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  2. 3 questions for supporters- 1. Do you think Joe Scarborough murdered anyone? 2. Do you think it’s right for the president to comment on this in light of her widowed husbands response? 3. Do you think it’s ok to use the power of the presidency to regulate social media platforms so people can spread misinformation (such as a conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough)?
  3. These riots are scary. It seems to be spreading totally out of control. I'm seeing comments on Reddit of it spreading to uptown. I don't think I'll be leaving my home for a while. Thankfully the protest nearest me has been relatively peaceful so far
  4. So true. Also, assuming you’re going to be able to socially distance kids because classrooms are half full is a pipe dream. 15 kids in a class or 30, they’re not going to be able to stay away from each other. I understand taking precautions, but I think the split school days and trying to do all that is pointless. Either have school like normal or don’t have it at all.
  5. All of this because he wants to promote a conspiracy that a morning talk show host that is critical of him is a murderer. Now he wants to use the power of the office to punish the company that called him out on his bull####. Does any Trump supporter believe Joe Scarborough killed someone?
  6. @ a bunch of school kids keeping masks on and social distancing all day... every day.... Ain't ####in' happening
  7. I don't know about height and weight being overrated, you hear a lot about bmi in fantasy circles. Hey, maybe they're all overrated. In context here though, CEH is a smaller back. I'm not saying too small or anything, 205 or whatever is fine. When you talk about size/speed score, this is based on his actual mass not his propositions. Even if he's short, he's a smaller back who's slow. I could see where somebody may have some concerns here. Even the midgets you mention, Ray Rice and MJD, while they weren't huge, they were at least pretty fast.
  8. Interesting projections sparring an interesting Twitter conversation, go to the link to see the chart. -------------------------------- J Moyer@JMoyerFB Cleveland Browns 2020 #FantasyFootball Projections. Expect a much more run-heavy attack with some increased passing efficiency. #MoyerProjections >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 👉 👉👉 LINK Cleveland Browns 2020 projections --------------------------------- Jax Falcone@DynoGameTheory So we are projecting Cleveland to be a bottom 2 team in pass attempts? OBJ targets per game - Career - 10.1 2020 proj - 6.6 Not sure about that. J Moyer@JMoyerFB May 26 All indications this offseason are stefanski will try to replicate what he had in Minn. upgraded OL, frequent 2 TE sets. I projected 53% pass split on 970 plays (15 more pass attempts than 2019 Vikings). Diggs got 6.3 tgt/gm and I expect OBJ to fill the same role. --------------------------------- The_FF_Fanatic@The_FF_Fanatic I agree on your overall theme (heavy rushing), but those stats would put them at 56 plays per game. WAS was 32nd in NFL last year at 55.3, no other team was below 58. Think you're still short-selling the pass volume even in a run-heavy scheme. J Moyer@JMoyerFB Cleveland ran 973 plays in 2019. Kevin Stefanski ran 970 plays as OC in Minn in 2019. I don’t see any reason to up-project their total plays in 2020. -------------------------------- At first glance I didn't agree with the OBJ and Landry stats but he makes a reasonable argument but if both OBJ and Landry are healthy I think the projection will be conservative. Their is more of this conversation at this link. 👉 LINK Twitter J Moyer @JMoyerFB Cleveland Browns 2020 #FantasyFootball Projections
  9. Klobuchar issues a statement on the “officer-involved death”. As the state’s chief prosecutor she “declined to bring charges against more than two dozen officers who had killed citizens while on duty – including against Chauvin himself, who shot and killed Wayne Reyes in 2006 and would later go on to shoot more civilians while in uniform.”
  10. MLB Network showed Game 5 of the 1984 World Series. What an excellent game. Kirk Gibson was something. The heart of the San Diego lineup: Gwynn/Garvey/Nettles went 2-12, with Gwynn at 0-5. I was curious about Sparky Anderson's age, so I looked it up. I assumed he was in his early sixties at that point--uh no, he was fifty.
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  12. Got an email from my daughters school principle going over the guidelines if/when school reopens. Masks will be mandatory. Split School days or alternating weeks because classes will have to be kept half full to maintain social distancing. They'll eat lunch at their classroom. No cafeteria. Traditional gym class is gone, still working a solution to this. Social distancing if/when they're allowed to go out to the playground that's on school property. Sounds like fun.
  13. @nbcnews Minneapolis police officer at the center of George Floyd's death had been with the department since 2001. During his career, he was the subject of a dozen police conduct complaints; he was never disciplined, records show.
  14. Cuomo raked in $2.3 million dollars from hospitals & nursing homes. Now he’s giving them legal immunity for their criminal negligence. Meanwhile CNN hosts him for playful chats with his brother, as Cuomo fans tell us what a ‘real leader’ looks like. The whole thing is just comically cynical.
  15. I think The Adventures of Pluto Nash is an entertaining movie.
  16. Fake Antifa used as red meat to keep right-wingers focused on anything but the actual problem. He's kneeling OMG!
  17. Here’s another example: Tim Ryan blaming “the Russians” for invading social media to divide us. I’ve got a bunch more. They invested tons of political capital into this. It’s not a strawman- it’s a delusional belief system that many people adopted in the wake of 2016. Jerry Nadler compared it to Pearl Harbor. A lot of credulous people pushed this narrative, day in and day out, for years. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get another 5,000 word piece about how ‘russians’ are ‘amplifying’ this. It’s important to push back against it for a couple of reasons. One, because it is insulting to rob protesters of their agency by suggesting it is Russia, rather than the outrage of police murdering an innocent man, that is ‘sowing discord.’ Two, because it is powerserving bull####. They don’t want to deal with an engaged, critically thinking citizenry, so they came up with a childish fantasy for why we’re divided. It’s important to note at times like this. You don’t get to handwave it all away, like it didn’t set us back years from doing the hard introspection of addressing a broken & corrupt system.
  18. Rounders is a much better Matt Damon movie than Good Will Hunting.
  19. I saw a 30+ minute line outside Ross for Less today. 🤯
  20. New wave of US layoffs feared as coronavirus pain deepens Yup, the economy is humming!
  21. All of Tarantino’s movies suck, except maybe Inglourious Basterds.
  22. The Prime Minister having to go door-to-door to find information that he could find with one phone call is so jarringly dumb that it knocks the whole movie off its axis.
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