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  2. Did I just see them pan in on a guy in a plaid shirt.....he’s my guy what’s his name? A real Joe middle class.
  3. Glad to see the endless streak continues. Add this to the latest thread that turns into the alias/trolling/unfair moderation merry go round. Congratulations team PSF for keeping the streak alive!
  4. The training camp news sounds better than it is. It does eliminate the possibility of him being put on the exempt list or being suspended indefinitely but he could still get an 8 game suspension and be at training camp. All the news as been trending towards a shorter suspension though.
  5. If you want to save the trouble from typing it once a deal is reached, we all know you and the regular bunch in here will claim “bad deal” no matter what it is so let this save that time and allocate it to doomsday prep.
  6. I hadn't thought of this - but, yeah.
  7. So I’m in the middle of fighting a hornets nest while listening to the Open Floor podcast. They bring up a good point that the worst case scenario for Kemba walker would be to get stuck in Charlotte for multiple years (might just be these hornets but I definitely agree). Got me wondering which player currently in the NBA is in the most Barry Sanders-esque situation. There certainly are a few possible answers but I might have to go with Bradley Beal. Not sure if he is a top 20 guy in the league but we will never really know being stuck on the wizards. I think he might be the player in the league I think the most that needs to be free’d. Was possibly thinking KAT, but he Seems to be little bit a part of the non success. Kind of like Booker who is an exceptional talent, but he really doesn’t try a ton on defense to put him in a similar sad situation like Beal.
  8. Rooney scores from Timbuktu distance
  9. So, if you are looking for confirmation that your wife isn't very bright and has passed that gene on to your daughter... confirmed.
  10. Reddit quarantined The_Donald for "threats of violence against police and public officials." Too little, too late
  11. That's sort of what I figured, which is why the whole "save the animals" angle seems so odd to me.
  12. Video of police arriving. With acting that good he will find a new job in no time.
  13. For those who wish to live stream the debate (in pre-debate programming now)
  14. Only one was whimpering at running a 3rd leg. Same person that was whimpering before his 2nd leg.
  15. You were the one who said your highly scientific study has high sensitivity; so I ask you what is the value of its sensitivity, you tell me to go figure it out myself and your done talking. That's funny. I dont care who you are, that's funny.
  16. Trying to figure out dinner tonight, and my wife and I cant make a decision. Looking for a hail mary from you guys. Any must dos?
  17. I think everyone wants it to end. In fact, I'd go so far as to say nobody wanted it to start.
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