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  2. The night king wasn't there, though. I got the impression at the time that those guys were already wights and had just been lying dormant in the snow for ages waiting for that moment. The 3 eyed raven knew it, the children knew it, Jordan reed knew it and knew he was going to get stabbed...
  3. I'm with you. The politics of this show and the ever moving loyalties are what I like.
  4. Why do you keep throwing out insults and snarky comments? Do you think it makes your arguments stronger? It doesn’t. Of course I am referring to responsible home ownership, not subprime loans. That’s why this particular stimulus targets college graduates- because every study that’s ever been done shows that they are far more responsible at paying their bills than those who never went to college. That’s just a fact of life. These are the people we need to grow our economy- so let’s remove their hindrances.
  5. Then you'd know that the report discusses collusion in the statement that Mueller was not investigating that and then just the litany of times Trump and his minions denied that he was guilty of that non-thing. Anyone who read the report wouldn't make the claim you did.
  6. I think that is now the 6 highest single game winnings. Incredible.
  7. They could have been killed by the Others some time previous to when they were planted. It's not like they have a "best if used by" date or something. In the end, I really wish this story wasn't so wrapped up in resolving the whole zombie deal (or even had a zombie component at all). I get it, it's a fantasy setting, but the dragons and zombies and stuff have never been the things that drew me in.
  8. It’s a pretty big number in the scheme of things. The profit margin for home building is pretty low. If you build 100 houses you need to sell all 100 to make a profit. You sell 99 you’re breaking even or losing money.
  9. You might be right. I forum checked the last terrorist event in England that I could remember. The Arianna Grande concert bombing and that thread hit 15 pages. Funny though was skimming through the first page, there was already talk about how poorly CNN was covering it.
  10. As at least a couple of you have already noted, why choose a song from a round category *or* the home category when you can have both? Genre: Dream Pop 5.01 - Poe - "Haunted" (2000)
  11. Exactly. And I like stimulus programs. I think they work. Not all of the time, but this one’s a pretty good bet.
  12. Its funny to think about all these people playing him, who are undoubtably among the smartest in their communities, holding watch parties for their big Jeopardy episode and everybody knowing the result going in.
  13. per your article we are talking about 1/5 of people carrying student loans are being denied. thats not really groundbreaking or hardly some epidemic
  14. The logistics behind episode 3 sound like they might be harder than having a bunch of dudes sitting around talking and a dong blessed squire singing pretty.
  15. Of course homebuilders and realtors are going to love it. Realtors make money on transaction fees and homebuilders are out the minute the house is purchased. What do they care who holds the debt? In the end it's no different than any other government stimulus program.
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