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  2. Weird. I'm finding this not only fun, but finding stuff I haven't previously drafted is a cinch. Things I hadn't even considered are presenting themselves. I think the date restriction is helping me out.
  3. One of my favorite things about this league will always be opening my email inbox and seeing this.
  4. I was wondering when this was going to happen. Going down tomorrow. Chains have been wrapped around the front entrance (my office is next door) for weeks and apart from an occasional protester, it's been relatively quite since the military attache buildings were taken by Guaido. In the last few days an entire manifesto had been posted in adjacent windows. I'm trying to get some work wrapped up before next week and when I return from grabbing a bite to eat, I discover the beginnings of a gathering, Secret Service agents, and some cameras. Americans (boomer age) have been filtering into a back entrance to the building. I'm done for the evening and checking out the activity outside. At one point, dozens of people (boomer Americans, Vietnam vet in a wheelchair included) pour out from the rear of the building to wave their signs and sing a ballad. I had a bourbon and cigarette in hand, so no room for a camera. Returned for my camera and submitting these pics. At one point we had five Secret Service vehicles stationed there. I'm staying, because this place was originally a residence (and FOR SALE). We'll see what goes down tomorrow. Hoping these are a good link. Misplaced a previous imgur account.
  5. Buddhists do three Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. At least the monks do.
  6. conduct detrimental to the league. This is pretty much the Zeke scenario....
  7. I am proposing that training, testing and licensing requirements for gun ownership would significantly help reduce our country's gun violence down to the levels of other developed countries. As for how it would impact mass shootings, the testing wouldn't just test the knowledge they learned in their training, but would also test their psyche, and red flag those with the psychological conditions we've identified in mass shooters. If the red flagged tester wants to appeal the red flag, they can get evaluated by a psychiatrist who then has the power to award or deny the license to the tester.
  8. people are not going to care one way or another, I don't think people are leaving in droves over DV from a couple KC players.....that only happened when the President made kneeling political.....
  9. Put me in the camp that says while in prison no, but once they have completed their sentence yes
  10. I’ll say it again.....saying we don’t know what happened and will never know what happened (because a child was involved) is not defending Hill in any way.... those that are saying he will or should be suspended .....I guess just to play devil’s advocate I will ask.... for what exactly should he be suspended for....? having his kid temporarily removed from his custody... being investigated twice...?... I think the actual reason and wording of the reason is important here.....because we still don’t really know what he would be suspended for.....
  11. I don't see an upside for conservatives to support Trump, unless self-immolation is their passion. Seriously, the Ben Sasse's and Nikki Haley's of the world are riding along a Sarah Palin/Slim Picken trajectory, and they're fools if they think they can sneak back into the game after Trump is deposed. Why cant they lead? I'm sure the short answer to my question is $$$$.
  12. Kerr learned from Phil Jackson, who always pulled the same kind of bull ####.
  13. I've posted pre-draft updates on the QB, WR, RB, TE, and edge rusher classes. After the draft I'll focus more on who I'd actually pick, and less on trying to form my own independent impression of players.
  14. Buttigieg explains the tapes:
  15. I think unless they can find out one or the other did it they may take a while to move the kid back in. Long term I think they will get custody back after counseling etc...
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