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  2. I think Jackie O would then have had a heck of a product liability claim against the maker of his hair cream used to achieve that comb job of his.
  3. SLEEPER ALERT Lions D will be facing a rookie QB making his first NFL start Oh, wait....
  4. Honestly, I think it's the alternative. But he may have some smart people folowing him around and leaking what he's about to say to others. For a percentage, obviously
  5. The Trump Tweet thread, Trump Stock Market thread and Trump Years thread aren't enough. They have to come post the same exact same stuff here in their search of Trump supporters to vent at. Let it all out fellas, just a little over a year to go.....until Biden or Warren? Take over? Fingers crossed, omg, omg, please, please, please.
  6. Where are the Trumplicans to rejoice our leader's brilliant call for fascism?
  7. Tyler Eifert was 11.14 @Bonzai up at 11.15 (and sort of in the hole at 12.02) @quartz on deck for two at 11.16 and 12.01
  8. can you move the barclays points into the same pool as the chase points, somehow? or are the barclays points locked into AA. i assume the chase points can be used for AA. i haven't researched the redemption portion of the game yet. thanks
  9. That has been the theme of virtually every preseason update I’ve noticed. I honestly don’t know if Chubb has poor receiving skills or not though. Heard the same for Aaron Jones & Carson as well. I’m all-in on any/all 3 of these guys at the right price. Chubb is the toughest for me. Hunt comes back week 10, which could be a value hit right before the fantasy playoffs. And you’d potentially be passing up guys like Beckham, Tyreek Hill, Mike Evans if you’re drafting near the 1-2 turn. Tough call. Love his upside though.
  10. You quoted me, so I'm going to have to assume this is directed at me (if it's not, okay, my bad), but I need to defend myself a bit and assure you that in no way, shape, or form have I held my wife to a different standard or had hypocritical expectations of her. We're a team and we both gained weight together as a team.
  11. Here is the goal. Very pretty. Hopefully this will be enough to convince Cocu that he is healthy
  12. Blaming the "Greatest Generation" for all of their problems.
  13. chronic unemployment living with their parents
  14. You're waiting for me to answer your question?
  15. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor. Ask anyone except my wife and they'll tell you I can be pretty funny at times.
  16. Probably a lot of Kanye now that Trump is calling the shots
  17. Ten Things We Learned From Patriots 10-3 Win Over Panthers
  18. Make it 2 years, as that is the standard period the vast majority of dieters fail to remain weight loss.
  19. I gotta say I cringe now when I see Chris Cuomo. Dude torched his reputation for me.
  20. Miraculously, every running back in the NFL who has poor receiving skills is going to be used more in the passing game this coming season.
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