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    This the order I rank them. Unless you're looking specifically for week 3, I would not even consider Agholor. The other 3 I rank very close together. So, since it represents a stack opportunity, I might go with Samuel even though I have him 3rd on my list. Terry McLaurin DK Metcalf Deebo Samuel Nelson Agholor
  3. Which one between Kenny stills and Mvs. Full ppr. Thanks
  4. 16 Offense 1: Bucs 17 2: Ravens 23 3: Cowboys Defense 1: Broncos -24 2: Patriots 0 3: Packers
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  6. Buckle up. This dude is on another level this year. Records will be broken.
  7. Sorry, I've been busy with work, family and playing NBA 2k20 / Rocket League to post my thoughts and progress. First of all, I wish I could respec. Thankfully, I only spent VC that I made through the game on my first build, but I realized he needed some tweaking, so I only got him to 70 before starting from scratch and I wound up pulling out another 6 badges out of a similar build, just by re-imagining a few of the stats. My game came with some bonus VC, so that's all the extra VC I've used. As I mentioned before, I'm going to try to play completely without buying extra VC this year. So far my 6'8" 3-Level PF (based on a mix of Karl Malone / Larry Johnson) is at 90. I'm comfortable with him, although I wish I would've gone with more defense and less play-making. My MyTeam is just ok so far, but I'm fine with that. Without spending any money, I know I'm gonna have to be grinding through Domination and the other game modes to get my points up and get enough unlocks to compete. But I found my playbook and I can hang with anything the game has thrown at me so far. So far the game is much better than 2k18 was. I don't feel pressured into buying anything else yet and I hope it stays that way.
  8. Just finished it. What a great movie. It’s hard to put my finger on what makes me like it so much. For two-thirds of the movie, it really sort of meanders. And the payoff is pretty formulaic. But I think maybe that’s why it works. It takes its time developing the characters, letting you get to know them. While each scene doesn’t serve the plot per se, it serves the characters. And just when you find that you have become invested in every single one of them, parents included, the film delivers the expected, but completely fulfilling, ending. Thanks to all who recommended it.
  9. LMFAO @ a stump removal company coming out with their "huge blade and saw" for only 25 bucks.
  10. Things I never thought I’d say, “the buy-low window on Josh Gordon has likely closed.” 😳
  11. A tree that big is going to take a whole lot of dynamite.
  12. Gardner Minshew sets more NFL accuracy and passer rating records
  13. NFL draft: The best since Jimmy Garoppolo? Keep an eye on this small-school QB
  14. Antonio Brown doesn’t pay his bills so he should still have plenty of money left in the bank. The problem will come now that everyone is suing him.
  15. I think the Baltimore defense is getting way too much credit after AZ and Miami. I think this game could be another 100 pointer. Like KC LA last year. Even if Baltimore's defense is legit KC is still going to drop 40. Vegas has the over under at 52.5 but I'm saying more like 69.5. When I said 100 earlier I did say *could*. But really I think this has epic shootout written all over it. I don't think I can bench McCoy in the one spot I have him. Too many points to be scored out there. Do I trust him hell no.
  16. Don't do it. I got sucked down this rabbit hole a few weeks ago...
  17. I mean, this dude is like if the Marlboro Man said to himself, "####, I've got to try HARDER!"
  18. I don't think anyone here would say or post anything like that GB. They don't support him out of stupidity. It's more like being in a cult and brainwashed because they only believe what Trump tells them to believe.
  19. Yeah, he's a tough hold or drop decision at the moment if you have a short bench (like I do).
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