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  2. He was talking about the incident in college.
  3. I didn't think it was a big overpay and was more than happy to make the deal. I can see how it might be viewed as an overpay though.
  4. no way LA wanted to lose that trade, but holy hell. way to doom your entire franchise
  5. Still think she framed guede for a murder she thought solcetto did. If that makes sense. The way the case was mishandled we will never know
  6. Justin Bour doesn't run out a pop up. Mariners turn double play.
  7. · 9m The Pelicans will get the following picks from the Lakers, league sources tell ESPN: No. 4 pick in 2019 Top-8 protected in 2021, becomes unprotected in ‘22 Unprotected swap in ‘23 Unprotected first in ‘24 Unprotected swap in ‘25
  8. Brandon Ingram has the most on-brand NBA Reference picture ever:
  9. Why is it that they can negotiate and announce trades right now but not negotiate free agency?
  10. Still huge fan of koepka in this spot. And his girlfriend.
  11. The rare trade I don't think I could pull either side of. If I had McCaffrey I couldn't get rid of him for exactly zero proven points in the lineup, but I also couldn't give up that goldmine of potential for him either. Maybe that's because I don't have any teams I'm desperate at RB on though, because this feels like the kind of trade I should prefer the stud in.
  12. She served Trump well....she could lie, play the dirty game of politics and avoid answering questions as good as any of Trump's servants. (“Frankly , if people of faith don't get involved in the dirty process, then you're missing the entire point of what we're called to do”) And there’s the Donald with the “It doesn’t matter we won” I think that there is a distinct difference between Trumpers and the Trump haters. Trumpers think bending or breaking the rules(the Hatch Act, getting dirt from foreign countries etc) lying and playing dirty is fine as long as the right team wins. Hence the it doesn’t matter we won.
  13. That was good. I remember the Boston Dynamics video, definitely good parody of that that seemed real at first.
  14. Thank you. I am not as active in the Shark Pool as I used to be, mainly because I can crowd source opinions on Twitter and have found that I get much better results. That said, I have never really understood why on a fantasy football website, some here never have anything to say in the one forum devoted to it. It makes me wonder how did they every find this website to begin with if they have no interest in a fantasy football discussion?
  15. Am beyond hammered and the circle pit during Suicidal’s set was insane. One more life goal checked off.
  16. Here is the accompanying video. He is looking forward to setting the record straight and talking about sports and fantasy football among other things. I just can't wait for his hot takes on dynasty leagues...
  17. I got my local sprint tomorrow 8am EST- supposedly they have real time tracking here: I’ve run like once in past month. Lots of riding and some swimming. This was an A race last year. It’s a C race tomorrow. The fun part will be weather calling for pouring rain. I’ve never raced in rain. Sounds like fun. My goals are to run hard and feel out the hip flexor and PR on the bike leg. With the shoulder nerve thing still around I haven’t been pushing the swimming. The shortish run I did on Thursday was ok, only sore some the next day. If the flexor crumbles tomorrow, my first marathon in August will be brutal.
  18. Generally, a big requirement of winning the open is keeping the ball out of the rough. Rose in the bottom 3rd of field after 3 rounds, Woodland trending down each round when it comes to hitting fairways. Rose barely hitting over 50% GIR as well.
  19. Given how teams now actively target the opposition's worst defensive player with PNR, and sag off a team's worst shooter to clog the lane, it'll be interesting to see how the 2 (3?) really good guys, one decent guy, and a bunch of filler approach works in 2019-2020. Certainly going to be an interesting experiment.
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