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  2. The “premise” you’re describing has been a lie since Social Security started. It’s not a savings account. If you die and don’t use the money, it’s gone. Your heirs don’t get it. If you live to be 120 , you keep getting Social Security checks even if you never paid in that much. Yes there’s a correlation between what you paid in and what you get each year. But if you’re looking at it as a savings account it seems to me the unfairness to a guy who puts in every year but dies at 60 is pretty egregious.
  3. Interesting buy low. He slipped through the cracks in my 20 team dynasty. I understand Everett is there, but they paid the man...
  4. There was about a 45 minute period where I couldn’t talk to anyone at my poker game last night. Let’s set aside the fact that I have sparty over wins and was able to get down early in he week at -13.5...... that stuff happens. i put in $450 in afternoon draftkings teams for the afternoon slate. I was the only guy who had the QB and WR1 for Mich state in he whole pool. I was bowling about as close to a perfect game at every other slot which is fairly hard to do. So even with Lewerke being complete aids I was top 10-5 in every league. Up for the day for sure but between 1-15 points out from first place scooping. One passing TD in OT could have been worth $10K...... so tilted
  5. Alex keeps pushing the "you want to be like James" shtick on him, telling the new contestants"you know he starts with the high value questions like James did" and "we had Jeopardy James, do we have Jeopardy Jason now?" and telling him "you need to practice the "all in push" motion James used", etc. The guy just wants to play the game and be himself, but Alex is trying to turn him into another high-ratings draw.
  6. Here’s the Ozzy track off the new song. This is an objectively well written genre-bending song. The melodic hook is undeniable.
  7. Man the streaming world has changed so much over the last couple of years. I'd been using Sling and OTA antennas for the last 6 years. Been pretty happy with it, so I ignored the landscape over the last few years, but Sling raised it's price, and the local CBS tower is being rebuilt and acting up (right at the start of football season). I think I'd be plenty happy with any of the major streamers, but went with YouTubeTV. So awesome. Heck I really didn't even know that locals had become the norm on the major streamers. And it took about 3 clicks to set up the unlimited DVR to record all the NFL and sports I may want watch (I haven't had any DVR at all in 6 years). But the very best part of streaming services.......after 6 years, it took less than 5 minutes to cancel Sling. For the rest of my life, I'm going to everything I can to avoid any arrangement that requires talking to a human being to get out of. I remember the days of dealing with DirecTV and cable companies trying end or adjust contracts. So miserable.
  8. Leaning McLaurin. thoughts-thanx in advance!
  9. Not really my thing, but I recognize the talent. Guy writes amazing hooks and the music is instantly recognizable, even when he has Ozzy singing the track. As for the review, the Red Hot Chili Peppers comparison seems a whole lot less clever once you recall that Post Malone played on stage with them at the Grammys:
  10. I stopped in to comment that Barber pass blocked like a 👗 in that game. Terrible. If he continues to whiff on blocks of blitzing linebackers during passing downs, my guess is he won't be playing very long with BA. BA will find a big back that can block.
  11. Hell no. The backing track is thin & too '80s. But Stevie sings the hell out of it, it's really clever lyrically, and I wish more of us followed what he's saying. He's always worn his heart on his sleeve. That's what you get. And..... I dunno...... I'd rather listen to "sappy" well done than some allegory.
  12. You don't think the penalty that moved them back had anything to do with it?
  13. Awe, thanks guys *you’re **well Guys, guys, c’mon, you’re gonna give me a swelled head over here. It’s easy to be right when @Chaka is so obviously wrong.
  15. "I Just Called To Say I Love You" A great song.
  16. This was a frustrating clip to watch. What Sinek is trying to contrast is "short term thinking" vs. "long term thinking," but he (mis)uses terminology drawn from game theory and ends up with a really confused talk. I'd have to re-watch it to make sure, but I don't think anything Sinek is saying has anything whatsoever to do with game theory.
  17. Good Call I wish they would have won so coach D could have retired Sunday morning. Get the altime win mark and then ride off into the sunset. Love coach D and where he’s taken the program the last decade but this is now 4 years of the same #### offense. Nothing has changed except rearranging of the deck chairs on the titanic.
  18. The fear mongering in here has been taking it on the chin for sure.
  19. This is probably the only way to sleep on a college futon as well. Suspended over that nasty thing with ropes.
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  21. Updating this a year later, I now own the most of: TJ Hockenson, Sammy Watkins, Gerald Everett, Jalen Richard, and Will Dissly. Part of the story here is that I play in a lot of TE premium leagues, and I tend to prioritize the position more than other owners do. So 3 of the top 5 most owned right now are TEs (and 3 of the top 6 a year ago). There is also some inertia, with Watkins & Everett sticking among my most owned. I targeted Hockenson in rookie drafts, especially in TE premium leagues where I had him neck-and-neck with Jacobs for the top rookie (or for the #2 spot behind Murray in superflex leagues). I was generally able to draft him several picks after that. He was a top 10 pick in the NFL draft, every single scouting report about him was glowing (as was his PFF grade), he had great production and above average size/athleticism, he overtook 1st rounder Noah Fant as his college team's top TE (like DeAndre Hopkins did to Watkins). This is looking like a good choice, as we've gotten more and more positive news through training camp, preseason games, and wk1. It now seems like the top 6 TEs include Hockenson, and they're all on the same tier, and it's not that clear how to order them. Watkins is someone who I've been up and down on all offseason. After years of believing in his talent (based mainly on what I thought of him entering the league and his great 2nd season), I finally downgraded him after his unimpressive 2018 season on the best passing offense in the NFL while basically healthy (or at least as close to that as he can get). But when it looked like Hill was at risk of a serious suspension I gave Watkins a pretty big boost as potentially the top receiver in the top passing offense; then Hill came through that in the clear and Watkins dropped back down; now Hill is out for several weeks with an injury and Watkins put up a huge wk1. All of this is mostly beside the point for why I own so much of him - I own him now in the same leagues where I owned him a year ago, and I tried to move him this offseason (at least up until Hill's suspension worries started) but couldn't find any takers. Gerald Everett is similarly on my rosters mainly because of how I saw him in the past. He was a relatively promising TE prospect coming into the league as an athletic 2nd rounder, but now he's into his 3rd season and usually good NFL TEs have shown more than he has by this point. He has hung on to some upside in my mind because PFF loved him last year (despite his meager totals), but if he continues to not show much this year then his value in my eyes will drop pretty fast. Jalen Richard I someone who I acquired a lot of during last season and early this offseason, beginning when he had established himself as a relatively high volume receiving back for the 2018 season and ending when Oakland drafted Josh Jacobs. He was available pretty cheap and looked like he had a reasonable shot at being a borderline fantasy starter in PPR leagues; that became less likely when they drafted Jacobs and then even less likely now that we've seen the week 1 usage patterns. Will Dissly had a couple big games to start last year and looked like he had a shot to be a surprise fantasy starter with decent fantasy value at least in TE premium leagues. But the buzz was cut short when an injury knocked him out for the year which was a negative for his long-term fantasy prospects, and also meant that we'd stop getting much new information about his actual ability level. So I downgraded my opinion of him a bit (from where it was after 2018 wk3) to account for the injury and then froze it. Other people gave up on him to a larger degree. So I now own him in both in leagues where I was the one to grab him when he flashed in early 2018, and in leagues where I was able to acquire him for free or cheap since then. He seemed to have recovered surprisingly quickly from his injury, but had a setback wk1; I'm hoping he gets healthy soon both because that's good and because it means that I'll start getting new information about his abilities again so I can cut him if he isn't any good. Of the other guys that I owned a lot of a year ago: Eric Ebron went from underrated to overrated with his big 2018 season and I traded him away where I could (then the bubble popped with Luck's retirement and I may go down with the ship in the leagues where I still have him), John Ross looks to be having a 3rd year breakout and I'm glad that I still own some of him but I also moved on from him in some leagues this offseason, Adam Shaheen is on the edge of being unrosterable even in TE premium, and Darren Sproles is back to about where he was a year ago (potential RB3) but I moved on from him in some leagues when things looked worse.
  22. Sadly bedbugs can live without food or air for 17 months.
  23. Standard One of Allen, Rodgers, Mayfield One of Golloday, DJax, Gordon, Gallup
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