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  2. You're helping to confuse things by saying that nothing will happen legally and by supporting a no impeachment strategy. You're complicit and you are encouraging your elected representatives to be complicit when you have seen the evidence and know better. Shame on you.
  3. Saw money on my run for the first time ever. Running on the sidewalk along a main street and there's a $20 bill just lying there. No one around, and it's about 8:30am. Do you pick it up?
  4. Wealthfront isn't insured by the FDIC or NCUA, so there is certainly risk that doesn't exist for the vast majority of deposit accounts at banks/credit unions.
  5. What a weird thing to fixate on. I've never even heard of the term trigger warning before. I guess when you're watching the news and they warn you ahead of time of difficult graphic video that's also a trigger warning? What's wrong with that? Some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to things like that. So now we have a faction that wants to attack those who are being considerate of other feelings? Give me a considerate POTUS over the raging toddler in office now who goes out of his way to be crude and disrespectful to pretty much everyone and everything he encounters. What is wrong with people? Unbelievable.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft: Prospects Still Being Underrated Only Days from Draft
  7. So I believe Hamilton must have thought that was icing last night but it’s still pretty clear he wanted no part of Ovechkin at that point. Which got me thinking, is it possible the heavy game the Capitals play eventually takes its toll on opponents as they get deeper into each series? Since last year, the Caps are 8-1 in Games 5 and later, outscoring opponents, 37-16. Might be a coincidence but it’s interesting to consider
  8. I am not saying this happened her, but if you told a three year old that if he tells the police that mommy or daddy hurt him the police would take him away and put him in a bad place, I would think that would sink in. Children are manipulated to hate the non-custodial parents in divorce situations all the time and in fact the younger they are the easier it is to manipulate them.
  9. I really try to avoid that and I ask people to as well. My point was obviously that timewasting here or there is totally the same in terms of quality, it certainly seemed directeed to us. Thanks for the cross-post though. I remember a drink I had with a colleague at a bar years ago and we had just started working together so I think he used it as a stock intro. The question is what do you consider your passions in life outside of survival and family, what are your interests? The point being what do you have outside of work and yaknow providing for oneself and one's own. For me it's sports, politics, and history. I might throw in reading and writing. I have been involved in local politics. Let's say I threw my passion into that to a fault. It was pretty damaging or potentially damaging. In the end it wasn't, but being here allows me a safe outlet for two of my passions, politics and sports. So knowing me, and knowing how I am, which is quiet but pretty adamant about things if engaged, this is pretty productive for me. I studied Russian history and politics in college (probably could have gotten a major if I hadn't been so practical) and I read Russian literature quite a bit. So I have to be honest with you, I can't think of a single place I can share in that particular passion than here without driving people absolutely crazy. And I can write about it, which I love. I could get back to reading history and current politics but I feel like this is modern history happening as it's happening. Seriously go back in time to feel out what people thought of Watergate and Vietnam, or the end of the Cold War, it's an incredible tool. - You've got people with a wide variety of opinions and backgrounds here. The perspectives are fantastic, even the Trumpians. And it's such a tight group, sizeable but not overwhelming. - I felt the same way about TSP and (wink wink) I've even used my discussion here in football as part of my work. and as Fatguy said I spent copious amounts of time online and desktop as part of my career(s), so actually if I wasn't doing this I'd probably throw my computer out a window and hit a bar in Katmandu. So in general, considering everything I do have going on - yaknow *real passions like family and work - on the whole it's a plus. Now should I drop everything and do something else? Hm, maybe. I read the FFA for discussions like that. I will say I'm an all or nothing kind of guy so when I'm gone I'll be gone. Just a final note, when Katrina hit fantasy football here and at FFToday was probably my solace. 2006 was a big earth shattering year for me. Just imagine losing everything you've got and everything you're ever going to have. That's the moment I faced in 2006. That didn't happen, but believe me I have perspective and in a weird way this place helped me with that. Having said that since 2016 things have gotten kind of weird around here so leaving has occurred to me more than once. Certainly no fault of yours Joe, you've done a very good job managing the impossible IMO. there is something bigger and potentially dangerous going on in this country and again I think this board has helped me process that. IMO maybe you're not taking what's being reflected on here seriously enough, not the other way around. Happy Easter/Passover - SID
  10. Elijah Holyfield set for NFL armed with fatherly advice and Georgia grounding
  11. That seems to be about 13% roughly of the total population - anybody know if that's in line with other breeds?
  12. i liked the oa because it was totally different than anything i have ever watched and it challenged me to keep going and then bam i ended up liking it and now i know the entire dance and can probably transport to other dimensions so bam score one for the old swcer take that to the bank brohans
  13. Are there players or moves you DON’T want the Bills to make? For starters, I really don’t want to trade up. Stay put or trade down is what I’m hoping for. But players I have seen mocked that I really don’t want... mainly R.Gary. I think he’s just an athletic bust. But also Burns, Fant, any CB in the first, and even cooling on Sweat I think.
  14. Adams looks almost assured of group stage Champions League action next season. RBL are in 3rd and have a 10 point lead over 5th place, with only 4 games to go.
  15. The mental gymnastics on display are breathtaking. He cannot separate the idea of something being wrong from it being illegal and ends with suggesting we need to investigate the Romney campaign (from 7 years ago?!)
  16. ‘Better than Vick,’ ‘the hell is that?’: The hype, harsh truths of stud draft QBs
  17. I take MT here but I think it's close. He's basically the only top dynasty WR without a clear long term plan. Nuk has Watson, OBJ has Baker, Davante has Rodgers. MT has Brees who we assume is pretty close to out the door. I can see someone preferring the Diggs/OJ side in that case.
  18. ya, i always get this look of being totally insane when i mention it. i just cant get myself to like it. that being said, I dont generally like sugar. i dont drink pop, barely eat candy, and anything "sugar coated" is off my list. heck, i only use milk in my coffee. no sugar, no sweetener
  19. I’d have to look that up but as some one who owned him last season he was very frustrating as he would have some huge games and a lot of games that killed you. There’s no way I’d want him as my RB1 or even RB2. I like him. I think he’s a fun player to watch and don’t mind having him rostered (since he may still have some upside) - but I don’t think his usage translates into a guy you can depended on week in and week out. Maybe that changes this year and I’ll have to eat these words but I don’t see how one can rank him top 15.
  20. Rudy doesn’t need to defend Trump legally anymore because nothing is going to happen to Trump legally. This is now all about re-election. Rudy’s entire purpose at this point is to attempt to confuse the issues enough so that independent voters will dismiss the Mueller report and not think badly of Trump because of it when they vote next time around. This attenpt will likely fail.
  21. I dunno Joe. The rhetoric and amount of outright lies that has come about in the last 4 years as Trump rose is unprecedented in America. It is difficult to call that out here while staying within the lines. I have seen sentiments like the above from several good posters. Not to mention that this notion that this board has been 20 years of “being excellent to each other” is outrageously and comically untrue. And you don’t even have to go far back. The Obama years were fairly recent. Now it’s being sanitized to pure blandness, at the exact time when we should be defending what is real and condemning the alternate facts-and those that propagate them- that abound.
  22. They probably still maintain that Trump's campaign wasn't in contact with Wikileaks (despite evidence to the contrary)
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