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  2. Michel was top on my board, but I was waffling. Probably good that you made my decision easier, but I'm going to be angry at you if he does well.
  3. Looks like I am done with Directv. I called winback number and best they could do was $84/month, NFLST Max,, $200 gift card for Choice on 2 tvs (with whole home DVR). I called twice getting 2 different people and the offer was the same. One actually said it required a 2 yr contract. Be careful, they are sneaky slipping that in....
  4. If it were possible it would be, it’s the definition of a command controlled economy. I have zero doubt that if someone told him a 5 year plan was a popular or good idea he’d do it.
  5. 100% completely, wholeheartedly, top to bottom, start to finish agree with.
  6. I used to drink regular MD often, but in my mid-20s something in it started kicking of terrible migraines for me. I ended up in the emergency room the first time because I was going blind and had no idea what was going on. I can drink coffee all day so it's not the caffeine, but some other ingredient. One of my nephews had the same problem.
  7. Some people commented they liked the Modern Nature song I picked in the mid-year draft. Their debut album is out today and delivers the same sort of off-kilter sound that bounces between experrimental and pastoral.
  8. I would go with Guice. Too much of a crowded backfield in San Fran and personally not super high on Coleman
  9. The fact that Trump won’t release his taxes is a total tell that he is not nearly as rich as he claims to be.
  10. Any “success” he’s had in business is to cheating and fraud.
  11. Need to figure out 2 more keepers out of this group. It's a pt per reception 12 teams pretty standard. Have listed players and the pick I would be giving up. James Conner - 8th round - Keeping Kenny Golladay - 6th round Dede Westbrook - 13th round Josh Gordon - 9th round Evan Engram - 11th round kinda leaning towards keepin Engram and not sure between Golladay and Westbrook just cause of the round difference. Thanks in advance
  12. “I have this incredibly complex and textured palate which you couldn’t possibly begin to understand so therefore I won’t ever try an Impossible Burger and also I drink Diet Mountain Dew”
  13. A couple of the horn players and the amazing guitar player have been with him for 30 years.
  14. I assume hypocrisy and echo chamber stuff.
  15. He's slowly culled any internal resistance from his administration. Now there are no reasonable folks around him pushing back - just basically him and Stephen Miller. This is the braintrust we have currently running the country and setting incredibly important policy that affects hundreds of millions of people.
  16. that's usually the character I'm assigned. but yes, that would be more fitting
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