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  2. This winter in CO has been so YUUGE! But the last 10 days has been the highlight, so great timing on your part. And we're just now getting into the wet part of the winter... I grew up skiing Big Bear, intimidated by The Wall as a young kid... Lines were long back in the 80s, can only imagine what it's like now.
  3. The training plan I’m on has me running Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (long run day) with cross training, strength and stretching in the off days. I gradually bump up distance each week.
  4. You looked at my girlfriend and had carnal thoughts. So did 10 other guys. Now I’m going to beat only your ### for it.
  5. I take my shoes off almost all the time My feet don't smell and I keep my socked foot under the seats
  6. Yeah it felt like I was barely moving. But I was running (jogging) at a pace where I could have had a conversation. What confuses me is that I’m not doing this cold turkey. I’ve been running for years (usually at least 2 days a week). Why is my HR not better? However I always run at around a 6.2-7.1 pace. It’s possible that I don’t actually see improvement until sustaining this MAF pace for a long period of time.
  7. I've been doing one tempo run per week (for me, 7.3mph because I'm targeting a 26 minute 5k) but follow your training plan. What I've seen in a bunch of these is something like this This is the intermediate plan and assumes that you have more of a base than you actually do. And even then he only suggests doing 6 tempo runs and two races in the twelve weeks leading up to the race. All the rest are supposed to be at a "conversational pace" which is about 65 to 75 percent of max heart rate - in other words, MAF pace. I'd be interested in seeing your results the next couple weeks. And maybe a little less judgy than saying my original 5k pace was all caps painfully slow because that hurt a little.
  8. Apple not going to hit revenue guidance. HSBC cutting 35,000 jobs. Bullish!!!
  9. And besides, she was totally asking for it wearing a dress that short.
  10. I think I heard 8th time in history, 0 snow for February
  11. Thanks for the insight. Do you have a feel for what made these folks reluctant to vote for President Trump in the first place? Was Hillary Clinton ever an option for them? Would any Democrat be an option for them, given their preference for conservative policies?
  12. Yeah that’s another ridiculous comment. As if the Astros didn’t also do the same. Baseball knew they had a problem and could have handled it way better. They could’ve fixed this years ago when they first figured out they had a problem.
  13. They at times offer gigantic amounts of airline points for signup offers. I don't recall them being near that expensive. The content was pretty crap except they turned me onto convertible bonds in the 2010 timeframe which worked out.
  14. The Nats developed signs for the World Series to try to counteract the Astros sign-stealing. Suzuki was complaining about it the other day, and how ridiculous it was that they had to do that.
  15. BTW just finished 2.5 miles at about your original 5K pace. PAINFULLY SLOW but kept that HR down. 10 more weeks of this - looking ahead at the end goal!
  16. @bigbottom Fwiw...and most of the people here probably posted in it...a thread about unwritten airline rules
  17. Colts 1 - Peyton Manning 2 - Johnny Unitas 3 - Lenny Moore 4 - Bubba Smith 5 - Marvin Harrison 6 - Mike Curtis 7 - Jim Parker 8 - Raymond Berry 9 - Bert Jones 10 - Edgerrin James 11 - Reggie Wayne
  18. Major hubs for airlines are toughest places to get upgrades. For AA, everyone with some status is put on upgrade list. Usually only Exec Platinum or Plat Pro will clear if any there are seats (or the invite only Medallion status).
  19. I guess it'd be entertaining to watch the current day GOPers decide between the two options. They really couldn't go wrong if that were to happen
  20. I think they have to know where the kids are live in order to do that. I assume the grandparents already called Child Protective Services but I would have made allegations that the couple had been physically and mentally abusing the children. I would think that would trigger an investigation and force the mother to produce the children but I am guessing they already tried that. It just doesn't seem right that a parent has the ability to block a court order to prove the child has not been harmed.
  21. @OneGoalUS If Gio Reyna (17) sees the pitch in Dortmund’s round of 16 CL matchup vs. PSG today, he would surpass Christian Pulisic as the youngest American to ever feature in the Champions League. He’d also make the top 25 youngest players in CL history
  22. And now it’s down a couple percent. I don’t put much weight on after hours trading, myself.
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