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  2. What are you mad at me for? I'm not the one that called her a ####!
  3. Glad you are back to being totally oblivious to the crap people on your side spews. Pathetic really, but I have come to expect zero sense of balance from you. I don't recall taking issue with that particular statement from whoknew, which I see no issue with. What set off the ####storm was Tobias and his insanely absurd comment: "this whole shtick where conservatives feign interest in fighting anti-Semitism when it serves a narrow political purpose, and then turn around and ignore, amplify and even occasionally embrace white nationalism, is downright nauseating."
  4. Wow, that's pretty nuts. I'm a Hill guy but give me the package all day.
  5. Also Weber has been working well behind Pollard and hasn't impressed, and Alf at this stage is really just depth. I don't think it would be any sort of real committee situation if Zeke isn't there.
  6. FFPC Dynasty Team A: Receives K.Golliday, T.Cohen, 2020 1st (looks mid rd), 2020 1st (looks mid rd) Team B: T.Hill Seems like a serious overpay for Hill
  7. We've got openings in both our King of the Hill and our King of the Mountain Tournaments King of the Hill is $20 Entry - 1st Place - $200, 2nd Place - $100, 3rd Place - $20 Draft Monday Sep 2 @ 8:00pm EDT King of the Mountain is $35 Entry - 1st Place - $350, 2nd Place - $150, 3rd Place - $60 Draft Monday Sep 2 @ 9:00pm EDT hosted on Both are 16 team tournaments, Formation Rosters, Ladder Schedule, Every Round of the draft randomized in advance Click on the links for details and entry forms or email AssociatedFantasy@ for more info
  8. Your first suggestion here is exactly what we do in our biggest league. About 10 days prior to our scheduled online draft, we have a "random order lottery pull" . I get someone who is NOT a league member, to pull names out of a hat. Then I contact each person as their name has been pulled, and tell them what spots are available. (You get pulled first, you get your choice of any spot, then the next guy pulled can pick from any spot available, and so on, and so on) The only person that essentially has no choice, is the guy who is pulled last. Side note - the guy that got pulled #1 last year in our league, was pulled dead last this year. I play in several leagues a year, with many of the same guys, and they all like this. It has went over extremely well, as it gives them a bit of control in their biggest league. In the smaller leagues, we don't usually do this. I actually like both ways, as I feel I can adjust faster "on-the-fly" than some of the other owners can. But I don't mind the slot selection either. As far as trading of draft spots, I think it can and should be allowed, but only when everyone agrees. Thats one idea I haven't sold everyone on yet in our leagues. The overwhelming feeling from some of these guys is they don't want the "hassle" of going to that much effort of offering and swapping picks. They feel like they might get taken advantage of. At this stage, its just not something most of my league mates want to do. TZM
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  10. I am on the other side. I like Woods, unconvinced about AJo and DamWil. Adams seems like one of the surest bets this year.
  11. have him on one ffpc team... have him on one ffpc team... got him in the 14th on the dip. we will see if he has any value at all. not sold right now in re-draft or dynasty... but if you can get him at the right price worth the gamble IMO.
  12. Thats the issue, it doesn't have to be a whole evening. Nor a whole week. This can be done in such a fashion where it wouldn't hurt their "preseason $100 product". The "sneak peek" is supposed to attract viewers and customers...(I guess..??? Is that even the real reason?) Even just say a 2 or 3 hour window of RedZone would attract far more customers, if it had actual recognizable football names, not some "working class guy" type players fighting for the last few roster spots. I seriously doubt a 2 or 3 hour window will kill any of the NFL's "preseason product", or paying customers. I'm trying to think of it from a casual viewers perspective, not one who has been familiar with RedZone for years. It just seems like a no brainer win-win for me for the NFL, when it comes to RedZone (and how they utilize it) anyway. TZM
  13. I’ve always been a fan of Monty but I believe at the end of the year they both will be 1000 yard rushers. Tex
  14. I've learned not to trust NE RBs until mid season and later, when attrition and the need for stretch run wins force Big Bellie to show his hand. He always saves the best for last.
  15. Whelp, I have a lot of shares of Kyler in cheaper leagues but used the quiet week 2 preseason game to finally snag him in one of the high stakes league. I still overpaid, but this guy was not dealing at all a week ago. Gave: Wilson, Duke, 2020 2nd (late) Got: Kyler, 2020 3rd This is the best I've ever felt about overpaying for a guy I liked, and I've had some overpays really work out in the past. The tough thing about Murray is I think he's a good buy as a future stud but in most of the leagues where I don't have him the guy who took him feels the same way about him. It makes buying low tough.
  16. Montgomery hype from the coaches is almost as high as it was for Rashaad Penny headed into his rookie year! Not quite to Joe Williams levels though. No one is standing on tables for him or anything.
  17. Please don’t steal my shtick, I TM’d this.
  18. Looking through podcasts on my drive home, and Billy has Stephen A. Smith on?
  19. I doubt it's their decision. It requires a deal with the NFL to be allowed to operate Redzone at all, and the NFL sells preseason action for $100. I doubt the NFL has any interest in giving up the only preseason week that matters so Redzone can do a dry run.
  20. I dunno. From my view, Jacobs has plenty of upside right now, perhaps even most in his class for 2019 at least, considering his usage (all downs, all zones) and competition (hardly any); and far from a safe floor with the Raiders' uber tough schedule and potential team fragility, given Chucky's unpredictable nature should they come outta the gate losing games soundly. Raiders seem very binary heading into 2019, and that extends almost directly to a featured rookie like JJ. I would be just as unsurprised to see Jacobs flop hard as I would to see him finish as rookie of the year and a top ten fantasy RB. That said, there is real upside here if the 50% turned-over roster makes for a significantly better Raiders in 2019. Those new names are almost exclusively upgrades in talent, on paper at least.
  21. To a point. If a guy in your 2nd tier is going to be a 4th round pick because of his ADP, listen to ADP, because chances are good your league-mates will let you wait until at least the 3rd to get him. That’s just free money you’re throwing away otherwise.
  22. The Venn diagram for uneducated and pitbull owners is basically concentric circles.
  23. rumor is CFO who makes WWE entrances have possible left. nothing concrete
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