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  2. Game 14. Ken Jennings crossed a million in Game 30. He's averaging 75,285 a day. Roger Craig's record single day was $77K, the previous record was $75K. He's nearly averaging the old record.
  3. Two good freaky movies coming out in May. These will be nice box office sleepers. Brightburn 5/24/2019 Ma 5/31/2019
  4. Will let serious owner have team for $50.00 It does need a bit of work but does have some solid players to build around.
  5. I do to! He said "a gel every mile"! It's like saying I drank a six pack every hour, but I really just meant one beer from a six pack.
  6. So one of the biggest and probably the real reason WWE moved Adrade back to SDL is he's dating and apparently is engaged to Charlotte Flair. She was very upset with WWE splitting them apart so they moved him and Zelina back to SDL. Given Zelina Vega is Married to ALiestar Black the tag of him and Ricochet was broken up to keep the couple together as well. So you want to blame someone for the Tag Team split blame it on the Female Roman Ms Flair.
  7. I think he'll give all knowing that performance impacts him seeing his contract the next year. I traded for Bell last week and afterward had a negative thought. If say after 2-3 years the Jets are done making him one of the highest paid RB's in the league, which I think is likely, what then? If he is say entering his age 29 season in 2021 and the Jets have moved on and best he can get is in line with $4-5M in today's market it might be an issue. As for not showing up I think it's especially important for new players, especially big time new additions to show up. If this was Bell or Odell's second camp with their new teams this is nothing. As is I think this is a bad look, makes them look selfish and not interested in the team and all that entails.
  8. But is anybody doing that? Most rookie drafts aren't until after the NFL draft. I mean I'm not putting any chips down yet. If he falls in the draft, that will greatly influence my betting action.
  9. I agree the gun culture is different here. Nutjobs will be nutjobs.
  10. I feel like I should been on hallucinogens or something to watch that segment
  11. Apparently this thread is now a copy and paste dump for posters crazy pink hat wearing Aunts chain emails. Talk about circling the drain. Should just change this thread title to “The Trump Years 2” and be done with it.
  12. Did those other countries have the number of guns we have in the U.S.? Ban guns, people here will find ways to circumvent the system to get what they want. The gun culture is different here than any other country. Who created the bump stock? An American. Who figured out how to 3d print a gun? An American company.
  13. Exactly. i won't be shocked if Jacobs ends up good, but the risks of drafting a guy with such limited production are high. Guys like Chad Johnson went much later in the draft. His risks were baked into his draft position. Betting on what could be an exception in the 1st round is suicide long term.
  14. This is a ridiculous start to the Sixers Nets game. 14-0 with 6:40 left in the first. Nets may forfeit.
  15. I don't think your post was you actually saying it, but was you stating it as being something others have said. So no, I didn't call you a moron. I called anyone who would really say that to be a moron.
  16. I could have gone the other route and reported you for calling me a moron. I think I showed restraint.
  17. They could take a picture of the car with someone standing next to it holding up the front page of a newspaper.
  18. Not really. All one needs to do is observe other countries who have bans right now.
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