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  2. could use some more info on this sneaky play... is that a new company? Close to going public?
  3. I’m fine with detaining them until their asylum claim is processed.
  4. As much as I'll enjoy peer pressuring you into popping your full marathon cherry I think you'd be making a major mistake picking one in spring. The 224 miles you put down in Dec 18 - Feb 19 was a big step up from the 158 you put up Dec 17-Feb 18, but it's still nowhere near enough to prepare for a full. Your thinking about it given your last 2 months makes a ton of sense as your one run away from matching your output from the prior 3 months - and April 18 was the most miles you've ever done in any given month. You're clearly on your A game in Spring, so it's too bad May's probably not a great time to target a full. But what about the other Indy marathon? or something later in November? Base build late spring/early summer then get into your program when summer reaches it's peak BUT the meat of the training schedule will (hopefully) be as conditions become more conducive to training. Just something to chew on - it's one thing to just move for a few miles at a time in winter. Training amidst it is a totally different animal, especially if you've never done a full program before.
  5. I don’t want anybody released. I want their claims processed and judged, and the ones who deserve asylum stay. I don’t want them detained without due process, and I don’t want them separated from their families.
  6. Biden is a likable kind of guy, mellow down to earth. HRC is/ was not very personable and had considerably more baggage than Biden does. A clear cut significant difference.
  7. Mainly because it's very clear? Ok. Really out now. Sorry to be rude and bail. This is all I have here for a bit.
  8. It simply means I saw you responded to everyone else but me. It seems like the only strategy the Dems have is to attack Trump since the economy is doing so well. Isn't that exactly what Biden did in his announcement?
  9. I think you're misinterpreting what he's saying, which is okay because it's clunky. I think he's taking about it from a financial standpoint. He'd rather be developed in a good situation and be paid less initially than go to a team that won't help him get better but he gets paid more.
  10. It might be easier if you didn’t separate them from their families and detain them in the first place. The report includes incidents from 2014-2016 so there wouldn't have been family separation involved with those incidents.
  11. NFL Draft Profile: Virginia WR Olamide Zaccheaus
  12. You just keep repeating this, including the words “very clearly” each time even though it’s exactly the opposite. I’m not sure why, but OK.
  13. Why would you want people that sexually assault children released into our communities?
  14. It might be easier if you didn’t separate them from their families and detain them in the first place.
  15. Shocker but we'll just disagree there. What Biden says Trump said is now something Trump very clearly says the opposite. With that being true, it seems like unwise to make that the focus of your presidential announcement. But that's just my opinion. Sorry to drop out but I'll leave this to you for a bit. Football work to do.
  16. I wasn’t especially enamored of this kid before, but now if I’m a GM I’m actively avoiding him. I want a QB who will welcome a challenge and is willing to step into overwhelming odds. A top QB should want to be the guy that a bad team rebuilds around, not a guy who just wants to be safe - even if that is what you’re drafting him into.
  17. And no surprise when Quinnen Williams is the best player in this draft for the next decade. Bosa being 2nd.
  18. I really wanted to have one, but the Clippers are so damn impressive I'm not sure what to say. Don't think it really means much unfortunately.
  19. Daniel Jones: It'd be awesome to learn under Manning
  20. Should I really be whitestarring a rumor thread? Oops too late.
  21. Your response to my post was do the effect that people don’t simplify their message enough. That had nothing whatsoever to do with what I wrote; I happen to agree with that point as a matter of fact. But it didn’t respond at all to my post, hence my assumption that you misunderstood me.
  22. Jaysus got me into them in a song thread. I think it was a thread about songs that give you the chills. Clowns's "Not Coping" was his pick. To your points: Clowns are an impressive band. It's really good stuff. I have to give Nature/Nurture another listen, as whether I like something or not is totally dependent upon my mood, physical and mental make-up, etc.
  23. After all the evidence to the contrary how does anyone even consider that DJT isn't a racist? He displays it daily. He thinks racists are very fine people. Period.
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