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  2. Maybe if you can explain what "My flat $10 against your $5 for each person so indicted." means, because I don't think it means what you think it does.
  3. 2114 pages of boring blah blah blah and now we got something to work with.
  4. I, for one, am going to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner now.
  5. given the injuries, Adams leaving and Berhalter saying he intended to make a bunch of changes for Tuesday to continue the evaluation process, here is my best guess at Tuesday starters ...................................Horvath Lima.........Miazga.............Brooks...........Long* ..............................Bradley** ....................Pulisic...........Roldan Yedlin................Ramirez...................Nips *this is obviously a stretch but with no other lb worth playing, he has enough speed to cover the wing so it may be worth to see what he can do **this assumes Trapp is hurt
  6. Chuck Schumer looked like he was real disappointed.
  7. Is that a yes? I'm still looking for a dance partner.
  8. Neither is Breida when they try to force too much out of him. I do like him in short stints however. I think the 49'ers feel the same way. I think he needs to add some weight and muscle. 5'11" 190 doesn't really cut it for a workhorse back most of the time and perhaps that would help his durability.
  9. Chris Webber ain't half bad as an analyst. Utah State has a dude that looks like Charlie Villanueva
  10. So exciting. Diamond & Silk will be on Lou Dobbs this hour.
  11. You're just differentiating between degrees of action. Believing that god hates sin, and that homosexuality is a sin is the motive behind all of it. Depends on what the motive behind their boycott is.
  12. It's kind of like betting against the Cowboys (or Eagles in your case) makes loosing not feel so bad.
  13. That's what most people said going on and happy to hear you're sticking to that. I do worry that most will move the goal-posts. I've said the same thing all along and will absolutely stay with it. I will add a clarification though. I will 100% stand behind Mueller's conclusions, his recommendations maybe not. I, and many others, have long said he would likely never seek and indictment of the President as he is believed to be inline with the current accepted DOJ premise that a sitting President can't be indicted. So if his conclusions are something nefarious happened but he's not recommending and indictment due to DOJ Presidential standards I wouldn't agree.
  14. Of course it is curious that Gates said that prosecutors did not want him testifying before congress yet....
  15. Basically, like brieda. I think he has some talent but mostly he's JAG. Those guys can do well for a year or two but he's highly replaceable.
  16. Basically, like brieda. I think he has some talent but mostly he's JAG. Those guys can do well for a year or two but he's highly replaceable.
  17. If you're in HOF league I'll give him to you for a 3rd. I remember his scouting report not being that glowing. I guess there's a reason why he wasn't drafted.
  18. Yeah this is a thing. I've put out some comments occasionally that don't line up with the majority here. You'll respond to one post specifically and you come back an hour later and your inbox has 6 notifications in it from a bunch of different people. Some snarky comments, some asking other loosely related questions.....(rarely) you'll get an intelligent response back to continue a dialogue, but at that point you're engrossed and drowning in 6 different conversations from 1 post you responded to. At that point, I'm not even bothering trying to keep up with all these conversations, and I just leave. Like Joe said, it's just easier that way.
  19. I believe he's only really active here in football season
  20. So let me get this straight - I get $10 for everyone mentioned in the report that doesn't get indicted and you get $5 for every one that does?
  21. They'd still lobby politicians, in fact, probably even much harder than before... as politicians would now be empowered to take action.
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