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  2. You're using the term "backfire" to describe a poll which was taken, in part, on November 17th. It's also the only recent poll to show positive numbers for Trump -- even the normally reliable Rasmussen has Trump at -7 (46/53) today, and Rasmussen's polling is more recent. The Trump vs. Dem polls are interesting but they're such outliers that I'd wait until I see some consistency before making any "BACKFIRE!" claims.
  3. Republican won the Electoral Vote and became President and the tiebreaker vote in the Senate, and maintained control of the House. Seemed to work out great. And the Clinton baggage hung over the Dem candidate in 2016.
  4. You’re always on my side of the water.
  5. I strongly considered their Master of English technical writing degree. It was between them and Carnegie Mellon, but then oops, money. University of North Texas it was
  6. And also 2016 on the back of the perceived stink of corruption.
  7. Get yourself a Doberman. Had a couple growing up. Big goof balls but they will protect this house.
  8. Only one Survivor has both 4 and 10 rostered.
  9. 'Fearless' rookie Deebo Samuel stepping up for 49ers
  10. Can't find my truck. May have to sleep in the gutter.. I think I have the wherewithal
  11. Uh, didn't Republicans capture the executive branch in 2000? I'll take a repeat of that in 2020 for Dems.
  12. Yeah I’m getting one. Wife just rolled her eyes when I said it’s only $100 to reserve I’ll wait til the morning. still laughing about those windows though.
  13. Dear Bill Obrien: Please stop calling option plays where Watson runs into linebackers to get tackled. Thanks, Everyone
  14. It’s weird, but I like it. I want to order one but I cant see the inside. Not even on the website
  15. I swear my outdoor kitchen/patio's TCL picture is better than my expensive samsung qhd whatever. I only bought it for the price expecting it to die outdoors.. it is great.
  16. Came in to post this when I was watching GD for the 1st time with my kids and 100th time myself... Fred Kleiser grows up to be General Zod
  17. Congrats to those who started him. I didn't but hope I can use him down the stretch. Also, he seemed to keep touching his hamstring after every catch. This dude is so worrisome lol.
  18. Finishing off The Band tonight Before The Flood - Bob Dylan/The Band (1974) It's a live album recorded over two nights at the LA Forum in February 1974. Although it's billed as Dylan and The Band, they only play together on sides one and four of the original LP version. Side two is all Band songs while side three consists of an acoustic mini-set from Dylan along with three more songs from The Band. Like other Dylan live albums, their joint numbers are kind of strange and non-definitive. I think they take everything too fast; the tempos mostly range from galloping to breakneck. Two of the three Dylan's acoustic songs are really fast as well. Dylan's vocals are really shouty. At times, he sounds like a singer doing a parody of Dylan with a weird overemphasis of certain words and comically elongated vowels. It's kind of hard to describe but it's quite pronounced and different from his studio recordings. Maybe he was excited to be there or maybe he was just taking the p###. The Band's solo numbers fare much better. Danko's voice is pretty shot but the group is in energetic form. The last paragraph sound like I didn't like the album which isn't the case at all. Dylan is never boring and The Band is probably the greatest of his many great supporting groups. It could have been stupendous but it's mostly just interesting. The best number for me was their version of Highway 61 Revisited. Levon Helm's drumming is sensational hjere. He's not doing anything fancy or technical but he drives the engine, makes the song breathe and swings like crazy. We're trying the diaper thing tonight. I trust Boz at night (generally) but I want him to be used to them before the next time we leave him in the house alone.
  19. remained limited.... fully on track? huh?
  20. I'll be honest, I have no idea if I went 4 series or 5 series. I have 4 TCLs in my house and haven't been disappointed. If I had to point out a weakness, it's probably the the sounds. I'm not a huge audiophile though, so it doesn't bother me at all....and not that there is a problem with it...but some people take some issue with it. I've left my 55" outside under my covered porch (with no specific TV cover) for 2 years now and it still works great.
  21. the NFL’s actions should surprise no one. Pouncey is suspended just long enough to miss the Cleveland v Pittsburgh game. Garrett is suspended “indefinitely” OR until the Browns are eliminated from the playoffs. same old NFL, maximize profits, minimize PR backlash.
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