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  2. Not while incarcerated. I can see an argument for allowing them to vote after their release, but I prefer lifetime disenfranchisement.
  3. Caps live off the power play. And without Oshie, they looked awful on it. Look for a different player than Wilson to fill Oshie's power play role tonight. And being a game 7, there won't be a lot of power plays anyway. Someone on a secondary line like Eller, Stephenson, or Connolly needs to step up and put one in the net 5v5.
  4. Here's one with me Clue #1 -- I'm pretty happy to be here Go!
  5. Not while incarcerated. But I don’t care. (Also: in California the question is never “should you be allowed to vote?” It’s “how many votes are you allowed?”)
  6. As you say, 75 years ago. The current US is a significantly different entity than that was.
  7. I think people are paying attention because the LVRs don't have anyone else who might be the lead back besides Crowell or a re-signed downslope Lynch or Martin. None of those should be hard to pass. If they draft a guy early that might take over, he becomes the heir apparent. If they don't pick a RB until the 4th round or later, I think that says they want to see what CWIII brings as the likely starter. That's well worth a roster spot in most formats.
  8. What occurred is your assertion that obstruction is no biggie.
  9. I'll make a deal with you: If you firmly support and encourage the House to start impeachment proceedings against Trump I will totally get behind the something happening to Hillary.
  10. Trying today even though the SPs aren't that much better. Mostly TB, Milw, Oak, and Tex bats for early. Probably try Philly yet again on the main slate.
  11. This. I'm with Mayor Pete on this. In, no. Out, yes.
  12. Interesting thing about Nick is that along with Boyd he is the players rep. Sometimes that can make a difference depending on his relationship with management.
  13. I think 'America first' is a fine way to look at things. Trump used that as a tag line during his campaign. I can surely see looking out for our citizens first. Doing things like pulling out of the Paris Agreement is a sign that he doesn't care about the world at all. His biggest concerns, in order, are himself, his kids, other wealthy Americans, everyone else.
  14. Honestly, I am not much of a country fan. And, most of the country I do like, is older. But, I do like some newer country - this is one - now. Thnx. Also - the spotify link worked on both my phone & laptop. It seems the issues we had this past weekend are now solved.
  15. We should distinguish between "while incarcerated" and "after released."
  16. I say it is. 1.3 trillion in debt from people we need to rely on to spend money to keep the economy going. They’re paying the government instead of paying private enterprise. Plus they’re creating instability because they’re not earning enough to pay the debt back. They’re not buying homes, they’re not laying down the foundations for a prosperous stable society the way every other generation has. All because they owe that damn money. It’s no good.
  17. I saw one mock like that. He is rising fast but I feel like people are just throwing stuff out there now. Time to just sit back and Trust The Process.
  18. No. Someone is going to send the links to me and I'll share the links.
  19. Smaller guys like Lillard have learned that getting space and getting an "open" look is a better shot than pressing forward for a contested shot. He obviously practices that shot regularly and hit a similar shot with the first attempt of the 2nd half. Long story short, not for him.
  20. In one of my 12 team non-ppr leagues my team got old quickly and I went from winning consecutive championships to being a fringe playoff team. Last season I decided not to make "band aid" trades at the deadline just to squeak into the playoffs. Now I have the 4th pick in each round of our rookie draft. But, this draft is regarded as a weak one for RBs and that is my biggest area of need. I have tried to trade my picks and some players for RBs, but with no luck. I don't think there is anything I can do, but wait until after the NFL draft and hope there is buzz for 4-5 players after we find out their landing spot. Anybody else in a similar situation that has other thoughts or ideas?
  21. He made the shot. So it was a great shot. Had he missed they could be critical but it was still tied. If they were losing and he took that shot and missed, he'd be getting grilled. The nature of sports.
  22. So you think he's going to contradict his own report? His report states that he didn't look at collusion. It's hard to conclude "no" about something that wasn't looked at. The investigation considered criminal conspiracy, not collusion. And it didn't conclude "no conspiracy." (If it had concluded that, it would have said so.) It did not make a conclusion about criminal conspiracy either way -- it concluded neither "yes conspiracy" nor "no conspiracy."
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