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  2. Sanders was unimpressive with Howard out, and Hunt is the clear 2nd fiddle (used as a fullback at times). That leaves Mixon, who's going to get a lot of touches (even if the matchup isn't the best).
  3. In the UK, Friday is t-shirt day as promoted by BBC Radio where listeners are encouraged to wear their favorite band shirts to work. We're not that civilized yet so I'll do a thread instead. I have too many band shirts and Mrs. Eephus has a lot more than I do. Merch sales are vitally important to touring musicians nowadays so for me, it's become as much about supporting the artist as it is about flying the flag. The first one I ever bought was this Pink Floyd shirt at the first concert I went to as a teenager. At $500 for a vintage one, I'll pass on the nostalgia. My most recent one is for Strand of Oaks because I liked the ravens on it. I don't know if I have a favorite but when I went to a band shirt themed party last year, I wore one like this to rep obscure LA powerpop band Tsar.
  4. At RB, I'd go with Guice. The other 2 are, at best, 2nd fiddle in a RBBC. If Kamara gets hurt, Murray becomes the clear choice. At WR, I'm leaning towards Fuller, who had a big night tonight. I'd watch and see who does the best over the next couple of weeks.
  5. Yeah, no way he doesn't say something to at least his teammates. I could believe everything staying hush hush if it was an in house at practice thing, but no way from another team.
  6. I assume you didn't play Hilton tonight (first week back from injury isn't usually very good). I'd go with Adams and Godwin in addition to Jones (all look to be top 10 WR this week).
  7. For all us older folk Former Viking and one of the last straight on kickers, Fred cox
  8. If Democrats gain control of the White House and both chambers of Congress in 2020 like Republicans did in 2000 after impeaching Clinton, would the Democratic Party consider the 2020 election cycle a success?
  9. Belvedere
  10. the NFL will do whatever is within a Billion dollar per year industry’s interests. including reinstating Garrett next year.
  11. Hey guys, did you hear there was a poll!?!?!?!?! 🤣🤣🤣
  12. That's what you are doing. You are wish-casting then telling people to keep denying your wishes. lmao Meanwhile we still have a two days of testimony that were very destructive to the president as they exposed many of his lies and illegal workings.
  13. Driving home today I was listening to sports talk. Former Offensive Tackle Tyler Polumbus was on. He stated that in every game the NFL has mikes on two offensive linemen and generally also the Q.B. So the NFL can, after the game, review in game comments. This was news to me. If true the league would be in an informed position when it disbelieves Garrets claims, as apparently it has here. If not, I don't know why Mr. Polumbus would have made the claim. Perhaps somebody here would know whether this claim is true or not nd if so how to verify it.
  14. Keep denying, and by all means, don't step out of the bubble. We'll do this again in a few weeks. Sound good? Looking forward to it.
  15. And you keep trying to not talk about the facts of the impeachment.
  16. I haven't seen many transcripts of diplomatic phone calls, but it seems to me that "Do us a favor" and "Talk to Rudy" would raise some huge red flags with the diplomatic and/or intelligence community. These guys know that the President's personal lawyer isn't part of the foreign policy team. But I do agree with your overall point that there are things that Trump could have done to minimize the odds of getting caught. That's why this whole thing is known as Stupid Watergate.
  17. How Antonio Brown's Countersuit Gamble Impacts His Chances of Returning to the NFL
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