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  2. I think the league had said to the press if teams are constantly having players suspended then the teams might forfeit picks. If KC is worried about having to much focus on them about having players with character issues and worry that the league was going to act in that manner then they may cut Hill. Remember hunt was never charged if I remember right. KC cut him quickly as the video was proof and they were kind of left with the same choice Baltimore had. My main point is that the league is a bunch of billionaires, and the owners as a group don't want the bottom line cash to be affected. Domestic Violence, Child abuse etc affect sponsors and ratings. Owners see cash leaving their pockets hence Goddell acts
  3. um, wouldn't you want jo to get as much rest time as possible?
  4. 8.Canada - Memoryhouse - "The Kids Were Wrong" (Dream Pop) Moderately obscure female-fronted dream pop, because, well, that's my wheelhouse
  5. This is one I saved about 10 seconds in ... Ima little further now ... let's see if I am/was right... ....tension build up ----- boom = 1:19 or so... Very 80's sounding to me, but says it is a 2008 release. I was right in my gut instinct. Kept it saved. 👍 Also - this: 👌
  6. I also have tempered expectations for ASJ and like that piece a little as well. Doesn't really move the needle but still.
  7. Are you proposing that mass shootings would decrease a lot do to training, testing and licensing?
  8. People do realize that the kid can be returned to the custody of Hill and his fiancé right?...its not a done deal that the kid is removed forever.....we aren’t looking at termination of parental rights get taken out of their parents custody temporarily all the time...and then returned after services are put in place, etc.....there is a chance the child will be returned soon....
  9. Anybody ready for another ride on the Cam Bedrosian Express?
  10. I imagine there are more people that agree with you on that. I just am willing to bet that he will be the guy (this year anyway), and his value is either going to spike or fall after this weekend. I feel 1.09 is in the middle enough for me to pull the trigger now. But I haven't been able to find such a deal. And if I'm right his price will go up. But I am certainly in the minority.
  11. White walkers take winterfell and march to king's landing. They win and are about to kill cersei and what is left when she offers her newborn as a sacrifice (i e. Craster). White walkers then retreat north. Not likely, but just a thought. I would have said maybe john/danny love child but that would take to long with number of episodes left
  12. yeah, just horrific ranking ...also a curious "deep-cut" song selection. please continue.
  13. Love that one. I picked it in one of the year end song drafts My go to top off the Jeep song! Bernal Heights is an isolated little neighborhood in SF, nestled between Mission St. and Bayshore. Most of the Jeeps there are driven by Lesbians.
  14. No, it seems like Republicans exist to make sure Republicans win elections, policies and stuff like that are immaterial. Other political parties at least attempt to make it look like they are governing.
  15. Apology accepted. Started off well, but then nothing...
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