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  2. I'l be watching to see what he does today as well but you do realize there is another option? Does anybody have a snap count of the 1st two games between Thompson and Darrel Williams?
  3. I was hoping the NFL would come down hard on Kraft, but instead he gets off with not even a stiff fine. Goodell really blew this one.
  4. Ros. Running and pass pro is going to be a problem. I own and love Edelman. But if the D isn’t worried about the run or deep ball they will focus on White, Edelman and putting Brady on his back.
  5. Had one for 5-6 years, kept losing my credit card, happened like 5 times over the course of 18 months. couldn't figure out why, finally realized it was slipping out of my wallet. Bought a new one at TJ Maxx for 15 bucks. somewhat incredibly, each time i lost it someone used it to ring up hundreds of dollars in charges within hours of me losing it. I do live in a big city but still thought that was pretty ridiculous.
  6. I think that was back when there were rumors of this being a sex-trafficking thing, and him even being aware of that.
  7. Are we even playing him if he does go? Why do I see an 8-10 touch game in our future?
  8. I would start Gore vs CIN over him in a heartbeat. Singletary is out, and Yeldon will get touches, but Gore is the lead back vs a bad run D.
  9. For something that presents itself as no new news, this is the most optimistic take on when Gordon has to report I have seen. “Which means that, given the team’s Week 12 bye, Gordon needs to show up after Week Five and before Week Six, since a three-week roster exemption would expire before Week Nine and make him eligible for eight games on the active roster, which would make him a free agent in 2020.” While it would still take some time to get him on the field, could this situation actually be resolved two weeks from tomorrow the Monday after Week 5?
  10. I’ve added a handful of these guys to my roster. Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of rolling out all bona fide 3-down backs in my deep league, so have to roll the dice and hopefully get lucky. And I know I’m not alone in this regard.
  11. In my big $ keeper league with .25/ppc and 1.5/ppr for RBs, he’s probably gonna be my Flex option; just need to decide which WR to bench (Diggs, ARob, Lockett, or J Brown of Buffalo)
  12. I got one of these about 2 years ago. License, 2 credit cards, debit card, insurance card, a little cash, and 2 house keys. Although now I also carry around an allergy card in Korean since we moved to Koreatown. My father has carried a folding wallet 3”-4” thick for as long as I can remember. No wonder he walks with a limp.
  13. No clue if AB did it or not, but forcible rape and paying a willing participant for sex are not remotely the same thing. That's like saying doing a dash and dine is the same as paying for your meal.
  14. There were people saying he could possibly lose the franchise. Now it seems like it’s just gonna blow over with no repercussions.
  15. Yeah, I'm starting to get concerned. The path to the right candidate just isn't very clear. Warren is fantastic in so many ways. A truly impressive woman. I'd vote for her, but she is too liberal for me. More importantly, I think she's too liberal for most voters. A moderate makes sense in 2020, to me, and the only viable one, right now, is Biden. And that's a world of trouble of course. Personally, I'd love for Pete or Klobuchar to get some real traction. They aren't perfect, but man, a moderate that's not an 80-year old gaffe machine would be fantastic.
  16. Agreed. I'm going to watch it again because it was so complex. Incredible, including the animation, but incredibly deep. Started this one night this week because of you guys- thanks! Ended up binging (and finishing) almost the entire season last night...thanks? Genuinely compelling show. I'm a fan of shows and movies that play with reality vs psychosis/other- and this does it really well. Yeah, trippy as hell with some great use of animation to further the story, and also really nicely written characters and relationships which could be argued to be the core of the story. Really liked this one and will likely watch again.
  17. @KarmaPolice the only one of those stats that seems to be junk is the 8%. If we are talking gun deaths, assault rifles definitely are less than 2%. I personally prefer to separate suicides when talking about guns.
  18. Depending on who is out today- who should I start. Matt Breida. Darwin Thompson. Jordan Wilkins. Josh Jacobs --1/2 ppr thanks--
  19. I have a PPR flex start question.. due to a trade I made Thursday night I’m trying to pick one of the following for my final flex spot P. Williams Arcega-Whiteside Ty Johnson J. Jackson Any thoughts?
  20. Tony Kornheiser. I read him as a kid in the Washington post and followed him to radio, TV and now podcast. Even though he is an integral part of one of the most influential shows in the history of television (the sidebar with timer and the back and forth with Wilbon has spread its DNA to virtually every TV show made since), I can’t lie and say he’s the best writer, the funniest or most talented entertainer, but he has gotten me through school, several jobs, countless traffic jams, dog walks, beach vacations, plane rides and anywhere else you can imagine. More than any other “entertainer”, Mr Tony, TK, Mr. Porthouser, Doctor Tony, The HOF WOF, and just Tony, has been the background music to my entire life.
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