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  2. I dated a girl from New Zealand 33 years ago and her nickname was "Kiwi" so it's totally cool.
  3. A coworker I’m not terribly fond of spied the wifey-then-girlfriend and I getting carnal on the hood of my car, top floor of parking garage at office. He’s known to work after hours and has a telescope for star gazing. Well, he saw starfish that night, mine. I’m indifferent to it all these years later
  4. So...I get $5 for everyone NOT indicted? How about a bonus if it isn't President Trump?
  5. The funny , or not so funny depending on your viewpoint, thing is this whole Russia thing could be put to bed and Trump given a pass and yet still the guy has created a mountain of terrible policy and behavior that have him easily locked into the position of worst POTUS in history. There's collusion alright. Collusion with fear and hate mongering, pettiness, narcissism, racism, sexism, xenophobia, lying, dictator worship, abdiction of moral responsibility, and common human decency. #MAGA indeed.
  6. Springtime is the time of hope! Keep hanging onto it!
  7. Jesse Spector✔@jessespector Congrats to Robert Mueller on finishing before George R.R. Martin.
  8. STADIA sounds like some kind of pharmaceutical product.
  9. I thought you were the one campaigning for WR to apologize to Squiz, no?
  10. No amendment is necessary. Just ignore the whole thing instead of half of it, for the exact same reason we are ignoring half of it now.
  11. guice had 32 catches in his college career... coaches loved how he caught the ball in camp James Conner had 31 career college receptions. how did he do last year?
  12. I'm taking bets that there are additional indictments of people mentioned in Mueller's report. Not necessarily by Mueller, but by other prosecutors. My $10 against your $5 for each person so indicted.
  13. You may give me a list of people who don't count towards the bet (provided I agree to them). For example, I'll gladly grant you exceptions for all of the names above if you like.
  14. Let's cut to the chase on this "does not agree" as at the heart of the disagreement is clearly hate. There are people who believe god hates sin. They also believe homosexuality is a sin. Therefor they believe god hates homosexuality. Homosexuals disagree with that hate.
  15. I'm sure we'll get right on that constitutional amendment. Right after the ERA.
  16. one taught Bob to save his best for the encore. Sorry fellas.
  17. Hell no... I mean, we still have the shoeshine boy, the paperboy, the guys at the car wash, and the gardener. Any one of them could be next!
  18. If I ask about him I'll never get him lol. Hoping the guy that owns him drops him but I'd give a 3rd for him in a second.
  19. I haven't watched Sanders much, but it's worth noting that Guice didn't catch passes in an LSU system where the RB never catches passes, whereas Sanders played in an offense that had just thrown a TON to an (albeit great) RB the year before.
  20. Stayed in a lake house on Lake Huron last summer and they had Close-Up toothpaste in the bathroom. Boy, what a treat that was! A delicious toothpaste; almost like a dessert toothpaste.
  21. They must have a different version that they air in my region. I can’t think of any time I’ve seen Turbo talk without subtitles. And they subtitle the Brits frequently, like when Kyle was talking about hating Britain. The only times I’ve seen them subtitle the Americans is if they’re not micced or have a strong accent (like Nicole Z).
  22. Wife just informed me that she wants to change our spring break plans and instead of going to Charleston go to Orlando and hit Universal for 5 days. I'll read through the thread for the Universal stuff but a couple of quick questions: Is the Park to Park pass worth it? We can pay essentially $10/day to do it so it almost seems like a no-brainer and my understanding is if you want to ride the train you have to have it, right? I can get a discounted pass and pay for 2 days and get 3 days free so 5 total days - is that too much? There's an option for 5 days with the water park too Big one - do they have ADR equivalents and am I going to be screwed having not already done these?
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