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  2. Sorry Donald you're a little late with this tweet. Nancy already beat you to the punch. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Nancy Pelosi needs help fast! There is either something wrong with her “upstairs,” or she just plain doesn’t like our great Country. She had a total meltdown in the White House today. It was very sad to watch. Pray for her, she is a very sick person! 6:00 PM · Oct 16, 2019
  3. They can lose to KC and still be in good shape. Although KC hasnt looked fantastic lately. no need to rush him.back for the pack. This injury can turn bad on a dime, and I know you know that with your education
  4. But he was the most NFL-ready quarterback of the 2018 draft . . .
  5. He doesn't have one that I am aware of. This leave us to look at his actions and who he places in charge of agencies created over years to protect the environment.
  6. Not involved. Deep rosters a couple teams needed QBs 12 team all QBs owned Rosen and Fitzpatrick for Gore and Dorsett. Cousins and Kyle Rudolph for Dede Westbrook.
  7. Always surprised at this line of reasoning as a criticism of Trump. Many Presidents of the USA (including Obama) have been responsible for innocent people being "mowed down". It's usually justified by there being a bigger plan, or it being the unfortunate result of an action that many people agreed upon. What seems different about this one is not that people are dying right now, because that's nothing new for the USA, but that he unilaterally made the decision and there doesn't appear to be any real coherent plan behind it. For the record, as you know, I am disgusted by war and disgusted by the reports of what is happening in Syria right now.
  8. Ahh I see. That would work pretty well for the double bye 17 game season. I think players would prefer having two byes to recover after games start though.
  9. Why do people still cry about stealing signs? Don't like the opposition seeing your signals? Do a better job of concealing it. These dummies are crying like pitches are top secret information.
  10. Because they want to fit in and have something to talk about at the Water cooler? No idea.
  11. Well, all 32 teams can't, but 2 can this year and 4 can in 2 years. Then those go on the road to be the visitors the next week. For example, week 1 only NYG plays NYJ and LAC plays LAR, all at home in the same stadiums. Then in week 2, all 4 are on the road vs. 4 other teams playing their home openers. In week 3, all 8 of those teams are on the road against 8 other teams in their home openers. And in Week 4, all 16 of those teams are on the road vs. the other 16 teams as their home openers. After that, you play out the rest of the season. Every team opens their season at home. Just a bunch of them have byes the first few weeks (In the NBA the Lakers would have to play the Clippers at Staples Center to start the season, then go on the road in the same process. In about 2 weeks the whole league would be started up)
  12. That's kinda weird given 99% of the work to get him released was done before Trump was even elected. His family actually wrote a kind of "please stop helping" letter to Trump.
  13. I am getting fit. Clicked off 8 miles last night and it was pretty smooth. 9:42 pace. 155 HR. Looked at a similar run from the same week last October. Did 7 miles. 9:55 pace. 155 HR. Weather was similar. Feeling pretty good overall leading into the half training cycle coming up. I have basically 6 weeks before I hit that program hard. It appears I am past the mental slog post marathon. I am finally wanting to run again. Another 30 mile week for this week, and that’s the plan until the end of November. Then, shovel time.
  14. Waiting for you to tell me about this long term plan you were talking about.
  15. Not sure whose running the meeting, but, by definition the people who storm out can’t be “in charge”.
  16. Should have went in spikes up. #### them #####es.
  17. Yes. Exactly right. I'd sit him for at least a couple more weeks, if I were the Packers. If they keep winning, then a month.
  18. video of Pete's first trip to Ames early this year A little bit different reception.
  19. Haha what am I missing? How can all 32 teams play at home week 1?
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