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  2. I'd start a Gofundme and donate money to you if you'd take the time to address all those facts about Trump. Would love to see you attempt to spin, deflect, and buttery males your way out of all that.
  3. The most remarkable thing about this damning list may be that it's not even close to comprehensive.
  4. True....but there's hundreds of thousands of people between WF and's not like the Night King can't make an army pretty quickly.
  5. They invite very selectively ever since Rodgers had his embarrassing slide. And if a guy is waiting a while they move him out of the green room so the cameras dont focus on him as they did Rodgers. According to the recent Rodgers smear article, that slide may have affected him significantly on a mental level
  6. Do you think he pushes Freeman out? or that he just does more with what he is given? or something else?(not trying to out words in your mouth)
  7. Couldn't Democrats build their case through hearings (and maybe another investigation) instead of building it through impeachment?
  8. Hard for me to agree to this line of thinking when he was surrounded by a pitiful supporting cast last year. I believe Denver made a huge hire with Mularkey who I think will do miracles with their OL, like the Scangarello OC hire due to Kyle/Mike Shanahan coaching tree with deep roots in RB success, feel like Flacco is at least an upgrade over Keenum, they might take a TE early and if Sanders is healthy the two rookie WR's from last year should be better. In short everything around him looks better and you are the second person to say he reached his zenith or will never have a year like that again. I can't get my head around that. I don't think he has a lot more upside over what he was last year, just hard for me to think it was the best we've seen.
  9. The Hod King was great. same great writing as the first two. The structure is a little different but the story continues from the conclusion of Spinx.
  10. Bernie confirming the nothing burger, smartly trying to get away from nothing burgers.
  11. Well, I think I nailed my 200s workout. Or I went too fast. I have no idea. The description says to run it at a pace that I'd race an 800m race. Well, since I've never raced anything like that before, I have absolutely no idea. So, I did some complicated calculations, looked at what I did last year, measured wind speed and direction, watched a few squirrels, carried the 1, and decided to just run what felt good and what I could at least do one time around the track or whatever. I don't know if there's benefit or downside to going too fast or too slow, so I'm open to any recommendations or critiques on it since I have to do it again each of the next few weeks. Weather shaping up to be lovely on Sunday so let's hope it holds up. Oh, and shaved another pound off (down to 203). :flex: ETA -- I thought of The Freeze chasing me on a few of my intervals. I wouldn't stand a chance against that dude.
  12. @turnerj0 you are trying too hard for "likes". 😉 I am sure you will get lots of them in this echo chamber. Not going to waste my time refuting the many inaccuracies of your post.
  13. Completely different jurisdictions and circumstances, but I thought of the Hill case when I read this release from Miami Gardens Police this morning. Wheels of justice move much more quickly at home of Dolphins Stadium! Miami Gardens, FL - On Sunday, April 21, 2019, at approximately 04:14 a.m., Miami Gardens Police Officers were dispatched to Jackson North Medical facility in reference to a 4-year-old male suffering from burns. The investigation revealed that the victim was in the care of the subject, Khalil Malik Jabali, B/M, 23 years old. The male victim was left alone in a bathroom after having soiled his clothing while sleeping. The subject prepared a bowl of hot water in the bathroom and left, upon his return he discovered the victim had sustained severe burns from the bowl of hot water. The subject and the victim’s mother transported the victim to Jackson North Hospital. During the course of the investigation, the subject was charged with Aggravated Child Abuse and transported to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. On April 22, 2019, a 6-year-old female sibling was interviewed at Christie House in reference to the on-going investigation. As a result, subject Khalil Malik Jabali was additionally charged.
  14. 🤷‍♂️ I don't "know" kurt that well enough. I just have his number from here and some extra curricular dealings. I reached out to him about payment a few times and he said no problem and then i gave jmon his number.
  15. There have been 20 government shutdowns. Most recent 3 were under Trump, Obama and Clinton. 17 times before then. Not really an anomaly. Come on, at least make an effort to be nonpartisan. There have been 10 government shutdowns (there have been 22 instances where funding theoretically stopped, but only 10 of them resulted in any services being shut down or any employees being furloughed) The most recent 3 were under Trump, Trump, and Obama.
  16. A lot of acoustic cover versions fall flat for me. The covering artists often try to be overly reverent towards the original and end up scrubbing all the life out of the song. Beam's version of Love Vigilantes is stripped down to be sure but he transforms the song. A listener unfamiliar with the original could easily be convinced it' comes from an 1880s folk song rather than 1980s synthpop
  17. Hating President Trump is not an irrational position. Perhaps we need to again summarize everything we know about him. There are the things we know for certain about Trump: 1) He heads an administration that has overseen the separation from their parents and/or incarceration of hundreds of children for the express purpose of deterrence a. When two of the children died in custody, he failed to offer any condolences to the families, instead using their deaths for political attacks 2) He has advocated killing the families of enemy combatants 3) He made multiple pro-violence statements at his rallies, including saying “I’d like to punch him in the face,” saying “maybe he should have been roughed up,” saying “part of the problem is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore”, and offering to pay the legal bills of supporters who physically harmed people protesting against him 4) He praised a Republican Congressman who was convicted of physically assaulting a reporter 5) He was complicit in helping to cover up the brutal murder of an American journalist by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia a. He has failed to perform his legal duty by not providing Congress with a sufficient explanation of this incident b. His administration has attempted to bypass Congressional oversight in selling nuclear technology to this nation that embraces many elements of Wahhabism 6) He continues to push for American involvement in a conflict in Yemen that has resulted in large numbers of civilian deaths, despite Congress’ resolution attempting to end American involvement 7) He has praised Kim Jong Un, the person generally considered to be the most ruthless dictator in the world, a man who has brutally executed hundreds of people and who tortures thousands in gulags, by saying he loves him a. He has failed to condemn this tyrant’s torture and brutal murder of an American citizen, and has in fact attempted to diminish Kim’s culpability in that heinous crime 😎 He has lied to the American people about the threat posed by North Korea 9) He has praised Recep Erdogan, another authoritarian leader who has imprisoned more journalists than any other person in the world, saying “He does things the right way” while giving him a fist bump a. His administration attempted to hand over a cleric under our protection to this dictator, which would have almost certainly condemned him to torture and death 10) He has praised Rodrigo Duterte, an autocrat who openly supports extrajudicial killings. Trump called these extrajudicial killings “an unbelievable job.” 11) He has repeatedly sided with Vladimir Putin, the man who organized an attack on American democracy, on a range of issues, often insulting some of the United States’ most loyal and patriotic civil servants in the process 12) Following an attempted terrorist attack against multiple current and former American government officials, he failed to reach out to any of the intended targets, he failed to name any of the intended targets in public speech, he whined about coverage of the incident taking away attention from his party, and then he joined calls for one of the intended targets to be imprisoned 13) On multiple occasions, he has retweeted blatantly anti-Semitic messages 14) He has called the free press the “Enemy of the People”, a phrase usually reserved for totalitarian dictators and as antithetical to American values as any words can possibly be 15) He said “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening”, an equally chilling statement that embodies the spirit of totalitarian regimes 16) He has called for the creation of a government-run television channel with the express purpose of broadcasting propaganda 17) He hired and continues to employ a campaign manager/counselor who used the phrase “alternative facts” 18) He has parroted Kremlin propaganda about a number of issues including the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan 19) He hired and/or employed all of the following: a. A National Security Adviser indicted and who pleaded guilty to a federal crime b. A campaign chairman who was found guilty of multiple federal crimes including Conspiracy Against the United States i. This Trump ally is known to have given election polling data to a Russian spy ii. Trump was also involved in a joint defense agreement with this convicted felon c. A deputy campaign chairman who pleaded guilty to federal crimes including Conspiracy Against the United States d. A foreign policy advisor who pleaded guilty to a federal crime e. A Secretary of the Interior who was forced out of office due to multiple investigations into ethics violations f. An EPA administrator who was under 14 separate federal investigations during his tenure g. An Acting Attorney General who brazenly ignored the advice of Department of Justice ethics officials h. A staff secretary credibly accused of domestic violence against multiple women i. A press secretary who admitted under penalty of perjury that she lies to the American people in official press conferences j. A personal lawyer who stated it is ok to receive and use information coming from enemy nations 20) He has had his personal lawyer testify under oath that he directed the commission of federal crimes designed to influence the election 21) One of his oldest and closest advisors has been indicted for witness tampering and obstruction of justice 22) After calling himself the law and order candidate, as president he pardoned a political ally convicted of contempt of court without going through the usual process or providing any legitimate explanation for the pardon 23) After repeatedly dodging the draft during the Vietnam War, he said that John McCain, a soldier who was captured fighting in that war, was not a hero a. He continues to insult this American hero after his death and despite the pleas of that man’s family not to 24) He refused to go to a Veterans’ Day memorial because it was raining 25) He gave classified information from Israel, one of our greatest historical allies, to Russia, one of our greatest historical enemies 26) On multiple occasions he has attempted to put his thumb on the scales of justice by making statements about ongoing investigations and trials, and in some cases even commenting directly on witnesses and their families 27) He claimed that a Hispanic judge couldn’t be impartial because of his ethnicity 28) He called for a complete ban of all members of a particular religion from entering the United States 29) He mocked a private citizen over a divorce 30) He endorsed a politician credibly accused of pedophilia 31) He has made multiple denigrating comments about women who criticized him, including: a. “Miss housekeeping” b. “Bleeding very badly from a face lift” c. “Look at that face…would anyone vote for that?” d. “Miss piggy” 32) He was caught on tape talking about how he gropes women without their permission 33) He said that attempted rape doesn’t matter as long as he wins political victories 34) He instituted the longest government shutdown in American history, causing significant pain to hundreds of thousands of Americans 35) He has made more than 9,000 verifiably false statements to the American people 36) He has described a political opponent’s actions as “unforgivable”, an incredibly anti-Christian statement 37) He said he does not ask God for forgiveness Those are just the things we know without any doubt are true. There are so many other things, just as bad if not worse, that have not been proven with 100% certainty, but that are supported by such a preponderance of evidence that no reasonable person could doubt them, including: 1) He used illegal business practices to defraud students for his personal financial gain 2) He and his family misused a charitable organization for personal financial gain 3) He is using his current office for the financial benefit of himself and his family in violation of the spirit of, and possibly the letter of, the Constitution 4) He had his lawyer hire an IT firm to rig election polls in his favor 5) He threatened to withhold badly needed federal aid to California over a political squabble 6) He has exposed sensitive information to adversaries like China and Russia through the use of unsecured communications devices 7) He bypassed usual process and the recommendations of intelligence officials by ordering that potentially compromised supporters, including his son-in-law, be inappropriately given security clearances 8) He had an affair with a porn star while his wife was raising their newborn son 9) He had multiple affairs while married to previous wives 10) He has been accused of sexual assault by nearly two dozen women You might not personally hate Trump. One could make the argument that hatred of anyone is wrong. But clearly hating him is not irrational. For those who believe that some people are deserving of hatred (which I suspect most people do), it is pretty easy to make an argument that he is among the most deserving.
  18. I don't know how many opinions have actually been changed, but there are more people expressing political beliefs similar to mine than there were 2 years ago. Many more than five years ago. It was pretty lonely ten years ago. And fifteen years ago it was pretty hostile against my political beliefs. And lets not even mention how the first year of forums felt in the aftermath of 9-11. So maybe its just that more people with similar beliefs as mine have join the forum while those with other beliefs have disappeared. Maybe its just who comes out of the wood work at any given time. I'm not sure what has happened and maybe individual people haven't changed their beliefs but the predominant thoughts of the board in aggregate as a whole certainly has. And while some of the board's impatient liberals have grown frustrated, I have some hopes that what has happened here is slowly and quietly happening elsewhere. That Obama was the tiny little course corrections that set us up for the long term (despite Trump's efforts to undo them all). We need to keep plugging away with good ideas and hope that there is a marketplace for ideas where the better ideas ultimately prevail. Though unlike in the early lonely days around here there are a lot more, and a lot better "voices" for these ideas today.
  19. From the Both Sides Department: Tucker Carlson Hillary Clinton
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