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  2. Not much competition left if we want Rosen. Maybe San Diego or Denver?
  3. SLAM DUNK Jones literally does nothing betting in a nothing conference over Haskins outside of move better. He has no arm for MetLife in winter.
  4. Every QB Cutcliffe touches automatically becomes a Manning. It's just simple logic if you're willing to follow it....
  5. Can you dorks let the guy play 1 down before you get stupid?
  6. If you knew at draft time what you know about Gronk now he still wouldn’t have gone 8 to a rational team. Dumb a$$ pick.
  7. Imagine if they took Hollywood. Complimentary skills.
  8. Obviously all the reports say this was Dan’s pick. Will be interesting to see if Jay is free to start who he wants week 1.
  9. For what it's worth, I'm sorry for your loss. I know you may not want to hear that from me right now. I accept your middle finger and will table our discussion for another time. Also of note, my wife's brother shot himself 22 years ago this October. One of the bridesmaids in our wedding killed herself about 10 years ago. (didn't use a gun) My sister tried to overdose when she was 17.
  10. Did anyone really think Rosen could garner a 1st round pick? Insanity at this point.
  11. Cameron Wolfe‏Verified account @CameronWolfe 6m6 minutes ago Dolphins GM Chris Grier said they are "investigating all avenues" in regards to a Josh Rosen trade with Arizona.
  12. Giants select the guy that made the Manta suit for Aquaman.
  13. How is this trampling people’s rights? If I was a taxpayer in Los Angeles I would not want the city to hire contractors with ties to the NRA. The contractor doesn’t have to give that information up- only if they seek a city contract.
  14. Bernie Bros are simple enough. Be fair, don't systematically screw over their candidate, and you won't incite their wrath.
  15. The thing this audio does is it says Hill was the one alone with the child when his arm was broken. DA said it was abuse but basically didn’t know which parent did it.
  16. I hate the Jones pick at 6 but there are legit reasons to take Jones over Haskins. Not saying it will work out but Haskins was not a slam dunk over Jones.
  17. TE At 8 is such a Lions move. Msybe this one will will work out better than their last one
  18. That was a game the Bs had to have. Ended up being tougher than I expected but we’ll take it
  19. Two Guards taken before any Tackles has got to be some sort of rarity, especially since there are a couple pretty highly rated OTs. Very interesting.
  20. Giants actually making us Jets fans feel good about ourselves. Yeah, this can be bumped for ridicule in about 6 months.
  21. Oh goody the pick is in... Cant wait. Giants take the CFO of the AAF.
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