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  2. 21, but I missed the Phillies, so probably should lose a few points
  3. @SFBayDuck, I was reading your blog today and saw that you used the book Training Essentials for Ultrarunning. I know I'm not supposed to look beyond the next game, but my hike yesterday got me daydreaming about my (attempt at running a) 50K in late Jun. Would you recommend this book for a beginner like me?
  4. The pick could really be anywhere. That team finished in 4th place last year but the year before finished in 10th place the year before.
  5. Lashing out at one of the most reasonable and respected members of this board is no way to get converts to your position. It only serves to further impugn your emotional and intellectual stability. Perhaps you can adopt another pit with a past you cannot fully know and so a future you cannot ever really predict and train it as an emotional support animal who can sense when you are becoming this kind of overwrought and that animal can intervene.
  6. Cool. Anytime. Where you live there should be decent choices as well, right? I thought you were out of state lol.
  7. Awesome. Will do. I live an hour north of San Diego, so I might be down there soon for an event, show, etc.
  8. Really good article Major. This part: ...I did not know. The rest of the article explains all the details - very interesting. Thanks.
  9. A fence-busting 600-pound gator pays a visit to a Miami neighborhood. Very near MIA, a little east and south. There are several canals nearby that connect to the water conservation zones 10+ miles to the west. The gator was difficult to handle, due to rain, so the trapper had to euthanize it.
  10. When did five guys get multiple sizes for fries? Also why would the dummy behind the counter not ask you what size you want and automatically just give a you a small? I used to go now and again for an order of cajun fries. I liked them and could justify the high cost cuz it was so many of them. Some now, some later. Now it is the classic american scam. Change the size, pretend youbare iffering a choice for better value. Piss off five guys. Never going again.
  11. Easy answer for me, assuming that by "Criminal" you mean someone convicted after due process of law, which I do presume since you are a reasonable fellow, the answer is "yes". I also believe that felons ought to lose their right to vote, if not permanently for a substantial amount of time. I am not a fan of prohibiting them from residing in certain areas once they are no longer under encumbrance of a sentence.
  12. In that case wouldn’t it make sense to wait until after the election to impeach?
  13. Yeah - I got rid of cable around 2009. The only cable bill I have is for internet. The bug the F outta me, trying to get me back on a bigger plan. I finally got hold of someone higher up and told them that if they did not stop, I would cancel the I-net and go elsewhere. It seems to have worked. I never really watched too much tv in the first place (sports/occasional movie/news/documentaries/pbs/etc) - and I can stream all that I need that I can't get via ol'timey broadcast to floppy ears antennae. Now - C>H>U>D - I'll keep an eye out - sounds like my kinda shtick.
  14. It’s almost like Obama (and Bush) never happened. Perhaps both Clinton and Trump should be impeached. We as a nation can elect at least some presidents with a moral compass.
  15. An aside. Reading this thread only confirms my belief that voting ought not be expanded. Many argue that participation in the process is a good in and of itself. I am convinced that many who already participate are simply too obtuse to have that right. Folks ought to have to take a test on our constitution, our system of government, and on basic deductive and inductive reasoning. Only then should they be able to participate. This thread convinces me that many here should not vote. So many who simply cannot reason and don't understand language. I also wonder at those who say a multiparty system would be a disaster. Sure there are plenty of examples of it making matters more complex. Developing coalitions takes statesmanship. That said, if we had a three or four party system I could see impeachment moving forward much more easily. Currently obstruction from one party, unwilling to admit that the emperor has no clothes even as the naked bastard romps through their streets, is enough to stop that process. Imagine if the House and Senate were both populated by 1/3 from each party, or 1/4. Then a collation of those not from the party unwilling to do its duty due to loyalty to party over country could be formed and we could get where we need to go, to an evaluation of conduct, not an evaluation of blind partisan loyalty. Sorry for the tangent. Back to ignoring each other as you reiterate your positions for the umpteenth time.
  16. For sure, I would pick him late in superflex and definitely spend a roster spot to find out if he somehow went undrafted... Especially if the draft capital is anything more than minimal.
  17. Weston is back in the starting lineup today. Now we just need Pulisic and Adams to get back. There is a chance Pulisic will be available as a sub tomorrow morning.
  18. I know just about every taco joint in San Diego Ca. If you plan on coming here anytime in the future shoot me a PM and I'll direct you to some of the best. Which will mean that the places will vary wildly from downright ugly outside and in to reasonably quaint. lol A lot of the visitors I have directed think it's Rubios or bust. That is not the case at all. I like fish tacos but my fave is birria or barbacoa. Carne asada is crazy hit and miss here. I know a few locales that will treat you right. For ground beef try Ponces in Kensington. It's hard to park there and make reservations as this 50 yr old restaurant is always packed. @rockaction
  19. And he did look REALLY good in camp last year and even the long run he got hurt on. Yes it was just a glimpse, but he looked very impressive and the staff basically said they were building the offense around him. That says a lot IMO.
  20. Im a Khan fan and i think the first half of the fight should be very interesting and a great fight. Worth watching. However, i dont have confidence that Khan wont expose his chin at some point and Bud is patient and very smart. But Khan does have a chance. Just has to be perfect for 12 rounds which we havent really seen in these big fights. im looking forward to this fight.
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