult-like status afforded super star athletes just seems to create a unique set of blinders, don't you think?
  23. Supposedly they are. Aaron Boone acted oblivious though yesterday when they interviewed him on WFAN.
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