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  2. How does healthcare in the ER work for uninsured American citizens? Do any of them get it "free" (as in, they never pay?)
  3. We often confuse a positive result with a smart decision.
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  5. It corresponds to the money the state of Denmark give the semiautonomous Greenland to spend per year (probably more like 5-600 million, though). But not sure it's a net net number because of income taxes on people/businesses and other state revenues.
  6. He's been told to pound sand by the Danish PM and the people of Greenland already, so obviously he's gonna double down on stupid ETA: And if he cancels his visit to Denmark over this, most Danes will rejoice
  7. Welp. My turn. I have been carrying 214-216 for a couple months. It was a slow increase that started after the holidays. I need to be sub 200. I love 190. I'm going to fast my way into ketosis. My last meal was 16 hours ago, a steak and mushroom omelette, toast with butter and jelly, almost 32 oz of fresh squeezed OJ.. I spoiled myself. I ran five miles, swam until I was exhausted and I will wake up in 8 hours and do it again. No food tomorrow. Maybe no food the next day. I want to get in ketosis asap. THEN try a very green, very low calorie, low carb, diet. Not sure how that works, but I am ready to starve myself to 195 if necessary. Been there done that, soooo.
  8. I was most impressed by his hands. A couple of those throws weren’t on target and he caught them easily. He looks like he could threaten Michel and White’s workload.
  9. Among the Proud Boys? I doubt it. racists no matter violent or not are a waste of life. Have zero business living. If it was up to me I'd Germany all of the White Nationalist and make it illegal. Put them all on the terror watch list and start hunting. I want leaders heads on platters (Not literally) cut off the heads of the snake's and you got nothing but a bunch of groups that are barely working The maintenance dept called. Your sarcasm meters need adjustment
  10. Want I’m saying is that if you have all the bases covered from a team that averages scoring at the top of the league that you’re going to score more than than teams pulling from lower scoring teams and your score will be consistent. I also don’t consider this stacking, more saturating
  11. NFL Week 2 preseason takeaways: Daniel Jones flashes again, Jacoby Brissett looks ready, Steelers 'D' on point
  12. If I don't get at least one more person to join, then in the next 3 hours I'm going to behead by stuffed teddy bear I've had since I was 6 mos. old. You've been warned.
  13. You'd have to believe in DW lasting as a starter to keep Thompson off the field. I have zero faith on DW's ability to hold down that job.he has just 139 touches to his name in the past 2 seasons. I just don't see him magically holding up for 235 carries, 50 recs and so on. I'm sure Reid plans to use DT as a Tarik Cohen type, same offense as Nagy's right? DT with more upside since he has less talent in front of him ( DW and Hyde are lesser backs - Hyde might not even make the team). Reid was quoted as saying that DT is another Brian Westbrook - after seeing how he looks so far, that's pretty much all I need to hear. he's got a real shot at making a huge impact as a rookie.
  14. I have him as a WR2 now with borderline WR1 upside in dynasty. I understand people not being as high on him, but WR3 seems a bit low for a player with his talent, size, age & opportunity. They make a pretty convincing case for that here:
  15. he's out of football for good if he leaves the Raiders.he'll be blacklisted. it's 100% clear he does NOT want to play for Oaktown,and probably equally clear that he simply does not want to play football anymore. how did the 'vaunted' Steelers organization allow both he and Bell to act up like this for all these years? who the hell is in control in the steelers front office? wow
  16. When u have the chance to have a starting line up with 4 top 12 guys you take it imo. I wouldn't stress to much about the 6th round.
  17. Dynasty, 10 Team, PPR Team A gets Antonio Brown Team B gets 2020 2nd (probably early), P Campbell
  18. But how does the fact that the players are all on the same team alter this in any way? What if you had 3 elite players, all on different teams, all scoring the same over the course of the year? Wouldn't you still score the same # of points on a weekly basis? it’s a false premise/confirmation bias. You assign value to the fact that they’re all on the same team, when there could be other explanations. Maybe you did it & it worked, but stacking isn’t why it worked. Note - i’m absolutely not saying that you can’t win by “stacking” - of course you can. But you can also score the exact same point totals from each position whether you have 3 players from 1 team or from 2 teams or from 3 teams. Heck, one player could get traded mid-season & you’d have 3 players from 4 different teams - and so long as they all scored their expected seasonal points or better, you’d have the exact same results. this is a hill I’m prepared to die on.
  19. I watched this game just now. Well, the first half of it anyway, and my takeaway is that yes, Harris looked pretty good hitting the holes and grinding out the yards. However, the real takeaway was how well the Oline blocked and disguised the run /pass plays that ultimately left the holes open for Harris to hit at full speed. They looked the part of road graders and Wynn specifically looked awesome. He had some great blocks, but that one that allowed Bolden to score was sick. In any case, Harris looks like he has the blount role locked up. He most definitely does not look like a feature back to me.
  20. Atlanta is now gone. The Jets, Tennessee, Washington and Arizona are available. Hoist the colors with us! Reply here with interest , PM me or check in in our forum on the huddle!
  21. FMIA: Kyler Murray, All-In On Arizona; Raiders, ‘All-Out’ On Antonio Brown?
  22. Could Jadeveon Clowney help solve one of the Jets' biggest problems?
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