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  2. Try the local food, beer etc whenever you have the chance. Push your boundaries, you'll have a much better experience that way and likely bond more with the people you meet
  3. I giggled imagining the possibilities
  4. Good to know, so it seems selling at a loss in a taxable account, then buying in a Roth is an especially bad deal. Thankfully I didn't buy substantially similar shares.
  5. You haven't even given America a day to process this. You're too busy running for political cover. What if polls come out tomorrow showing more Americans favor impeachment? Then more the next day? What if congress begins the impeachment process? How long will you remain on the wrong side of history saying don't impeach? Shame on you and on anyone who supports leaving a criminal in the oval office. I have more respect for someone who truly doesn't believe he's a criminal than for someone who does and supports appeasement for political gain.
  6. I head to Salt Lake City for three days and New York for a week in June. Geneva Switzerland for a week in June as well. If anybody has suggestions for Geneva or Salt Lake I'm all ears. =
  7. Trying to decide whether to put the new bigger TV in the living room at the entrance of our new house or the bonus room upstairs that I could see us spend a lot of time in, too. Anyone had to decide between those two?
  8. I enjoyed Jordan, but definitely did not feel safe at times. Was definitely stared at, and they weren't the kind flavor of stares. I was actually chased by a guy in front of a mosque. I think it's because I was wearing shorts, but they definitely were not overly friendly to me. I loved Petra but was there in was 110 I think. The Roman ruins outside of Amman were pretty cool too.
  9. Once that cat's out of the bag it's real hard going back, as seen in the countries that's been running/flirting with caudilloism, such as most of Latin America, parts of Africa, Eastern Europe. Not too late yet, though, IMHO to fix it *cough* 2020 *cough*. Still, as seen recently in e.g. the Philippines, Hungary, Argentina, Brasil etc. that "strong man" urge can rear it's ugly head again pretty quickly
  10. An email hack is an email hack. So you beef up security and don't click bad links. Problem solved. There is no evidence that the facebook memes / twitterbot stuff had a meaningful impact. There was no need for all this. The email releases shed light on how our elections actually work- it gave people insight into a deeply corrupt system. It's not a bad thing. That's how we get a better society- we watch systems fail and demand something better. I don't think an investigation should originate from information paid for by an opposition political campaign. Both the initial hacking report and the dossier were literally paid for by the DNC. That's a nice racket they have there. Cook up some bogus intel, and then spy on people they don't like.
  11. Oh yeah, I totally agree. Especially after this last game (and the first half of game two). It's probably just recency bias, but he's looked better than I remember in the '15 - '16 season. It's the bench that worries me the most, but Iggy's been a freaking monster, Looney's taken it to another level (hitting jumpers!) and McKinnie's earned his spot. If Bell would remove his head from his butt I'd feel a lot better. He was essential last year vs. The Rockets.
  12. Which is the point. Which is why I disagree with Bostonfred. I kind of admire his idealism, but it’s simply not realistic.
  13. Definitely felt like it was being marketed as a PS4 game last year though, didn't it? It'll sell like hotcakes, then they'll spice up the graphics a bit and sell it again on the PS5. The exact same scenario played out with the original TLOU last gen, right? Although the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games, so maybe that means less previous-gen remasters.
  14. But if it were up to me, I'd like to try a master's edition. I'd up the prize to $2MM. Cast only nature survivalists to live off the land. No food rewards, only single peices of hunting or cooking gear. One HII per camp, and no other gimmicks.
  15. They don't need new ideas. They can run out the same format with new players twice a year and it'lll do well.
  16. No. No compromise. Congress doesn't have an obligation to go begging for votes and abdicate responsibility if they can't get them. Congress has a responsibility to support and defend the constitution. Note that I said congress. Not Democrats. Congress has a responsibility. This isn't the Democrats deciding what to do. This is Congress deciding what to do. Stop giving in to the narrative that the only people who decide this are Democrats. Even if i agreed with your approach, Democrats seeking compromise couldn't trust any Republican senator to vote for impeachment. They either do this or they don't. And if this is a purely political exercise - which it shouldn't be - then Democrats reaching across the aisle for support just offers cover to Republican senators who are afraid of political blowback. What I do support is that Congress continue to gather evidence in their remaining investigations before drafting articles of impeachment. That is part of their job. Figuring out how to game this for political gain is not their job, and when we support congresspeople doing so, we don't get to complain when they continue to do so.
  17. Today
  18. McGahn single-handedly kept Trump on the rails. I hope Trump can show at least some bit of gratitude, because McGahn earned every last bit. In reading the report, McGahn came off as part Silvio from The Sopranos and part Artie from The Larry Sanders Show.
  19. Failed impeachment proceedings will result in a Trump re-election. That’s why Pelosi said it’s not going to happen.
  20. By the way, it's still officially a minimum of two times through per category. So everyone will get at least one more shot at R&B and None of the Above. No maximum times unless Trip Hop comes up five times in a row.
  21. Got a compromise for you Bostonfred. The Democrats should say that impeachment is a bipartisan effort. They will pursue it so long as some Republicans are willing to join them.
  22. I think we've had more fake picks than real ones. Definitely tonight but probably overall as well.
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