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  2. I disagree that the industrial recolution started in 1880. Steam engines were invented a long time before that (more than a century) and in the 18th century (the numbers starting with 17) replaced more and more artisanal production with factory production. The steam engine's uses were diverse spanning from transportation (railways, steam ships) over pumping water out of mines to increase yield to manufacturing (e.g. weaving of sails and eventually every day cloth). At the time most steam engines were powered by coal which was the most energy dense material in circulation at the time. IIRC the 1880 number that you mention roughly coincides with the start up of wide scale metereological measurement and reporting. PS, but I do believe in climate change.
  3. Yep! Assuming we just have to let him know if we're in. 1.01 COYLE!
  5. You're a lot nicer to thieves than I would be.... do murderers get a rusty trombone?
  6. So, I finally got this game a few weeks ago, and am about 25-30% in. Loving it so far. The only negative I have with it is the combat seems clunky to me, and I can't pick a lock if my life depended on it. Very cool game though.
  7. You really don’t think advisors/funds factor in upcoming political environments to their planning and advising? Wow.
  8. A guy I know hosted a New Year's party that year, then snuck away right before midnight and went downstairs to the basement and flipped the circuit breakers to his house.
  9. The CIN OL is a complete mess right now, and Mixon owners are gonna get real ornery after he lays his 3rd egg of the season on Sunday.
  10. Agreed. Nobody wants to see his family have to scrape by on a meager $30 million (and counting).
  11. Damien is officially OUT for Sunday.......................Darwinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  12. In. Wish I had him in dynasty, But I just picked him up in some redraft leagues.
  13. I was going to also question the intelligence of these people along with a query on what they tell their boss when they request time off to do this, but I think I'll just keep my old man opinions to myself and yell at some clouds later.
  14. They said the way the show was edited, it made it look a lot closer than it was. Ninja said she was up at the top looking for a spot for the rung "for a good 30 seconds." Now, that might be an exaggeration, but I would assume even if it was, we could probably lower that to 8 to10 seconds. Watching it in real time, I saw one shot where it looked like Laurel was a good 8 feet below Ninja. But it was a quick shot and the only shot where they didn't seem neck and neck. I pointed it out to my wife and daughter and they thought it was odd, too. So there is some video proof that Ninja beat her to the top by a decent margin. This was during the actual elimination. Before Laurel rang the bell. Ninja said while she was up there, she saw the spot on her tree that was above the bell that looked a little like a hole. But the rules stated it would be below the bell, so she knew that wasn't it. As she was up there looking for the missing hole, Laurel made up the margin, put the rung in the hole and rang the bell. But because the trees were identical, Ninja knew that the hole Laurel used was not correct.
  15. I hope so. Dude is only 170 lbs. I hope he eats a lot of food, and not just in KC on Sunday.
  16. Blackface is one of those things where social norms have changed. If somebody appeared in blackface in their 1965 college yearbook, whatever, different era. The 1980s seemed to me to be around the time that people were changing their views on this one. By 2001, everybody knew or should have known that blackface was off-limits. I'm actually open to the argument that blackface shouldn't be considered racist and that the current norm is wrong. But the norm is what it is, and a person who flagrantly violates it knows that he's giving gratuitous offense. Edit: Also, as John Blutarsky noted, we rightly judge kids differently than we do grown adults.
  17. After watching that o-line be a complete sieve last night, especially Dennis Kelly who is filling in for Lewan at LT, will be a huge upgrade. That said, they had plenty of talent already in Saffold and Conklin. Jags are really good up front, but thought they would better hold the line and create push.
  18. How many times has Trump declared bankruptcy?
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