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  2. Yeah. My LHR plan is 5x weekly (Mon/Fri are rest days). If I wanted to run this Friday, should it be easy or SoS?
  3. It's where we are now. Start your own poll if you don't like this one.
  4. ZenoRazon has posted on this thread 74 times in the past 10 days. Can we all just agree to acknowledge his position and stop replying/quoting from now until the draft? Enough is enough already.
  5. The birth of a US kleptocracy. Trump has learned a lot from Russia.
  6. Sweet sentiment. Thanks for that. I don’t have a solution, though. I’m part of the problem!
  7. Yep, I was also thinking this. The Killers were seven different types of rock according to Wikipedia.
  8. What, you expect the President of the United States to know how the government works? Stop being a hater. Obama probably would've made the same mistake. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  9. Bzzz. Wrong. People remember streaks, not how much money they won.
  10. So if this was historic, then Obama's first midterm where he lost even more is more historic then. Unless it isn't because he has a (D) by his name.
  11. He might want to spell some of them, too, just in case the President is listening. Mueller should have a whiteboard with definitions of words that Republicans frequently misunderstand and a Family Fued-style buzzer that he can X them with at the moment they misuse one of the words on his whiteboard
  12. For month the trump-haters have mocked trump supporters because they believed the trump supporters would not accept the results of the investigation.....
  13. He's Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. Sees everything as it is. No past present or future. Time and events are just one thing. I'm sure he has a role to play and will play it as he has seen it.
  14. The full investigation occurred into the Russian tampering examining all the pertinent facts. You spun the hypothetical up so much, it is completely irrelevant to what actually occured.
  15. This idea that all of this coming out during hearings, which will dominate the news, will actually help Trump is completely absurd to me. Then again, most who are pushing that theory just happen to be Republicans. Hmmm....
  16. Yikes. Hope things are turning around for them and that her dad is doing ok.
  17. I was reminded of this thread when I heard my brothers story. My brother was flying into Korea from Boston for a business trip. While on the flight he noticed a family that was separated and he asked the dad if he wanted to switch so that he could be with his family. The guy happily agreed. The flight attendant saw what my brother did, and instead of him moving to the other seat, she upgraded him to first class free of charge since they had a free seat.
  18. Yep. According to all these folks in here claiming Dems are losing their minds, it would've been totally okay. But, blinders and all.
  19. The top box office movie for last weekend was The Curse of La Llorona. Anyone here see it?
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