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  2. I love this pick. On another forum a couple months back I said I would be happy with Ferrell at pick 4. I personally think he fits Guenther's scheme better then Allen does.
  3. You don't know that for sure. What if 8 picks later he was drafted then they lose out on their guy.
  4. Yeah, sure. That's why no Jay-Z for me this draft, otherwise, he's essential, IMHO. Fifth song down. Deadly Medley feat. Royce and Elizhi.
  5. no. all this trying to recreate gruden's previous team is a f'ing pipe dream. that version of the NFL is dead. every player in today's draft could have been taken later. how does allen, sweat, jacobs, sound? put greedy in there for sweat or jacobs if you like. if they get greedy at 2.04, i'll backtrack a bit. but i don't like this day 1 draft.
  6. Didn’t realize at first when the was written. I initially thought it was a hair reference 🤣
  7. Together again
  8. I think the snap helped Endgame by reducing the number of characters to something more easily accommodated by the plot. I'm not a big Marvel fanboy so I found of the other films in the series kind of confusing with too many interwoven sub-plots.
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  10. For every other movie I have seen over the past... honestly since Star Wars is the only one that feels comparable, I would agree but for this one I think the audience enhanced my experience. It was a communal experience, 300+ people literally gasping in unison or exploding with applause just enhanced the entire experience. I hate people. If I had friends they'd tell you the same. Keep th away from me. Seriously. But the crowd made this one better. I honestly think it was cathartic for all of us.
  11. I can watch this movie any time I want, as many times as I want. I'll let the crowds hammer it through Saturday then go see it Sunday. I drove by a local small theater today 1hr before showtime and there was a line of 100 people already formed up. This movie will set the all time box.
  12. Ain’t nothin this legendary since the birth of Thriller
  13. I'd definitely take that offer.
  14. Spotify?
  15. You are a likey loser.I flip like an acrobatic with murderous mechanics
  16. Love this draft so far. Parris Campbell would be a nice pairing, in my imo.
  17. As of this moment, number one with a bullet for me and likely to stay that way.
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