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  2. I'd go Williams too. Chargers are going to have their hands full with the Titans.
  3. I'll be in Morgan Hill. I have no idea what to expect. I was out there as a kid sightseeing in the city. And then one other time working at the airport for a week. So I've never left the city limits.
  4. I agree. Can't bench Keenan. I think he gets back on track this week.
  5. in before ths righties cry about not giving trump credit i mean whats the big deal about a few hundred dead kurds? they arent angels.....believe me
  6. At least you're going to the only city here that didn't get pge shut off alerts. So no worries there. Our new normal includes pge shutting power off to help prevent fires rather than replacing their 20th century equipment. 🙄
  7. And, Turkey agrees to investigate the Bidens.* *Disclaimer: Not an actual disclosed term of the agreement.
  8. Standard, non-ppr league for my flex. Damien tonight vs Denver or Tate on Sunday vs Jacksonville. Leaning Tate. Don't know if I can trust Damien after last week...
  9. Maybe but there is a very big difference between the demands of the two positions.
  10. Don't kid yourself on that. Instead of getting flamed by top WRs he now is getting torched by the Cole Beasleys, Olabsi Johnsons, and Jakobi Meyers of the world. If the Giants were smart they'd pull the reins back on Baker until he starts doing well on the 3rd string guys and occasionally rotate Baker in. DeAndre Baker is giving up the most Yards Per Target in the NFL right now (13.1).
  11. And... “Get over it: there’s going to be political influence in foreign policy,” Mulvaney says. “Obama did it in one way,” we do it “a different way,” and there’s no problem.
  12. Count me in. Lazard looks the part and has the opportunity and blessing of Aaron Rodgers.
  13. I thought it was pretty good. Not as good as Sand or Beacon 23, but still quite good. Not sure what happened to Howey - he's gone dark. A shame, he writes great stuff. Also, for those interested, Jim Butcher's Storm Front is on sale for a buck. Good start to a highly entertaining series.
  14. at the bolded. I would bet $1000 right now he didn't write that. It's well written with no randomly capitalized words, misspellings and the biggest telltale sign, self praise. Oh yeah, and its completely appropriate and kind. He didn't write that, sorry.
  15. Erdogan totally won here. Foreign leaders continue to stomp all over trump.
  16. Move over Chamberlain, there's a new appeaser in town
  17. Whoah, whoah. Don't forget, Putin and Assad get what they want, too.
  18. I'm not sure how ATL feels about Huerter, but he seems like he's at least a reasonable facsimile of Hield while being much younger and cheaper.
  19. a charitable contribution to the Human Fund in gianmarco's name for the win.
  20. she is still dreamy......and crazy too. ....
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