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  2. Stat changes on MFL come in at 10 AM ET on Thursday (sometimes they come in a few minutes late but for sure by 11 AM ET they are provided and final) So not sure where you are getting Midnight Thursday. I have been using them for years.
  3. Democratic Senators named Dianne Feinstein, for one. Anti-Catholic bigotry has no place in the Barrett confirmation hearings In the 2017 hearing, for instance, Feinstein said to Barrett, “When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you." This open attack on Barrett’s beliefs was roundly and rightly condemned. It should not be repeated.
  4. Engram isn't worth anything anymore now that more TE's have broken out. I'm not the biggest fan of Pittman but he's looked solid so far and better than I thought he would be. I'd easily go 1st and Pittman here. Especially in non-TE premium
  5. Peyton Manning fell off a cliff his last year, although he won a Superbowl.
  6. that kinda sucks. love the base intro to it. Crazy band that i saw a bunch. Never know what you are gonna get.
  7. I may be off base on what Johnny meant so probably best he clarifies. I do think because the court and appointments have been politicized that this appointment will be very contentious - most won’t really care if she’s qualified. Will she vote for team blue or team red is all they will care about.
  8. Just wrapping up on the treadmill, about two hundred caloriea under goal. But looking at the date today it dawned on me I must have skipped a day counting earlier, and that is great news because my last day is in exactly one month. 35 days down, 30 to go.
  9. I guess the Giants might also be possible - Kittle, Garoppalo, Mostert, Coleman, Deebo Samuel all out and the Niners Defense should be much less scary with all their inuries.
  10. @tomdangelo44: There is a bright side for Florida State. They became bowl eligible this week.
  11. I never heard of Sam Monson but I did see that clip today of how Carr is like the Prince in "Coming to America" where he is watching basketball and clearly has no idea what is going on but tries to act like he does. What a hack.
  12. 12 Team PPR 1/2/2/1 & 2 Flex Team A Gave: LVR D Waller TE & NOS L Murray RB Needed RB help (Chubb, McKinnon, Ingram, Freeman) Team B Gave: Chi D Montgomery RB & Phi D Jackson WR Needed TE help & Kamara owner
  13. Looking at stats I posted they are nearly identical. Basically the same touch share, opportunities/game, RZ touches, etc.. The main difference between them is that Zeke gets more passing work, so there is a little less risk of his team getting behind and him not getting as much action. Henry is more dependent on TDs since he is not active in the passing game. I think Henry is a good gpp play, and I just noticed that I have 0 so I am a bit nervous about that.
  14. Sorry saw your edit. So what is the narrative tomorrow? Teams didn't have enough time to get ready for the season?
  15. I am currently planning to start him over Henderson, but I think it’s close and a coin flip. Which I tend to flip poorly.
  16. could not recommend enough. laughed my old balls off.
  17. At betonline I have higher limits on over props than unders, like an over? Can bet $500, like an under? $100, nicely done BOL
  18. because somebody thought Dan Mullen was being deceptive by using plain warm up shirts That somebody was probably UGA
  19. Not sure. I have 0 of each on FD. Seems like Singletary might be a little safer since there is no other RB there (still have the threat of Allen taking TDs though).
  20. Same predicament you are in... may pivot to Josh Kelly or DHenderson instead of McKinnon. Anyone guess.
  21. Third Update: Combined G/A/Pk's drawn: Sargent: 2 Reyna: 3 Pulisic: 0
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