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  2. I'm afraid Darwin owners(including myself) are going to be very frustrated with the amount of time the other Williams is on the field this weekend.
  3. Because "skipping school" implies that the people on the streets don't really believe that climate change is real, they just want to be outside of the classrooms, which makes it easier to dismiss
  4. Damn dude, that is MESSED UP! I'm so sorry you and your kids had to deal with that for so long. What's crazy to me is that SHE is the one who strayed and was unfaithful but yet treated you like the one who cheated on her. She was bat-poop crazy, wasn't she?
  5. Michael McCann chimed in on a legal perspective on the recent developments. LINK McCann writes for SI, which is the one that reported the dirt on AB this week. To summarize, Brown could be subjected to state police involvement although he doesn't really think that will happen. He believes that for things to qualify as criminal harassment, Brown would have to repeatedly contact the woman and continue to display a pattern of intent to contact the woman against her wishes. It doesn't appear Brown has done anything to that level. The other component he mentions is the woman is entitled to a right to privacy . . . but given that her information has been blasted all over the internet (and not by Brown), that part doesn't seem to fit either. So probably not a great case and even more difficult to prove. He does point out that the league has so far not acted on player communication, words, and threats as a basis for punishment but has acted on violent actions. But his position is that RG has plenty of ammunition to put AB on the exempt list. And he also feels enough may enough for NE and they could be reaching a point where that might be willing to move on. The issue remains as if a higher volume of similar incidents is enough to push Brown to the exempt list (or off the Patriots).
  7. I disagree that the industrial recolution started in 1880. Steam engines were invented a long time before that (more than a century) and in the 18th century (the numbers starting with 17) replaced more and more artisanal production with factory production. The steam engine's uses were diverse spanning from transportation (railways, steam ships) over pumping water out of mines to increase yield to manufacturing (e.g. weaving of sails and eventually every day cloth). At the time most steam engines were powered by coal which was the most energy dense material in circulation at the time. IIRC the 1880 number that you mention roughly coincides with the start up of wide scale metereological measurement and reporting. PS, but I do believe in climate change.
  8. Yep! Assuming we just have to let him know if we're in. 1.01 COYLE!
  10. You're a lot nicer to thieves than I would be.... do murderers get a rusty trombone?
  11. So, I finally got this game a few weeks ago, and am about 25-30% in. Loving it so far. The only negative I have with it is the combat seems clunky to me, and I can't pick a lock if my life depended on it. Very cool game though.
  12. You really don’t think advisors/funds factor in upcoming political environments to their planning and advising? Wow.
  13. A guy I know hosted a New Year's party that year, then snuck away right before midnight and went downstairs to the basement and flipped the circuit breakers to his house.
  14. The CIN OL is a complete mess right now, and Mixon owners are gonna get real ornery after he lays his 3rd egg of the season on Sunday.
  15. Agreed. Nobody wants to see his family have to scrape by on a meager $30 million (and counting).
  16. Damien is officially OUT for Sunday.......................Darwinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  17. In. Wish I had him in dynasty, But I just picked him up in some redraft leagues.
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