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  2. Someone figured up that if the game were played exactly the same, yet James misses both his Daily Doubles - so starting from zero at that point - he still would have headed into Final Jeopardy in first place with $15,600. Going to take quite the effort to topple him.
  3. I know it's long-standing shtick, but isn't that awfully hard to do when they beat your team in six last year and then promptly thereafter hoisted the Cup after dispatching arguably the best team in the West the past two years?
  4. Yeah, Smith at SP with Marlins and Cle bats to test your theory.
  5. I agree here. I also think her handling of the Native American issue has created just too much red meat for Trump to go after. Trump's biggest chance is to have someone to constantly attack in a way that motivates his base and demotivates democrats. Warren has the most fleshed out policy proposals. Some, like on housing, are very good. Others, like on student loans, have already become a lightening rod...
  6. Done. That was hard the first time. I didn’t do everything right. Legs were shaking, particularly near the end. I’ll add that to the rotation. Thanks.
  7. Perhaps although he was asked if he could name the source and he said he couldn’t. Felt more like a private conversation type of thing. Doesn’t really lend any extra credence to it but that’s what he insinuated
  8. I don't fear turn out issues in the General Election. I expect there will be a female candidate on the ballot. Harris - Buttigieg (or vice-versa) or Biden - Abrams
  9. They can take Zayn, Mojo, Ryder, Hawkins, Danfango, the Colon brothers and a few others and let No Way Jose lead them right off into oblivion and off our TV. I've warmed up to Richocet and Black but they should keep them separate as singles. Give people like Rezar, Akam and Otis more air time. Give EC3 a chance outside of just squash matches against Strowman. Andrade can't speak but is a very good in-ring talent. More Samoa Joe, Shinsuke and Kevin Owens and less Jinder, Corbin and Lashley. Get Bray Wyatt back in the ring. They have a good thing in Kofi as a single. Kofi, AJ, Rollins, KO, Bryan, McIntyre and Balor are the best talent they have going. I like that they're giving Roode another angle, although like someone previously said, I wouldn't mind them just bringing back Beer Money. Not sure what they're doing with Nakamura and Asuka. They've been buried for whatever reason. Both very talented. Kairi Sane looks promising. I'm not even sure what NIkki Cross is and why she is in WWE.
  10. Digging in early is not necessarily the problem - its when you keep digging late, that it is a problem. But, I do think the optics are not great for the Dems with the 3 early front runners being two old white guys, and a young white guy. And, I think that will change over the next few months. I do expect there will be a woman on the ticket - just not sure it will be the top of the ticket. I still would put Harris as someone who will be a major factor in the race. Warren should be doing better than she is currently doing - I like her, but maybe she is better in the Senate. Klobuchar is someone that needs to make a big move in the debates this summer - she needs to be battling Pete for the Mid-west voters. The other female contenders - GIllibrand and Gabbard - I think they will be effectively out after the debates this summer.
  11. Classic example of war dog making the blindside move too soon. He eroded all his support and I think he knew it..
  12. Not a majority, no, but small margins matter. As we saw in 2016, lack of turnout by even just tens of thousands of democrats can had the country to Trump again....
  13. According to Nate, he's the best head-to-head candidate versus Trump. A lot can change in the next 6 months.
  14. #42. Grazing In The Grass - Hugh Masekela "Grazing in the Grass" is an instrumental composed by Philemon Hou and first recorded by the South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. Released in the United States as a single in 1968, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, ranking it as the 18th biggest hit of the year. The song also reached #15 Adult Contemporary. Masekela included the song in his albums Grazing in the Grass: The Best of Hugh Masekela (2001), Still Grazing (2004), and Live at the Market Theatre (2006). Masekela’s recording of the song was inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame in 2018. A vocal version of the song by The Friends of Distinction, with lyrics by band member Harry Elston, was a US chart hit in 1969. The song has been recorded by many other musicians. "Grazing in the Grass" was inspired by an earlier novelty recording, "Mr. Bull Dog No. 5", which Masekela had heard in Zambia. When Masekela was recording his debut album, the running order was short by three minutes and his record company suggested he record the tune. Philemon Hou, an actor and singer who was present in the studio, came up with a new melody while the backing track was already being recorded. The session was held at Gold Star Studios in Hollywood.
  15. I don’t like the look of it,” says The Hound. “For a big hard man you scare easy,” Thoros retorts. “I’ll tell you what doesn’t scare me: Bald ##########s like you. You think you’re fooling anyone with that ‘top knot?’ Bald ####.” "I understand that if any more words come pouring out your #### mouth, I'm gonna have to eat every ####### chicken in this room"
  16. 1 left in BBV Rookie/devy picks 1.01, 1.02, 1.05 and 1.07 all involved (also rookie 1.10). Lots of building ammo, as a result. Also has Cam Akers, Jonathan Taylor, De'Andre Swift, D.Montgomery, AJ Brown, among others in the dispersal pool.
  17. Thing is, as I mentioned this doesn't actually reflect a majority opinion even among likely female Democratic primary voters. Over 60% of the women polled didnt care about gender of the candidate. Obviously if a strong female candidate rises women would like that but it isn't their primary concern.
  18. This is actually an interesting main slate - just 5 games, and some good pitchers in tough spots. I have off today, so I might have some fun trying to figure this out. I assume Nola might be the chalk, so according to my post last night i need a Marlins stack in a cheap LU?
  19. People digging in like this so early are the real problem Democrats face...
  20. I think that birdy was the GM. He openly said in an interview that they wanted to trade down and were open for business. When a GM says that publically, it's pretty much begging for any kind of offer.
  21. 🌶️😁😀🙂🕑😑😕🕝🙁☹️😨🚶‍♂️🏃‍♂️🌒💨🌓📯🌔😠😡🔥🤬☣️😓🚱👌🤐
  22. I don’t like the look of it,” says The Hound. “For a big hard man you scare easy,” Thoros retorts. “I’ll tell you what doesn’t scare me: Bald ##########s like you. You think you’re fooling anyone with that ‘top knot?’ Bald ####.”
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