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  2. a chain is only strong as its weakest link "The moment he finishes, a dedicated Jeopardy! staffer sitting at the judges’ table just offstage—Michael Harris, who also serves as one of the show’s writers—manually activates a switch that illuminates blue lights alongside the outer edges of the Jeopardy! board." and i see in the article he fashioned a shank in case someone gets wise to his scheming. keeps those nerds in fear. real power move. all this make me wonder what McTanner did in prep for his star turn.
  3. So it is your work? Your opinion? You stand behind it 100%
  4. Yes, as long as it is treated as such. If the media fawns all over it and it wins awards for best documentary, then there is a problem.
  5. Do people know that impeachment and removal from office arent the same thing?
  6. Got real nostalgic about the good ol Sabres last night. This Sabres team was just so improbable. Picked last pretty much universally by all publications coming out of the lockout, and here you are, Game 1 of the playoffs, in OT against your oldest foe, your most hated playoff rival where you have years and years of back-and-forth history, and then that hit happens. Briere scores the winner in 2OT. Take down Philly, and it's off to Ottawa to play the big, bad 1-seed Sens. Game 1, the Sabres come from behind 5 separate times in a ridiculous 7-6 win that features the most frantic final 2 minutes of regulation + 30 seconds of OT ever. Then Game 5, you get a legendary Rick Jeanneret call when Jason Pominville scores a shorthanded OT winner in Ottawa to send the Sabres to the conference finals. Finals went to Game 7, loss, and then the Sabres won the President's Trophy the next season with another conference finals trip. They basically haven't been good since.
  7. Either I’m crazy or there were a lot of skeletons fighting in the battle of Hardhome.
  8. About as good as our 2 party system here. On POTUS radio this weekend they said moderate Dems outpoll hard line progressive Dems 2-1. Of course the hard line progressives are much more vocal though. They also stated moderate candidates would take much of the GOP vote as well. The majority of the country is much more between the 20s than in the red zones.
  9. I have exactly one more student loan payment to make. I’m almost 48. Thanks Obama!
  10. That was my instinct as well. Spent about 30 minutes in one and left without purchasing.
  11. Ken rang in first at a higher percentage than James has had so far.
  12. Nk was introduced as the 9th Lord master commander of the nights watch. (Could be a book thing so sue me if true) Considering they are on like #999 now gonna say no.
  13. I am getting a military budget of ~ 670b for the us and 0.31b for Luxembourg, so even if we reduced 90% which I was obviously not asking, we would still be outspending them by <200x. Edit, to use the same source from 2017, it is a more generous ~600b for the USA, only exceeding Luxemboarg by 184x if we reduced our budget by 90% Sources: ; Lets start with reducing the budget by 20% and work our way up. We will still be safe from the Luxemboargian menace.
  14. The Democrats will try anything they can to get him out office. Going to kill them when they have to wait until January 20, 2025.
  15. This site is still the best. Pro-Tip: every once in awhile go to one of the other cities and click on that city so you can see their feed. There is a lot more interesting content on there that you may not see because it's not part of your regular feed. I've found some awesome articles that way.
  16. Aren't there skeletons in the army of the dead? (My memory is hazy here - I fully admit to checking out a bit when the show turns Walking Dead).
  17. Not sure. In general though, stuff from behind a paywall is not something to post here where it can accessed for free. It happens some but some site (justifiably) get pretty upset with it.
  18. By her metrics, it is free and run by the government, it is perfect.
  19. Yeah, there usually has to be a cap on his powers or something.
  20. You could also apply this logic to any receiver going to the Pats, which seems irrational to me. It think it's Lamar Jackson.
  21. Larry Fitzgerald says Josh Rosen handling Cardinals draft buzz well
  22. I won't disagree with this statement in general. But I would also point out that there are many cities and states that have laws to go against what the NRA wants. My city is an example of that. Buying a handgun requires both a background check and registration. That seems to be completely against what the NRA would want. Yet, it's still a requirement. So, I don't think they are standing in the way of local laws. I also think that they stood in the way of some things, but only over the past few decades. Prior to that they were responsible for the progression. In the next 10-20 years, I think they will be important to protect us from over reaching regulation. There are more people now then at any time in the history of our country that want to ban all firearms. For me, that's an extreme position. It will take extreme opposite position of the NRA to bring things back to the middle.
  23. sure he can, it seems to be in vogue this days. wouldn't surprise me at all if Jussie tweeted to 'INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!!' or maybe 'THIS IS THESPIAN HARASSMENT LIKE WE'VE NEVER SEEN'.
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