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  2. Happy Easter and Happy Passover weekend, FBGs, one and all. Hope it's a fun holiday for everyone, family, food, religious or not. - SID.
  3. I was wondering about this too. They looked so good for a while but could it have been the dreaded dead cat bounce? They have now lost 4 out of 5 games in all competitions. Only 4 games left to get it sorted.
  4. I doubt that is actually true, as most people have experienced trauma in their lives. I think they were implying that it was not a targeted study done on folks with a diagnosis. I believe they prescreened people and excluded those with trauma.
  5. I have often seen posters make comments about how they "have a life" and can't be bothered to defend points they make here. I think that is meant as a putdown on people that care about politics from a certain angle. Maybe that isn't what you are doing, but it seemed similar. Still, did you post this in the FFA or Shark Pool? The vast majority of my posts here continue to be when I'm on my work laptop because this isn't blocked. I like discussing politics, but being a liberal atheist in the Southeast doesn't give a lot of real life outlets for that.
  6. Lol. I aim to get there at 10:25 and leave at 11:35. I like most of the people there. I just don't like playing too much pretend. I'll smile and be gracious and wish everyone a Happy Easter. Not going to be uppity just because I don't think the same way I used to do.
  7. I doubt that is actually true, as most people have experienced trauma in their lives. I think they were implying that it was not a targeted study done on folks with a diagnosis. That would be a much more difficult study to set up. Most studies (I would assume this one as well) are done on random college kids. This isn't a garbage study. It's a randomized controlled experiment.
  8. I used to one of the many "front row guys" at this venue for the years CM Punk was coming up. He was hot even back then. So this advertised and decided to pass. I am a #######. Probably would have #### my pants has I been there.
  9. Rudy Giuliani says "There's no wrong with taking information from the Russians "
  10. Joe, would you please cross-post this in the Shark Pool as: *** Channeling Your Passion - Other Places Besides This Board? Many of you are obviously passionate about specific topics. And you're obviously knowledgeable and well versed. We all have 24 hours in a day. Are you using your gifts and energy most effectively? Specifically, I'm wondering if channeling some of the energy into something else besides posts on this board might have the most impact. *** Thanks. I also wonder if you might post it this way? *** Channeling Your Passion - Other Places Besides Fantasy Football? Many of you are obviously passionate about fantasy football. And you're obviously knowledgeable and well versed. We all have 24 hours in a day. Are you using your gifts and energy most effectively? Specifically, I'm wondering if channeling some of the energy into something else besides football might have the most impact. *** The amount of time and energy - and money - spent on fantasy football is incredible. Really wondering how such an invitation to navel gazing would go there.
  11. Oh, it's not my mom. Love her to the moon and back. Not especially jazzed about possibly being a focal point in a small Southern Baptist church. I used to be very involved with the happenings at ol' Blackford Creek. Much prefer going with Dad. Mass is much more tolerable than a fiery pulpit pounder. Still find it great that a Catholic and Southern Baptist have been married for 33 years. Love smooths over a lot of other stuff.
  12. The league is Best Ball meaning your Best Line up will always be played as your players score. Its fun and something different, it has a little of everything. We use VPs for standings and play weekly doubleheaders. Entry is $76.50 Ultimate Best Ballers Superflex League Address: Rules 40 man rosters with 5 Man Practice Squad (Taxi squad) and 3 IR slots * Only Players on the Real NFL IR can be placed on League IR * Players placed on NFL Short-Term IR can be placed on League IR for the duration of Short-Term IR (10 Weeks). It is the Owners responsibility to move the Player back to the active roster when they are removed from the NFL IR. If the player isn’t moved back the owner will suffer an invalid line up error. * Future Rookie draft will be 5 RD Open Team 1 With 1.01, 1.04, 1.13, 2.01 & 2.04 plus more Open Team 2 Weekly Line ups Best Ball Format (No need to set Line up, system will place your highest scorer into starting line) * Line Up 22 Starters (11 Offense & 11 Defense) * 11 Offense - QB / 2 RB / 3 WR / TE / 1 (QB/RB/WR/TE) / 2 (RB/WR/TE) / PK (Max of 2 QB / 4 RB / 5 WR / 3 TE) * 11 Defense - DT / 2 DE / 3 LB / 2 CB / 2 S / 1 (Any IDP) Scoring is set to look like real NFL scoring (simply the decimal point has been pushed back 1 space) Open Teams Team 2 comes with 2 QBs and 3 1st round picks, what more do you need? (1.05/ 1.08 / 1.12) Team 4 Comes with Watson, 1.01 and a extra 1st (1.09). Come and get it!! If interested or have questions email me at
  13. Just to be clear on this point, this is discussed quite a bit in the document. There are several crimes which could be related to taking information from the Russians - notably, campaign finance laws (taking something of value from a foreign government) and acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government. There were a couple others, and the criteria for each are complicated and i'm not going to spend Easter copy pasting from that pdf on my phone. What's weird is that he's denying that there's even a crime that could have been committed, when the report declines to prosecute on the crimes. I would think he'd stress that "my client is innocent" instead of "it's not even a crime" if he thought there was really "no evidence". It sounds like he's trying to change the narrative in advance of the news cycle catching up to the fact that there is, in fact, quite a bit of evidence.
  14. Doesn’t seem trivial to me. When I’ve traveled Europe I have never rented a car because i’ve never found it “necessary” given how awesome the public transit is. Obviously cars still exist there
  15. Am I reading that correctly...people with trauma were excluded from the study?
  16. Yeah, I don't speak for all therapists. I know some who are supportive. I'm not sure this is the thread to get into all that though.
  17. When you wrote that you thought they were "harmful overall" did you mean for trauma patients? If so, in layman's terms, would you explain why? I find this discussion interesting.
  18. Obviously not, for me. I think Coughlin has always been a blowhard and he knows LF is a good player who gives his team a better chance to win. And his legal "issues" are slow of season media fodder but don't amount to anything. As I expected, the critique of the trade (and I don't necessarily think it's wrong) boiled down to comparing best case scenario for Bell and worst for Fournette. To me, Bell's value drops quite a bit in non-ppr. And although I like Darnold, I still think the offense as a whole will struggle.
  19. Just a final note in this. The Jennings article was posted several times yesterday by Trump supporters who repeatedly claimed it showed no one would consider an alternative viewpoint. They were repeatedly asked, cajoled, pleaded with to discuss the article. Stealth to his credit finally responded, basically saying yeah he thinks Obama should have arrested Assange, thereby meaning Trump would have never had access or use of wikileaks during the campaign and all that that would have meant. I applaud him for that, that was an actual discussion, albeit a brief one. I did make a mistake with you Noonan. I thought you were discussing the Jennings piece I had asked Trump supporters to engage in. Instead you had posted a different Jennings hot take. - Little did I know or could I guess that you did not even know or (as you said) care about the author of the piece you were referring to. Anyway, fruitless exercise.
  20. Easter was the first holiday a couple months after my dad died 32 years ago. I still don't like this holiday.
  21. Always been a fan of H&O. Love the soul/R&B element of their music. Daryl Hall is generally underrated. Saw them on the H2O tour back in the day, and thinking of taking the wife to one of their shows this summer. Would love to see them perform one more time.
  22. You’re only the second psychotherapist I’ve seen comment on them. The first was supportive. So it’s 50-50 based on my extensive record-keeping.
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