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  2. Must've gotten advice from his good buddy Putin
  3. Why is it so inaccurate? I'd like to see where it was disproved.
  4. So you are saying he tanks the market on purpose as he shorts stocks?
  5. he just wants to control the means of production and pick the economic winners and losers, like any good Capitalist.
  6. I had an Albertus Magnus College, and some of the best pizza in New England was pretty close by. Must be a thing.
  7. I'm not sure if his current mental state is really that much different than it was in 2016 or 2017 or 2018. He's never been able to deal with any kind of setback. When things are going well, he takes credit for it. When things are going bad, he melts down. That's just Narcissism 101.
  8. I thought I read that he's the executive of around 500 businesses. Still a lot.
  9. Just buy a few. You actually thinking of buying 180 units? Edit.....wait, maybe you mean these are just two buildings one with 80 and one with 100?
  10. I assume we will get a tweet from Trump this afternoon confirming that Trump merch will no longer be manufactured in China anymore. Because he’s for sure not a complete and total hypocrite.
  11. Yeah, but he drives the libs crazy.
  12. Yes. Taste. Best soda ever, but I hate caffeine.
  13. Couldn't find a thread on him. I think his opportunity about the other backs being very meh rather than him being a special football player. Barber is meh. Jones is less than meh and now has knee swelling. Hailing out of the land of cheese, he caught 60 passes for 507 yards and 2 touchdowns. Going into the draft he profiled as a 3rd down back. Arians has praised his pass protection in multiple interviews since camp started. He's had two nice pre-season games. Had 54 yards receiving on 3 catches in the first game, 2 TD's in the second game. You can see where I'm going with this. There's (I believe a very real) chance he comes out of pre-season as the 3rd down back for a Bruce Arians offense. Surely more exciting in a PPR dynasty format, he's probably worth at least a stash in most deeper leagues
  14. It hasn't been disproven that he's run multiple businesses into the ground. It hasn't been disproven that he's an unethical business leader. Trump University? Trump foundations? His casinos? Banks unwilling to lend him money? Being a joke in real estate circles? He's a con man. He blusters, promotes himself, and has been good at it. He's left a trail of destruction in his wake. And now, he's determining policy by imperial fiat for our entire country, and you think it's funny. God help us all.
  15. In game 2, he got clobbered on one catchable pass, one was just off his outstretched hands in the rain, and there was one clear drop. He's better and healthier than Parker. He gets open and creates space ala Michael Irvin with physicality.
  16. Cafeine-free mountain dew seems to be completely missing the point. I mean, do people actually drink MD for something other than the caffeine spike?
  17. I think this whole "King of Israel " thing has gone to his head.
  18. Insulting foreign leaders, escalating trade wars against one of our biggest trading partners, issuing ridiculous commands to private businesses on how they run their business, issuing ridiculous commands to common carriers... The man thinks he's an emperor. And while he does have a golden throne, that this kind of idiotic authoritarianism coming from the mind of a sick individual heavily impacts our individual futures is just terrifying.
  19. Carlos Hyde deserves a regular season chance with the Chiefs
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