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  2. “Until Allen has his first multiple-turnover game” would be my guess...
  3. they're definitely NOT bringing him along slowly, they've been doing the same BS since late last season, through the playoffs, the SB, preseason 2019, and now 3 reg season games.the Gurley of 0ld? well, he's toast.plain and simple. if EVER there was a game to give him 35 carries, it was the SB. instead, he rode a bike on the sidelines. at some point the Rams are going to find a RB to lean on, and they're going to do so this season.but it won't be Gurley. that ship has sailed. I''m not even sure you can sell high with him at this point. I guess you kind of take what you can get and call it a victory.
  4. It once was Howard Stern, but like many in here I’ve been done with him for a few years. Tony Kornheiser has had the most staying power for me. Starting listening to him on ESPN radio middays in the mid 1990s and followed him through his various shows/podcasts ever since.
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  6. For some reason I am having trouble accessing the results of yesterdays "BALLER" tournament. This is the $400K BALLER tourney, its a mere $10 to enter, and 44K entrants if I recall correctly. I'm needing to know a bit of trivial information for a buddy. Can anyone look up in the tourney and see what 198.50 points would have cashed? Unfortunately I did not play in this one, and I have some side action with a friend. (Also, is there a way I can see the tournament results and how the spots paid out/ points cashed?) It appears as if you did NOT play in the tournament, there is no way of going back and checking the results. I'm basically wanting to know how much 198.50 points would have cashed.... (and if there is a way you can see the results of these tournaments, even if you do not participate in one specifically) If anyone wants to PM me on this, that is fine, or you can respond here if its easier. Thanks in advance...... TZM
  7. I changed my KC offense pick this morning due to weather. Dumb move.
  8. I don't know who mtracey is, but the fact that you've swallowed the Trumpian propaganda that the Russia investigation was a farce and did not produce a 400-page report chock-full of scandalous behavior that would've doomed any other presidency is really pathetic, especially with your supposed distaste for dictatorships and the abuse of power. I'm not a big fan of the mainstream media, but everything they reported about the investigation (fake news produced by the enemy of the people according to Trump), was, without exception, proven 100% correct by the report. Trump fans love to forget about that little nugget or, more likely, Fox News "forgot" to tell them about it. That this guy has the gall to say the media's credibility has been obliterated and that they've shown zero accountability is Iraqi-Foreign-Minister-level shameless. I'd expect some of the other goons around here to try to propagate this garbage; it's 100% predictable as we all know they're incapable of independent thought. I had higher regard for you but will make note of your withering standards. It's a shame, really.
  9. One of the better highlights from the game "good lawd, juice, that man has a family"
  10. 824 Barkley owners will be hurting for the next handful of weeks
  11. Caught a TD pass yesterday that was chalked off because the defender had pushed him and caused a foot to go out of bounds. Was very tight. He’s still a big red zone target.
  12. So far it's been Kobe Bryant, Boyz II Men and the Rock.
  13. Okay, looks like we are going to Yellowstone Oct 4-8. 5.5 hour drive for us. My wife takes stunning pictures. I'll try to post some. I imagine we will get there about 6pm on Oct 4. What would you do with three full days?
  14. 215.9 Winston and Evans count for first time Darnold and Herdnon are only 2 not score on 22 man roster
  15. @mtracey The media has no awareness that their credibility to scream "SCANDAL" and "IMPEACHMENT" has been completely obliterated by the years-long Russia farce, for which there has been zero accountability. They just pretend like nothing happened
  16. I just saw this highlight. Shameful. Did he even touch anyone on that play?
  17. MV-Repeat? Patrick Mahomes unstoppable in win over Ravens
  18. They are, every TE they've faced has scored a TD
  19. How Antonio Brown’s Likely Labor Grievance Against the Patriots Will Play Out
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