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  2. You make no impact at all, a...0.
  3. Nope. Mr. Irrelevant was on skip, per his request. I already picked the ninth round, as did sn0mm1s and NV. eta* Someone else is up. @Ilov80sis up, ironically. Then Dr. Oct. (on skip) and Mrs. Rannous.
  4. As I stated earlier, I believe the most important issues I covered in my first post/reply. But, in order to be complete, I will now try to share how my family dealt with the "ethnic" aspect of my adoption. NOTE: I am not a spokesperson for the adopted nor for people in a "mixed-ethnic" family. Honestly, I am a little confused about race/ethnicity/etc. these days. 1) I am not sure what terms are consider pc any more. I have no problems with political correctness, but I am 50 and have not been super great at learning all of the most up to date terminology. Thus, if I say something that may offend, it is not my intention. 2) As a scientist/engineer, I often focused too much on the "science" of these kinds of things. As I have gotten older, and my family has gotten smaller, I have come to think of "ethnicity" more as a "culture" than a biological variable. I am not saying one or the other is right or wrong. Rather, this way of thinking has been the most effective in my path in life - in my family. Thus, I DO NOT want this to become a discussion of race/etc. This thread does not deserve that. 3) What I am about to share speaks only of my own personal experience. I expect that many others have a very different perspective than I. That is part of being human. I respect varying opinions. In return, I ask for some respect for mine. I do not mind questions or differing opinions. I only ask - as I did in #2 - DO NOT make this into a debate. That is not what Zow has asked for & that is not what jamny created this thread for. OK. My very first memory in regards to ethnicity, was when one of my pop's older brothers got drunk (he was always drunk) at a holiday party. He made some ugly remarks about me not being a true Sorrow - I was only a fake Sorrow. His boys, in fact, were the only true Sorrow men left to carry on the family name. My pop's other brothers only had female children or no children at all. Thus, even though we were a very large family, the particular Sorrow name was being slowly whittled away. That bothered some in my family. I never really understood it, to be honest - but it is what it is. Now, after the party, my parents felt that they needed to explain what happened. I learned that my pop & this brother always had issues. And, a significant part of it, was related to physical features. All of my pop's older brothers fought in WW2 (my pop was too young - he is 84 now). Well, this brother was the only one that got assigned to a "colored unit". The other (older) brothers were more Cherokee looking, and even that was hard to determine for sure (they, like my father were 1/2 Cherokee - from both mother & father). Thus, they all fought in a "white unit". This really began a rift in some ways. The sisters ranged from Cherokee looking to a very light skinned African American look. But, this uncle was the one that faced the most racism of all the siblings. He took it hard. So, my pop, being the youngest - and also the least "colored - lookin" (more Cherokee like other bros) - got spoiled when my Grandpop died (my pop was only 7) - by the oldest brothers when they returned from the war. This really bugged the uncle who did not like me. And, when I came in all lilly white, he really did not like it. Thus - the incident at the family get to together. This is what my parent explained to me: All Sorrows carried the same genes obviously, but - each expressed those genes differently. Sad as it is, that expression affected each life differently - unequally - unfairly - because of society opinions/views, not because of the genes or their expression - or, most importantly, the person. And, my uncle, who was a very - very bad alcoholic, sometimes lost his perspective when drunk and feeling low. Therefore, I should not take it personally. Things like this happen in families. It is the staying together after such an incident that makes us a family - a tribe. I understood. I did not feel anger at all after that. Rather, I felt the need to get to know my uncle better & try to understand his life experiences better as well. He died young - from the alcohol & diabetes, but, before he died, he agreed to let me have the Sorrow family signet ring. Yeah, it was a cheap glass stone that my Grandpop got before he fought in the Spanish American War - but - it was the Sorrow Stone. And it was important it be maintained. Now, all these years later, I still have that Sorrow Stone, but I have no children. Thus, when I die, the stone shall go to his grandkids - my cousin's kids (2nd/3rd cousins????) I don't know how that works, but in my family - everyone is a "cousin or closer" - all those 2nds & 3rds have no place or meaning. So, that is my 1st memory story & how my family dealt with it. I think it worked out ok. I hope it can be of use to you in some way - or maybe others here. And finally, thanks for asking. I like to share stories, and sometimes it can be hard to do, when it does not seem like it will be useful here. Good luck, Zow. I think you can do great at this. And thanks fer adopt'n. We needs lots of it! 🙂 OH - one final thought-----humor! We used lots of humor. As I said earlier, I was adopted on Halloween. That led to some pretty good shtick (E.g. Trick or Treat, Found in Punk'n Patch, etc). My favorite shtick was this: I was their "little spook" 👻 Think about it - me bein' nearly transparent and my other family relations.... worked for us, but one always has to be careful how loudly such shtick is spoken. Lter.
  5. I love this pick. On another forum a couple months back I said I would be happy with Ferrell at pick 4. I personally think he fits Guenther's scheme better then Allen does.
  6. You don't know that for sure. What if 8 picks later he was drafted then they lose out on their guy.
  7. Yeah, sure. That's why no Jay-Z for me this draft, otherwise, he's essential, IMHO. Fifth song down. Deadly Medley feat. Royce and Elizhi. eta* I see Eephus covered it. Never mind. Thanks, guys. Peace and good night. I personally just woke up after a long nap and am now wide awake after the draft. Dang.
  8. no. all this trying to recreate gruden's previous team is a f'ing pipe dream. that version of the NFL is dead. every player in today's draft could have been taken later. how does allen, sweat, jacobs, sound? put greedy in there for sweat or jacobs if you like. if they get greedy at 2.04, i'll backtrack a bit. but i don't like this day 1 draft.
  9. Didn’t realize at first when the was written. I initially thought it was a hair reference 🤣
  10. Today
  11. Together again
  12. I think the snap helped Endgame by reducing the number of characters to something more easily accommodated by the plot. I'm not a big Marvel fanboy so I found of the other films in the series kind of confusing with too many interwoven sub-plots.
  13. For every other movie I have seen over the past... honestly since Star Wars is the only one that feels comparable, I would agree but for this one I think the audience enhanced my experience. It was a communal experience, 300+ people literally gasping in unison or exploding with applause just enhanced the entire experience. I hate people. If I had friends they'd tell you the same. Keep th away from me. Seriously. But the crowd made this one better. I honestly think it was cathartic for all of us.
  14. I can watch this movie any time I want, as many times as I want. I'll let the crowds hammer it through Saturday then go see it Sunday. I drove by a local small theater today 1hr before showtime and there was a line of 100 people already formed up. This movie will set the all time box.
  15. Ain’t nothin this legendary since the birth of Thriller
  16. I'd definitely take that offer.
  17. Spotify?
  18. You are a likey loser.I flip like an acrobatic with murderous mechanics
  19. Love this draft so far. Parris Campbell would be a nice pairing, in my imo.
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