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  2. Do you have a picture of your neighbor who cut down the tree? I want to compare this picture to what a weasel looks like.
  3. D'haquille (his real name) Williams Combine/Draft Rank Duke Williams PlayProfiler numbers/comp after bouncing around multiple practice squads Former Auburn Star Wide Receiver Duke Williams Is Looking for a Fresh Start in the NFL (10 minute video) Ex-Auburn receiver Duke Williams is making a name for himself in the CFL Buffalo Fanatics breaks down "Duke" Williams
  4. Very different team with Darnold. Also a pretty big difference home vs away. We faced the Jets at home vs an awful QB. Dallas had to travel and play vs a good QB. Dallas is 10-2 in their home games this year and last year.... they're a desperate team at home playing in prime time. Yes we can win, but I don't see why they wouldn't be favoured.
  5. I got free breakfast today... thanks Chick-fil-a!
  6. I was too young to be scared, I was more like "what the heck?" but that's probably a good thing. Luckily our house only had a bunch of stuff fall off shelves.
  7. Are those with Gordon still trying to acquire Ekeler? The Cook owner just offered him to be for Mattison. He also has C-Mac though, so I feel like giving him Mattison is a lose-lose.
  8. Buffalo Bills could have a steal in receiver Duke Williams (January 13) Bills’ receiver Duke Williams: ‘There’s always a chip on my shoulder’ (August 8) Duke Williams May Be The Answer To Buffalo Bills’ Stagnant Passing Attack
  9. Posted this in the felt it thread as well. You can set up notifications as well.
  10. Barkley and Carson at RB, Lockett and Thielen at WR, Chark at FLEX.
  11. I have TY and I’d never give him for Adams under his condition. Besides the toe problem, I just don’t believe Rodgers and Adams connection is as strong as TY and Brissett. But that’s just me.
  12. Bothers me that he's played the 2 every time he's been in. Hiding him on D is gonna be tough unless he's the point. May even be shorter than IT4
  13. I'm gonna go off book a bit, and say i wouldn't start White or Breida, and would plug Melvin Gordon in at RB. I think the Chargers bounce back some this week, and they have been slowly ramping up his work. I'd also start Sutton at flex.
  14. Trump Doral is a good location for such an event, since the compound is very near MIA, can hold all delegations, and is insulated from the outside. It has 3 golf courses too. It's the off-season, so prices are good. But it will benefit Trump.
  15. I'm sure roughly 23 million of that is in Rubles.
  16. Junior year in HS, just got home from football practice. Saw it on tv.
  17. God bless strangers on the internet who know how best to spend your money
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