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  2. That’s a great point - both instances of not trusting their defense killed them this game.
  3. Baker was Jones last year. Film is out there now and it isn't looking good for him.
  4. If they hadn’t “milked the clock” so much on that last drive, they might have gotten another shot with the ball. more coaching stupidness
  5. Except Clown don't play for league minimum. He would rather not play at all.
  6. Daniel Jones > Jared Goff >>>>>>> Baker Mayfield
  7. I think it’s because people are risk-averse about their health, so they want to keep the option of just resubscribing to the same insurance plan they already have, or something pretty similar, instead of being prohibited from buying private insurance altogether. That’s why Medicare For All Who Want It sounds more attractive, politically, than Medicare For All, That’s It, Too Bad, Suck It. I still don’t see how the issue will favor Republicans, though, as long as their plan is: Repeal Obamacare and Replace It With Something Terrific That We Can’t Tell You About Because It’s A Secret. Also, I’m really hoping that health care isn’t what drives how people vote this time — or gun control, abortion, taxes, climate change, Supreme Court Justices, etc. Everybody should be a single-issue voter this time around, and the issue should be: let’s not have a President who is literally a national security threat. Everything else can be hashed out later.
  8. hate to say it but, yes. these are godawful. was wondering today if they ran nationally or if we're just getting pounded with them because home market. the very first one ever was mildly amusing. since then they've been terrible and getting worse.
  9. Hey CLE, you need an OL and better play calling.
  10. Don't overlook Kyle Allen if he faces former nemesis Kyler Murray (September 18) Torrey Smith predicts Panthers QB Kyle Allen is going to ball vs. Cards (September 21)
  11. Chris Carson had dispelled the 50/50 timeshare idea in the opener. I wouldn't be surprised if when Penny is healthy we are right back to it...
  12. 1st and goal from 4 and they don't run the ball and go empty like every play..........1st down run the damn ball and see what happens you have 3 more times to pass it. Crappy way to lose.
  13. He could have had 3 tds. Blatant drop on 1 of them and should have caught all 3.
  14. Lol literally can’t do anything to his left. So weird.
  15. So is Baker blind in his left eye? He can’t throw left, like, ever?
  16. I've had about enough of Aaron Rodgers and his phony agent.
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