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  2. I missed this in my first go-round of reading the comments. Thanks. I looked it up.
  4. It's been 3 days since I signed up for Hulu live tv. What a dumpster fire this service is. Hulu glitches and quits more often than Directvnow ever did. I'm thinking as much as I didn't care for YouTube tv's interface at least it didn't crash every other minute for an hour then work for 8 hours like Hulu does.
  5. timezone backfire Tuesday the Mets will be returning home, the second night back from a nine-game road trip culminating in a four-game series at AT&T. Meanwhile, this Padre road trip already started on the east coast six days ago, with an additional day off on Monday. Paddack scheduled to face deGrom. Paddack already shut out Mets and deGrom 4-0 at home in May.
  6. Looks like Zelensky will have absolute majority - trying to make coalition with a Rock star to make government
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  8. Excellent article. Hope he's still there at the turn of the third. 😊
  9. ComicCon had a meeting with a myriad industry insiders. And most agreed that game sales (which drive a ton of content in non-game areas) is growing with the PC and its coming at expense of both console and phones. Which is a reversal of 10 years ago.
  10. True but it's still possible at Tight End as well. Look at Kittle and Ebron last year.
  11. True. But here over near Sugar Land, we get an almost constant breeze. Also, it's always 78 degrees when you have good AC.
  12. Main goal is to max out each skill with scrolls. If a skill needs spell books, stop. Saving spell books to see what happens coming up. For now, saving them cause they may be hard to come by later. Almost level 25.
  13. I may be in the minority but I can expense my phone bill. Adding a $30ish dollar charge per month doesn't phase my company. If I dropped $700 on one expense report they would not look too kindly on it. Otherwise I get where you're coming from. The subsidized days are over but cell companies are trying to get back to that.
  14. Hello there, I need owners for a $125 ESPN PPR auction league on Friday, August 9. There will be no kickers and defenses on the team or auctioned off. PPR, 6 points per all touchdowns, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 3 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, 8 bench spots Win money for top 3 overall and best overall regular season record and most points scored in regular season! Win up to $950! $200 salary cap with FAAB. Payable on LeagueSafe and prizes paid out via LeagueSafe. If you want to join, email today or post here!
  15. The worst part is he broke his elbow again trying to reach for his license and registration.
  16. Huge fan of Tim. I remember his essay / blog post that got him on the map after Columbine.
  17. Just waiting to see if it's Biden or Bernie before making an offer to go double or nothing on 2020
  18. Yeah, I thought of this the night before we were sort of deluged with threads and this takes as a given that the algorithm is smoothed out enough to work without mass purges or starvation. In other words, both crimes against humanity and efficiency have been mitigated by the new understanding of data.
  19. Happy it makes you happy. To each their own. Just boggles me mind. I liked it at 9 and 10 and then when I knew it was all a skit, well.....I never felt the need to go back. Can you gamble on wrestling?
  20. Thanks for your support Derby City Football! Limited spots still available...
  21. Reader's DIgest actually ran a pictorial in the late '40s or early '50s of the inevitable move towards tyranny that Hayek depicted in The Road To Serfdom, so it's not entirely out of the question... eta* Reader's Digest ran a condensed version, it was Look Magazine that ran the pictorial.
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