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  2. he just needs to show it on the field. if Jerry likes what he sees then Zeke's going to see his snap count pared down.
  3. @Otis and @Zow See, this dude keeps plugging away. Worked 4 nights in a row yet still always made time, even if just a little or less than usual to get some exercise in. Priority. There's days I don't always feel like going out for a run. But I get out there anyway. And when I'm done, I've yet to regret getting out there afterward. I have regretted not doing so when it was easier to sleep in a little or sit around instead of getting out there. @Tecumseh didn't just drop 5 pounds in a day. But the fact he got out there in between his 3rd and 4th night, especially when he's not used to that schedule is far more impressive to me. He could have gained weight this last day and he still won. Couldn't run a mile before and now it's a cool down. He's proud of that and he should be. He's earned every dollar he's put away. But more importantly, at the end of 100 days, I hope he keeps it up without the need for setting money aside or posting here. I think he will. He has made a plan and he's stuck to it. A sustainable, long term plan. He's seen he can do it even when work sucks. And while the end of his 100 days is coming up soon and I don't want to steal any thunder prematurely, I can't wait to hear how he feels now compared to when he first started.
  4. Week 10 is a new one. It has been posted in this thread that he might need to report before week 9 and that he might need to report before week 13. Is there some basis for reporting "in week 10" which I assume means between weeks 9 and 10? Whenever the idea of a trade gets floated, I have to ask, what teams would have been willing to (a) pay Gordon the contract he wants and (b) give sufficient compensation to the Chargers for them to trade him? The compensation to the Chargers would have to be non-trivial, since they stand to get a 3rd round compensatory pick for him next year and maintain the possibility of having him to contribute to a possible Super Bowl run. I just don't see any team working out such a trade, whether before the draft or otherwise, especially considering his injury history. Has it been reported that they offered him just $20M or less guaranteed over the first 2 years of their contract offer? I haven't seen that reported.
  5. Greg Cosell compares 49ers’ undrafted rookie to Falcons defensive tackle
  6. So many options.... Your team has been successfully entered. QB - Matt Ryan - ATL/9 - $20 QB - Lamar Jackson - BAL/8 - $12 RB - Alvin Kamara - NO/9 - $33 RB - James White - NE/10 - $19 RB - Austin Ekeler - LAC/12 - $16 RB - Darwin Thompson - KC/12 - $5 RB - Tony Pollard - DAL/8 - $4 WR - Julio Jones - ATL/9 - $32 WR - Curtis Samuel - CAR/7 - $12 WR - DeSean Jackson - PHI/10 - $11 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/8 - $10 WR - John Brown - BUF/6 - $9 WR - Josh Gordon - NE/10 - $6 WR - Equanimeous St. Brown - GB/11 - $4 TE - Travis Kelce - KC/12 - $29 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $9 PK - Aldrick Rosas - NYG/11 - $4 PK - Greg Joseph - CLE/7 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 TD - San Francisco 49ers - SF/4 - $3 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/4 - $3 TD - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - TB/7 - $3
  7. The effect of one immigrant like Mary Trump coming in was far more harsh on Americans then. There were Americans in soup lines and hobo villages back then. Nowadays resort and agriculture businessmen are desperate for help, it’s the other way around.
  8. The Atlanta kicker might have the best kicker schedule in history. I drafted him and pray he figures it out. Look at that schedule! Indoor or good weather the whole way Pardon me if this was already mentioned
  9. Apples and oranges. The metrics and lifestyles are very different.
  10. Hello there, I need owners for a $125 ESPN PPR auction league on Friday, August 23. There will be no kickers and defenses on the team or auctioned off. PPR, 6 points per all touchdowns, start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 3 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 TE, 8 bench spots Win money for top 3 overall and best overall regular season record and most points scored in regular season! Win up to $1500! $200 salary cap with FAAB. Payable on LeagueSafe and prizes paid out via LeagueSafe. If you want to join, email today or post here!
  11. Sorry. I was thinking "Manhunter". I'll shut up and go to back to lurking now.
  12. If you're picking for a floor you take Jacobs. If you want upside you choose between Williams, Sanders and Montgomery. Williams will have the most receptions. Sanders has to compete with Howard and Montgomery has to compete with Davis and Cohen.
  13. I had the choice of the 2. Some things I factored in beyond the obvious and previously mentioned: I was researching Monty last year. Jacobs was late to the party. I weighed the idea of Jacobs low miles vs Monty’s proven workhorse. I determined that both were similar measurables and weighed the quality of their College program. In the end I determined I was taking Jacobs for the obvious carries but I didn’t actually want to and the fact he had not been a workhorse weighed heavily on my mind. I countered surrounding talent with the competition, Raiders might be behind often and Bears might grind it out. And I really didn’t want to invest in Raiders. Both tough divisions. Draft capitol I disregarded because it was only in the end Jacobs got the hype and Chicago trades up. So I sold the owner below me who I knew would take the guy I didn’t that I would draft Jacobs unless he switched a later pick and traded up to my spot. It worked. I got Monty and I gained a round on my next pick. FYI I play in a 5 keeper.
  14. I hope Guerin can turn around the Wild but that photo the Wild tweeted out to announce the hire is the ugliest picture I’ve ever seen of someone. My god.
  15. Imagine quoting Brad Shepard. Double Yikes.
  16. NFL draft: 5 prospects to watch for Week 0 in college football
  17. Cousins has been top 10 the last 4 years straight. Flacco is getting no love at all. And while I dont hims him in super high regard, his strengths match Suttons Godwin has Winston who when he has his you know what together he has performed quite well (and hes a popular qb pick in the contest) Davis has a pretty poor QB in Mariota but I think the volume will be there Definitely something to think about though
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