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  2. Add Gardner to the list, Colorado is a blue state now. Still need one more, though, because the Pubbies will probably reclaim that Alabama seat and I don't know where that's gonna come from. I suppose Cornyn's seat is a longshot get.
  3. My slightly-outdated rookie rankings don't even mention stats when I talk about Metcalf. I did crack jokes about him being the third best receiver on his college team in a different thread, but really it's the middling film that most concerns me. He doesn't look as good in film as his own teammate AJ Brown, even though he's the superior athlete on paper. When I watch Metcalf or even Knox game clips, it is always Brown who stands out to me. Metcalf looks limited when he's not running vertical routes. When I'm trying to gauge prospects I look at a combination of draft position, combine numbers, college production, and the "eyeball test" of what they look like in their clips. Every so often you get a prospect like Saquon where all of the variables tell the same story. Elite draft slot. Elite combine numbers. Elite production. Elite film. Easy. Most of the time, guys are deficient somewhere. Maybe the player has elite stats, but a low draft slot. Maybe he's a workout warrior with spotty production. Every variable can be important, but ultimately the "eyeball test" is the one that matters most to me (within reason -- I'm not going to take a UDFA over a 1st rounder just because of tape) and that's why I'm lukewarm on Metcalf. If I loved his film then the production alone wouldn't be that big of a deal, but there are multiple red flags. I think he's worth a shot at a certain point in the rookie draft, but I favor Samuel, AJ Brown, Harry, and M Brown over him because they have higher draft slots, good enough physical tools, and (IMO) better tape. The production is probably the least important variable for me, but he also falls short in that area.
  4. Ok, so the spreadsheet (otherwise awesome and thanks Raptors) is missing a pick. After Edelman is was Devonta Freeman, James White, Derrick Freaking Henry and then A.J. Green. I think that was the order.
  5. I actually like Henry too...I was just trying to get the draft moving.
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  7. Very good discussion, and to think it all started over Chase Edmonds. As I said, I think even if the offense doesn't perform up to Kingsbury's lofty expectations, DJ can have himself a wonderful FF season. But I just don't think they will be on the field enough to allow Chase to amass his own stats. And as to your statement about playing from behind being good for FF, I think playing from ahead is also good for DJ, so it's a win-win. You can't play from ahead without putting up points, and DJ is a large part of that offense. My dilemma with taking DJ in this contest is that I want Kelce too, but I just can't justify having $59 on my bench in week 12. It has to be one or the other, but not both. Perhaps I can warm up to the Austin Hooper/Mark Andrews/Ian Thomas trio I have been playing around with.
  8. Stranger Things Fantasy Football League Looking for owners to join and make a competitive fantasy season Settings $100 (LeagueSafe)| 12 team | ESPN | .5 PPR | Standard Roster and Scoring | Redraft | Draft Aug 25th 7 spots left League Settings: LeagueSafe: Payout 1st:$750 2nd:$220 3rd:$100 Weekly payout highest scorer:$10 (x13)
  9. Btw, there are many studies showing bear spray is more effective than firearms as a repellent. As someone who spends more time hiking in bear country than 99+% of people posting here, I can tell you that understanding how to react to a bear and practice bear safety is more important than anything you might carry. I’ve come across a number of black bears without incident, as do the vast majority of people encountering them, without resort to firearms, bear spray, or anything else.
  10. I hesitate to post in this thread, but I’d love to have an emotional support grizzly. We could fly around, mostly giving Ted Talks but occasionally solving crimes like who stole a picnic basket.
  11. It will be fun to watch the Dems argue for an increase in payroll taxes though.
  12. It’s betting odds. They are just setting a line, not analyzing how the outcome will happen.
  13. I can't believe this guy is still being drafted in the first round of rookie drafts as he has been surpassed by an UDFA in Meyers.
  14. Most TEs take time to develop. It looks like Fant is one of them.
  15. This is the kind of guy you drop now and do not draft at all in any format.
  16. Buying/drafting Gurley and Cook. That leaves me avoiding the rest.
  17. @McJose You don’t need a gun in bear country. You need a buffalo.
  18. It’s not really my thing, but will be with a group that wants to do one on the trip.
  19. I love your relentless enthusiasm for engagement, but dude, isn't expecting consistency a bridge too far?
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