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  2. None of them are under too much pressure, so grains of salt and all, but I've really like yieills grit and defensive closing ability.
  3. Sub 50? Better bust out your balaclava, tights, and ski jacket too.
  4. Lol. Announcers must have gotten a "positives only" talking to prior to this one. There is NOTHING to take out of this game. As long as nobody got hurt, nothing else mattered. They're playing a high school team on a cow pasture
  5. My league just skipped the week because everyone lost. I thought about making an update but figured there would not be much interest. Last week I ended up going with OAK, while also considering MIN.
  6. Long, ream and especially Yueill have been good tonight. And obviously Morris, motm
  7. I chuckled at that one too. Me thinks at Honduras may be a better test
  8. Perhaps, but they just lost Dee Ford for a few weeks and you couldn't hand pick a worse schedule for them going forward.
  9. Yeah. Cayman islands vs Cuba counts as a win on foreign soil
  10. that was the play of the game for me. US up 4 goals and just had 9 guys sprinting back on defense like their life depended on it. That is fabulous to see
  11. I get what you guys are saying, I guess I haven't been involved with enough of the TV show threads listed - Breaking Bad, Sons, Walking Dead, etc.. so I maybe for a lot of you it's just a build up of years and years. Mostly I just have experience with the GOT thread. I never really took it as people hating the show, watching it anyway, and just coming in to throw a turd in the punchbowl for everybody else that liked it, or belittle them for liking it. Seemed like there was a divide of people that thing it's a GOAT-worthy show and have nothing but great things to say about every episode and people that thought was great, but had the opinion that it tailed off. Not to the point where it was a horrible show, just that they were disappointed because a great show became an average show. That doesn't describe what you guys seem to be making it out to be. Again, maybe it was that way with other threads - I could see something like Walking Dead becoming an "interesting" thread, and I know people soured on SOA too. Just ridiculous that it gets to the point where somebody makes a joke about something silly like why was that snow speeder a convertible, and it goes from that to "you ####ers cant' enjoy anything!!" .
  12. Wow! That GK has had two point blank amazing saves
  13. I've got a close friend in Charlotte who's a huge NB fan. He'll get over to the brewery in Asheville and will see how the vibe is.
  14. 48 degrees in the morning! Gloves going in the dryer 20 minutes before the run to warm them up. 10 miles with 6 at HMP. Last run I did 6:33 for 5. Looking to do the same tomorrow for 6.
  15. And good awareness and skill by Boyd on the back heel lay off
  16. Chocolate labs always seem to have giant heads. To me their features always look like something had to get mixed in to get that color, like they are not pure labs. Probably still good dogs though.
  17. I can't wait to hear my dad's reaction to this abortion of a game.
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